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  1. Thanks for posting monkeygeo, I've been trying to get a room for these dates for a couple of weeks. About a week ago I tried 4* MTE, MTW and UMT for up to $150 without success. Today, placing my bids through savingsbarn.com, I Selected 4* MTW Bid $110, rejected without counteroffer, added MTE and Bid $115, accepted for the Hilton Times Square
  2. I accessed the PL website using savingsbarn.com and was using rebids to increase the bid. At $42 I was offered to bid again for $12 more. I declined, added a rebid zone and was sucessful at $43.
  3. Thereuare, what would be the best way to get to Hoboken from the Jersey City Hyatt? Does the Lightrail go to the area where all the restaurants and bars are?
  4. Thanks thereuare, I just checked the MTA schedule for the No. 9 bus and it doesn't run at night. I will probably decide on the spot which option I'll take.
  5. This was my first bid in the zone. I was hoping for the Hyatt, so I started with 3*. Thereuare, thanks for the list. I will have a more detailed look at it when the time comes closer. I just have a different question. What would be the best way to get from Tompkins Square Park back to the hotel late at night. I was thinking about walking to the 9th street path station and then take the path train or taking a cab to WTC and take the train. Are there any better options? How much would the cab fare be to WTC? Thanks for your help.
  6. When I stayed at the Sheraton Gateway SFO last month they charged me an extra $3 as well.
  7. I needed a last minute deal for Brussels and my bid was accepted at $62 for one night.
  8. 1st bid accepted. 3 days ago I bid $55 for 3*, 2.5* and 2* but they all were rejected.
  9. First bid at $32 was countered at $8. I added some downtown zones while increasing in $1s, till I got it at $36.
  10. $49 was rejected, I added another rebid zone and it was accepted for $51.
  11. I tried to get this hotel for this price in the week between as well, but I could get it only for the nights on Sundays. I used various combinations for the dates. I'm surprised that my bid wasn't accepted for the weekend 9/17-9/19 because on those days the rate on hyatt.com was only $179 in contrast to $229 on the Sundays.
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome :) I have not bid this zone before. Actually this will be my first time in San Francisco. I read the previous threads and the possible multi-stay requirements, thats why I just went ahead and tried it for the 7 nights. Otherwise I probably would have thought about splitting the stay. At $59 I was countered +17 as well, which was not the the case at $58.
  13. I tried it moments earlier for $59 and it was rejected, added a rebid zone and it was accepted for$60.
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