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  1. I just wanted to report back to say, even though this wasn't the hotel we had hoped for, it ended up being an excellent win for us. I can not say enough good about how incredibly helpful the staff were. The hotel had all the amenities we needed and was only a 10-20 walk to everywhere we needed to go (with exception for Carleton which we caught the bus right outside the hotel to). Thanks again!
  2. I had seen the luck of the previous poster's successful bid on 2 occasions for an $80 bid getting the Courtyard Marriott in the Byward Market and was so hoping for the same. However, we were not as lucky. However, it is the 'luck of the draw' so to speak with Priceline, so instead our bid was accepted by the Radisson. My daughter and I will be visiting touring both U of O and Carleton, and exploring abit of Ottawa. We will make the best of it. The trip advisor reviews for this property are not overly encouraging. I will report back, upon our return. I did book through the site's PRICELINE link as it is a priority of mine to support the site. Thanks.
  3. AngS1967


    I am looking to book 2 nights in Ottawa Nov 24-26. I was hoping for the Embassy Suites and so far the best deal I have found to guarantee that is Expedia. However, as I am a Canadian and making my purchase in Canada, Expedia wants me to utilize their Expedia.ca site. I want the site here to get some credit, but when I click the Expedia link on the support page it takes me to Expedia.com. Is there a way to add an Expedia.ca link ASAP please. I am going to want to book this in the next day or two at the latest. In addition, in the next few weeks I will be booking a 10 day trip to Spain for 3 adults through Expedia.ca and again, want to be able to do so through a support link here to support the site. I was not sure the best place for this post and suspect this is not it, so please feel free to relocate it to the most appropriate 'thread'. Thanks so much, Angela :)
  4. I appreciated the LastMinuteTravel.com suggestion, but really wanted to be able to support the site, so did not try the link. When I first posted this, the only hotel in Downtown Toronto West that was coming up was a $185 before taxes and fees, which was outside my budget. I have kept checking and today a new one showed up for $138 with the following amenities: no smoking, fitness, pool, restaurant, business centre and internet. A 4 star with 95% Hotwire recommendation and tripadvisor 4/5. I narrowed it down to the Sheraton or the Renaissance but based on more recent wins suspected it was the Sheraton and it was. We have stayed at this property before, both through a booking here and also through a work related conference and were very happy, so I was very pleased with the result. I did use the site's HOTWIRE link to book. Thanks, Angela :)
  5. I need 1 night hotel in downtown Toronto within easy walk of Metro Convention Centre for Saturday, October 15th. I need 2 beds (2 adults, 1 child). It is the big University Fair (our reason for being there) that weekend, and am not finding much on Hotwire for Downtown West. Would like at least a 3 star and under $150 with all fees (preferably under $120). I wasn't sure if there might be something available through one of your other links? I'd appreciate any feedback or suggestions you may have, As always, thanks in advance, Angela :)
  6. Using the site's PRICELINE link, I bid on a 1 night stay in Hamilton for March 16th (going on a tour of McMaster University with my daughter). I bid $70 for a 3 1/2 star and it was rejected, I added the 3 star and rebid $75 and it was accepted. I am pleased with the price, the hotel's website minimum price is $139 and the best price I could get on Hotwire for a 3 star was $115. Thanks as always :)
  7. Hi Aaron, We need 2 beds as my daughter will most likely be taking a friend, so Priceline is out for us. I was thinking 4 nights and I don't really care which days. Last year we stayed at the hotel (I think the Embassy Suites) across from Dominick's with the free breakfast and it was perfect. Loved it and was really hoping to get it again. As for price was hoping to find something around $100 a night but that isn't look promising at this point, so $125 if possible. Really could be anytime in May and would like to stay in the Magnificent Mile area or the Gold Coast? Thanks again, Angela :)
  8. My 17 year-old and I are heading back to Chicago once again this year (sure do love this city). Anyway, we decided not to do march break this year even though we have had fabulous luck the previous 2 years for weather. Instead we are thinking May. Aaron, I was wondering if you have any suggestions as to which of the later 3 weeks in May might be best for price and/or any special activities or festivals etc.? Once we have the time narrowed down we will start the hotel searches. Thanks so much! Angela :)
