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  1. Tried a bunch of lower bids yesterday including multi-zone bid shenanigans. Retried again today at $110 just this zone and got it.
  2. Could have tried free rebids, etc. to get this lower but I have to pack, so... $80 and done.
  3. $54 w taxes and fees. Rack rate on hotel website was $69+tax. Free parking
  4. Staybridge Suites At Hamilton Place Mall Has free parking, free breakfast, free internet, refrigerator and pull out couch.
  5. Had a tough time getting decent prices in San Jose / Sunnyvale so added this zone and had to increase my bid. Earlier, I had gotten rebid offers for $68 for the San Jose zone but was not willing to pay that much.
  6. Property is decent. Hallways could use renovating but rooms are fairly nice. Small dorm-style fridges in room. Shower flow was low and tub had some peeling paint. No flat screen TVs and Internet was often sluggish. Climate control was outdated. Breakfast was good: waffles, scrambled eggs, yogurt, bagels, juice, coffee, cereal. Location very convenient to 101.
  7. Was rejected @ $65 for 3.5, and $50 for 3* & 2.5*, but got this, $50 for 2*. Reviews look good so I'm optimistic. Rack rate appears to have been $129 or so according to some web searching.
  8. Brief review: Property is in a commercial / industrial area but there are restaurants / bars / groceries within an easy ~5 minute drive. Property is spartan, limited housekeeping (standard for extended-stay type facilities I suppose) but rooms have full fridge / mini stove / microwave. Room smelled like someone had been burning incense, but not a deal-breaker.
  9. Days Inn Santa Clara 859 El Camino Santa Clara, CA 95050 Tried a lot of rebids and had a tough time finding something. Have a feeling 3* would have been not much more FYI. Property seems basic from exterior but is fairly modern inside. Jacuzzi-style tub, mini-fridge and microwave (a little old), but flat-screen TV (no HD programming) and fairly recent furnishing. Good internet speeds from what I can tell so far. Impressive for a 2*.
  10. Probably overbid while doing free rebids -- didn't expect to get accepted in this zone. Hoping for the best! Thanks BB
  11. Struggled with a lot of rebids for 2 and 2.5 star properties in the Mountain View - Sunnyvale / Santa Clara - San Jose zones when bidding only for the night of 10/14 (Friday). Getting frustrated, I tried one bid for the Sunnyvale / Santa Clara area @ $48 for 2 nights and was immediately accepted. Thinking I should have tried $46 or maybe lower. But - excited to get a 3* for a pretty good price! Thanks BB.
  12. Property review: Positive overall experience. Not a luxurious property by any means, but clean and fairly up-to-date. Mini fridge, coffee maker, iron, hair drier in room. Flat screen (small, analog non-HD only; missing ESPN for some reason), desk with neither easy power plugin nor desk-lamp. Perceived safety was adequate; I was concerned that the room had outdoor access but entrance is from the lobby which is locked at night. Climate control in my room was noisy and not user-configurable (no buttons responded to input) but comfortable and modern. Breakfast is very spartan, bananas, some cheap pastries and cereal. Coffee was quite bad as one might expect (I had no desire to keep drinking it). No elevator. Anyways - thanks BB!
  13. Lots of rebids in the area of MV - Sunnyvale - SJ, etc. Finally got this one.
  14. Followed others' lead here and just went with a $45 bid and got it. Used the BB PRICELINE link of course. Looking forward to my stay!
  15. After bidding between $50-$70 per night for the same date range at the 4* level in Palo Alto I gave up and decided to just see what the 2.5* Mountain View level would cost. Priceline gave their low bid warning until I raised my bid to $40 per night, which was immediately accepted. Total for 2 nights with Taxes & Fees: $98.02
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