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  1. This looks to be a case of you-get-what-you-pay-for. The low price (sort of) is the only thing going for it. The biggest disappointment is that this "Airport Hotel" is just a *motel* and does not have an airport shuttle, which kind of blows any "savings" right there! I take the blame for that, since I did note that shuttle was not listed in the amenities, but figured, well, maybe that was just an oversight! Wrong! You're going to have to update your list to include this turkey - the only 2.5 Star entry currently listed in this area for PRICELINE EXPRESS is
  2. Got this one, again, at "retail" with a "loyalty discount" (vs going rate of $95). Of course it's non-refundable. ($95 rate can be cancelled). What appears to be the same hotel is on offer from Priceline Express for $5 cheaper, nevertheless, this appears to be a bargain for anything in the city proper. Probably best to go this route, since it offers free parking, and city hotels can just totally rip you off on parking (can easily be $20-30/day, sometimes more).
  3. This was neither a NYOP nor Express deal -- just a regular open, "this is the hotel" booking, but with a fairly substantial "loyalty" discount. Hey, you book four different rooms the same day, they should give you something! (or maybe it's not such a desirable hotel, but the pictures look ok). More or less going rate from various travel sites for those dates is $84* including the hotel directly so it is a pretty good discount. (*) - non-refundable rate, +$15 for refundable. I wasn't sure if this type of booking should be reported, bu
  4. Well, two out of three ain't bad! I bagged another Courtyard for $75 bid. Again, a trifecta: nice hotel, good location, good price! Other offers for this same hotel: Google/various travel sites: $103 - $110 Priceline (open): a rather astonishing $199! I like Courtyards, and Priceline has granted me two of them after a long dry spell, which kind of takes away the bad taste that overbid Clarion one left.
  5. This one was VERY favorable! Nice hotel, good location, good price. Win - win - win. By contrast ... my other bid today did not go so well
  6. Bad bidding by me - bid too high when I went down from 3* to 2 1/2 *, after failing with 3* Priceline offers this hotel openly at three different price points: $61 non-refundable (ouch!) with "loyalty discount" $75 non-refundable (same as what I paid on Name Your Own Price) $85 with "free" cancellation / pay later. The location is also at the outer reaches of the zone, but I guess that's the risk you take with Name Your Own Price. Oh well, at least there is free breakfast! Live and learn - it could have been better, it could have bee
  7. Thanks for the reply. There is no need for "sorry' - I was just considering writing that reservation off, and making another in a more desirable location. In such a situation, it is good to know that I would have that $25 to 'play with', rather than have to pay for the new reservation AND another $25. In other words, a replacement reservation would (in my mental accounting) cost $25 less than it otherwise would. In the end, I decided to scrap that idea and just use the original reservation. Had the base amount been lower, I might hav
  8. With a Priceline reservation, normally it's an all or nothing deal: You pay the same amount whether you use the reservation or not - that money's gone. With Las Vegas hotels (and perhaps elsewhere), they split the rate into two parts: a) "normal rate" and b) "resort fee". Priceline collects (a), the normal rate up front and for sure that money's gone. Part (b) the "resort fee" is collected by the hotel when you check out. The question is: Suppose I'm a no-show. What happens to the resort fee? Am I still on the hook for it? or does it just
  9. You got that right! Looking at the hotel's own website, the best deal for a room (with Senior Discount) is $51 room rate $7 tax $38 "resort fee" Total: $96 ... making Priceline Express about a 33% discount!
  10. Total price: $93 This hotel is offered by name by PRICELINE for about $20 more than the PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal. Amenities: Free Internet Access Free Parking Free Breakfast Pets Allowed Swimming Pool No Smoking Rooms/Facilities Fitness Center Business Center
  11. In this instance, the "mandatory fee" of $34 is a LOT more than the advertised price of $21. The total came to $63. Amenities: Free Parking Swimming Pool No Smoking Rooms/Facilities Fitness Center Casino Restaurant NOTE: this was for a Wednesday night. It seems the price for the preceding Monday was $67 (plus all the fees). This was cheaper than my Monday night deal in Henderson for a lesser stars (3.5 vs 4) property. It seems the different dates make a big difference.
  12. For rooms in Las Vegas, Priceline advertises some really low prices ... as low as $17 for a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal. But there's a catch: almost every hotel adds a "mandatory fee", which can be more than the so-called "price". So this $36 room is actually a $61 room (plus another $12 taxes and fees) for a total of $73. Amenities: Swimming Pool No Smoking Rooms/Facilities Fitness Center Casino Restaurant
  13. I was trying to followup on your suggestion, but when I went back to find that $55 rate, it wasn't there - instead the $63 carried over from the listing. Maybe I got confused and was looking at a different property, or it changed in the mean time.. In any case, it's just a matter of a few dollars, probably not worth any more trouble at this point.
  14. Oops ... it looks I did not bid aggressively enough! Got this hotel for $60 (+$14 fees for a total of $74). On the Priceline Search Hotels list, it is shown for $63 (not Express or anything, just plain) Then if you click on the listing, it is $55! Oh well, I should probably put a little more effort into this in the future (or just skip the whole NYOP foolishness), but nevertheless it's not a TERRIBLE deal - just a little bit annoying to have paid extra for my trouble. Update: but on another page, it's listed at $72 ... so who the hell k
  15. Well, this one didn't go quite as well as might have been expected :-( I started bidding at a higher level, and wasn't careful enough when adding lower stars and a zone. While not a complete disaster, this was not a particularly satisfying "win". Hotel location is farther away than I would have liked, and the price was no better than what Priceline offers straight up (with the hotel named, not Express). $75 + taxes/fees = $91.80 Hotel itself offers Senior rate of $84.55 + 10.50 = $94.55 (or close to it).
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