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  1. Thanks, I went with the special fare, was able to find decent times.
  2. Does anyone know of coupon codes for Via Rail Toronto to Montreal? THANKS!
  3. Unfortunately with the Canadian dollar at such a low...not technically under my budget, but what can you do...lol
  4. I just wanted to share what I got! I tried this morning after trying yesterday several times.... used areas Montreal, Laval and Dorval Airport 4 star Offer : $74 I won Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel Thanks!
  5. Thanks so much! In terms of budget, I want something in the $75-85 range. I am pretty flexible, I don't mind walking too much but I want a nice area. My bf is picky about that and this is a trip I'm planning to try and salvage a 5 year relationship thats turned into daily fighting! Minimal stress is required but I don't want to go broke either. HOTWIRE I guess would suffice, but I really want to get a great deal on this. Thanks for the links, I'll check them out.
  6. Hi I'm looking to go to Montreal Nov 9-12 and looking for some advice. I've never used HOTWIRE or PRICELINE before. When I go to Priceline, is the region 5 "Montreal" in fact downtown? If I go for a 4 star in "5" am I pretty much guaranteed a great hotel that will be walkable to everything?? Please advise! Thanks so much! If anyone can tell me if there are more 3 or 4 stars closer to old Montreal that would be great too....that way I can decide on a 3 or 4 considering I want to be closer to old Montreal.
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