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  1. Used the link to bid on Pricline for a mid-size rental car 11/18-11/20/2011, 2 days, 8 hours. Bid $27+$4 reward for total of $31. Accepted on first attempt. As always, wish I had tried lower!
  2. Well, here is what I did... First I booked a refundable Avis intermediate car using the PRICELINE link for $51/day totaling $298. Then I went back onto Priceline using the supplied link used $4 bonus reward + bid of $28 = $32 (had to try for standard cuz of bonus) Result = Too Low Next I went back onto Priceline using the supplied link used $3 bonus reward + bid of $28 = $31 for intermediate Result = Suggest bidding $57-$60 Um...that would be a NO, I already have a refundable booking on Priceline for less. Today... Rechecked my Hertz AAA. Special now to pick-up DT Boston (about 1 mile from hotel) and return to BOS Airport. Cost for intermediate with all fees $178.79! Now my husband shouldn't complain since on return he doesn't have to drive DT and then get back to the airport. Thanks for all of your help! I'm glad to have learned how to use the rewards $ with the PRICELINE link. I'm sure it will come in handy on other trips.
  3. Based on what I'm seeing for prices, I'd really like to keep it in the $200-$250 max total. Of course, like everyone, I'd always like to keep it lower. Is $28/day too low to start with Priceline's $4 bonus on top of that? Thank you for telling me how to do both the link and the bonus $.
  4. In my husband's opinion, airport is the only option. Guess that's the route we'll try for. Any bidding suggestions? Hopefully I'll remember to use the rewards $$. Editing: I just got an email from Priceline saying today only they will add $4/day to car rental bids. Can I do that and still use the link from this website? How? Guess I really need bidding suggestions soon!
  5. Would prefer dropoff at the airport. Pick-up could be downtown since we are starting our stay in the Back Bay area. Thought it would be easier to do pick-up and dropoff at the airport.
  6. Hi, I updated my Kansas City thread, and checked priceline through the link. Currently they are offering a direct booking for a midsize car through Avis for my dates and times at $298. The high is through Dollar for $467. Any suggestions as to what amount might be a reasonable bid? I also have a priceline bonus cash reward for $3 per day on a car rental. Thanks!
  7. Sorry, forgot about this from a couple years ago. We ended up staying near a relative just booking directly, rather than going with the unknown for this trip. Thanks!
  8. I have used Priceline & Hotwire before for hotels, but never for a car rental. I am trying to figure out how much extra I should figure in for taxes and fees when I am bidding on Priceline. Are there other surprise charges with a car rental? Is there a good place to review before bidding on car rentals? I am hoping to get a mid-size car at BOS Aug. 5, 10 am until Aug. 8, 7 pm. Hotwire is showing a car total around $325. Any suggestions for a starting bid, or what I might expect for a total charge on Priceline? Thank you.
  9. Hotwire offered: 3* for $59 for Friday, May 14, one night Amenities: Smoke Free Rooms, Complimentary Breakfast, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Business Center, High-Speed Internet Access 100 % Satisfaction; 4.5 Trip Advisor Awarded Hyatt Place Mishawaka. With taxes and fees $73.34 This was the hotel I was hoping for. Only disappointment is that I went back on Hotline 2 min. later to copy the amenities to post this, and looks like rate is now $52 (could possibly be different, since doesn't have the 100%). Bummer, but my $59 is still much better than the hotel's website of $87
  10. Bid $36 for 2.5* Madison East for Thursday, May 12, one night. My bid was accepted by the Best Western Plus East Towne Suites. This was the hotel I was hoping for. Best rate on their site and others was $72. Used the PRICELINE link from betterbidding.
  11. When PRICELINE comes up with the total amount page, is that saying that you DID get the bid and wants your credit card info, or does it just want that and then lets you know if you have won the bid?
  12. I have been trying to figure out before I bid, how to do rebids. I am looking at flying from MSP to ELP Dec. 29 returning Jan. 1. The lowest current one-stop is $641 and two-stop is $633. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Got the Best Western East Towne Suites for one night 8/22/10 for $39 + 11.42 tax & fees = 50.42 2.5-star hotel in Madison Northeast - Airport - American Center This hotel features the following amenities: Airport Shuttle Complimentary Breakfast Fitness Center Pool(s) Business Center High-speed Internet Access Golf Nearby
  14. I'm looking for something in the Kansas Speedway Area for June 26 for one night, 2 adults, 1 child. Didn't see any hotels for this area on the Hotwire list (maybe I'm looking in the wrong spot), but Hotwire shows two options. Any idea what hotels they may be? Thanks! Not sure if this should be in Kansas or Missouri, but it looked like most of KC was under Missouri. 2-star hotel in Kansas Speedway Area for $49 This hotel features the following amenities: Complimentary Breakfast Fitness Center Pool(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities High-speed Internet Access 2.5-star hotel in Kansas Speedway Area for $115 This hotel features the following amenities: Complimentary Breakfast Fitness Center Pool(s) Business Center Golf Nearby
  15. Using the HOTWIRE link, I booked the 3* Holiday Inn Select Houston-Greenway Plaza Area, TX. for $59 for Thurs., Nov. 6. It was listed as 3* Galleria with amenities: fitness center, pool, restaurant, business center, laundry, and internet.
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