  9. Again, a great hotel and a great price and one I would recommend and stay again myself. Thanks again, Angela :)
  10. I booked a one night stay for December 29th, 2010 for 3 adults using the site's HOTWIRE link and got The Best Western Chocolate Lake Hotel which is a Halifax area hotel for $59/night. I stayed there for 2 nights Dec 21-22/10 at the beginning of my trip and was so impressed I booked for the end of my trip as well. The location was listed as Bedford - Chocolate Lake (2 1/2 stars) with 4.5/5 trip advisor reviews and 100% rating my Hotwire users and best value. The amenities were listed as: Beachfront, Smoke Free Rooms, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Center, Laundry Facilities and High-speed Internet Access. Thanks again Better Bidding! Angela :)
  11. I know Halifax extremely well and although not in the downtown bar area, it is in the key shopping area of both the Halifax Shopping Centre and the Sears Westend Mall (within walking distance) and not far from a third mall (Bayers Road Shopping Centre). I am really very surprised to hear that food places wouldn't deliver there as there are a number of food places on Quinpool Road that is only a 5 min drive. I also am very surprised to hear you had trouble flagging down a cab, has never been my experience there. The traffic lights are set to flashing red and flashing yellow after 1 or 2 am so you don't have to sit and wait for them to change when there is not any traffic. They are to be treated as 4 way stops etc. Halifax is an amazing city I hope you get to go back and have a better experience next time. :)
  12. This was a very nice hotel, I was extremely happy with it and feel it's more than a 2 1/2 star, it's definitely at least a 3 star and to be honest I have stayed in 3 1/2 stars not as nice. The amenities are all very new. The hotel is extremely clean and the most friendly of hotel staff. They definitely realize that HOTWIRE and PRICELINE customers are their 'bread and butter' there. While I was there someone came in to book a room and the price was more than they could afford so a staff member suggested they use the free computer in the lobby and try and book it off HOTWIRE or PRICELINE! We liked it so much for the price that on our way back we booked it again for another night (using this site's HOTWIRE link) (I will start a new thread for that hotwire hotel win). Thanks again, better bidding. A highly recommended hotel. :)
  13. I just booked using the site's HOTWIRE link The Best Western Chocolate Lake Hotel which is a Halifax area hotel for $49/night. Awesome price for the holidays! The location was listed as Bedford - Chocolate Lake (2 1/2 stars) with 4.5/5 trip advisor reviews and 100% rating my Hotwire users and best value. The amenities were listed as: Beachfront, Smoke Free Rooms, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Center, Laundry Facilities and High-speed Internet Access. I also need to do a car rental and was wondering if anyone has any advice re: any deals for car rentals? As always, thanks Better Bidding! Angela :)
  14. I specifically wanted this hotel as my daughter is having surgery and it is fairly close to the hospital where her surgery is. In addition, we have stayed here before and really liked the hotel. It is Central London 3 1/2 stars. I bid $60 first bid and it offered me the opportunity to increase my bid by $15 without changing zones or anything, so I did and the bid was excepted. Maybe I could have played around with it and saved $5+, but since this was the hotel I wanted and it wasn't showing up on Hotwire and the lowest hotel website price was $125, I am satisfied. As always, thank to better bidding and I of course used the site's PRICELINE link. Ang :)
  15. Sorry it has taken me so long to come back and report on the hotel... I would highly recommend the hotel. The service was excellent, the amenities were more than you would expect for a 3.5 star. The wonderful full breakfast buffet and made to order was awesome and really cut down on our meal expenses and the evening managers reception was a very nice touch as well. Overall, I will definitely be looking to stay here again my next trip to Chicago. Chicago again this year was wonderfully clean and so friendly and helpful and we again lucked out and had absolutely amazing weather. Aaron your bus information was 'bang on' and with our bus passes and your info we very easily navigated ourselves to where we wanted to be. Thanks, better bidding, thanks Aaron and thanks Chicago for a wonderful March break! Angela :)
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