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  1. Started at $170, LES Added Soho/Tri at $180 Added Empire State Bldg at $185 Really good Trip Advisor reviews for a mid-level hotel in the city. Express Deals, with an extra 5% off (FALL5) are around $197 for same area, star rating. So I'm not saving much off of Express Deal but happy with my purchase.
  2. Based on past wins on the board, started at $36, won red lion. $47.77 with tax Stayed at the Doubletree twice before. Looking to change things up. :)
  3. Started bidding yesterday. 3* $75, Downtown - rejected $80, added Kirkland free bid - rejected waited 24 hours 3* $85, Downtown - rejected $90, added Kirkland free bid - accepted $107.52/night with tax included. Best available rate on their website is $169/night (not incl. tax)
  4. Same room going for $119 (weekend rate) on their website and Expedia. Started at $79 - rejected $85, added Boulder Strip - rejected $89, added LV Convention Center - rejected $92, added NW Las Vegas - accepted $111.62 with tax
  5. Accepted first bid! This was the hotel I was hoping to get based on past winning bids, hotel reviews, and what I wanted to spend for a short trip. I never bid without consulting betterbidding first - it's been great!
  6. Last minute weekend add-on to a business trip. Didn't get as great a deal as others around the same date but this is an excellent hotel and it is the last minute so can't complain. Started with separate USE and USW-Nob Hill bids at $75. Added "free zones" of Civic Center, Marina, North, and South up to $130 with no luck. Added Embarcadero to USE bid at $140 and got the JW Marriott Union Square. Regular price on hotel website for "last minute weekend" is $199 so not a steal but a deep discount for a first class property (Obama stayed here last year!)
  7. Started at $65 4* downtown, hoping to get the Hilton again. Increased by $3-$5 increments, adding other zones, until finally bid was accepted at Sheraton downtown for $80 ($98.37 with tax). This hotel has been recently renovated. Good TripAdvisor reviews.
  8. Started at 4* downtown hotels for $55. Added zones until bid was accepted at downtown Hilton for $65. Very nice full service business hotel.
  9. Used the PRICELINE link here - I think it is my 3rd time. This board has been extremely helpful to my occasional weekend travels! Started with the hope of getting one of those crazy good deals at Parc 55 or Galleria Park for $75-$90 but the weekend I'm going seems to be pretty well booked. Started bidding with a checkout of 10/18/09 (3 nights). I bid over a few days, starting at $75 and 4 stars, but after reaching $113 for 3*+ in USE and USW, decided to stay with friends in east bay for one night on the very booked up 17th. Started bidding anew for just 2 nights at $85 and still wasn't accepted until $108. This is $100 less than the rate on Marriott's website so I still feel successful! In case it helps others, I was also bidding on Civic Center 3* up to $107, (if I remember correctly) without success. Then my next bid on USE for $108 was accepted. I started only 2 weeks out, and things were filling up. I'm wondering if starting a month before my trip may have made a difference. Although I know October is a popular period in the bay area.
  10. Stayed here in November for 1 night. Booked through PRICELINE (thru this site!) for $41. I think they seriously need to downgrade from a 3 star rating - hotel is outdated, but hard to beat these prices. A short cab ride gets you downtown. First round of bids, attempting to get 3.5* downtown: 3.5* Boise started at $45 Rejected added all other areas, one at a time over 2 days, ending at $76 Rejected Next round of bidding: 3* Boise $36 Accepted at Doubletree Riverside on first try. A great deal for an overnight, roadtrip stay but I would want a more interesting hotel for a multi-day vacation.
  11. Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $41.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $11.39 Total Charges*: $52.39 Just driving through on the way to Arizona. Hotel's rate is only $49 but thought we would try for better - not much savings at this already-discounted rate! Bidding started at $23, 4*, Fremont St (looking specifically to book Golden Nugget.) Added areas: Airport, Nellis, Summerlin (none of which have 4*) over 3 days of bidding. Final accepted bid was $41.
  12. Doubletree Hotel Boise-Riverside 2900 Chinden Boulevard Boise, Idaho 83714 208-343-1871 Final accepted bid: Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $41.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $12.58 Total Charges*: $53.58 First round of bids (trying to get Modern or The Grove super-cheap): 3.5* Boise $39 Rejected 3.5* Boise + Boise Airport $41 Rejected 3.5* Boise + Boise Airport + Nampa $43 Rejected 3.5* Boise + Boise Airport + Nampa + West Boise $45 Rejected 3.5* Boise + Boise Airport + Nampa + West Boise + Meridian $47 Rejected Gave up 3.5* hopes. Next round of bidding: 3.5* + 3* Boise $39 Rejected 3.5* + 3* Boise + Boise Airport $41 Accepted: DoubleTree Riverside (Boise)
  13. [accidentally posted this on wrong board before, not sure how to delete] Trying to get Affinia Hotel ($189 on Expedia) or similar: $135 4* in N MI Ave-River North (rejected), $140 3-1/2* in N MI Ave-River North (accepted) Doubletree Chicago Magnificent Mile (listed $180/nt on Expedia) 300 East Ohio Street Chicago, Illinois 60611 Subtotal: $560.00 Taxes and Service Fees: $99.53 Total Charges: $659.53