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  1. Just wanted to let you all know I used the PRICELINE links on the site, and just won the Pacific Gateway Hotel in Richmond, BC. $129 was my winning bid for 8/8 - 8/11. I tried $127 and had failed, so maybe $128 would have been accepted, can't say. Anyways, hope this helps!
  2. I booked direct with a hotel, so this post can be closed. Still curious what the original all suites hotel was. Maybe someday we'll find out!
  3. Well it wasn't necessarily of interest, I would have just prefer it being the 2.5*. My lady friend suggested The Garland, but the price is nearly double. I did use the links here and tried to bid on PRICELINE for a 4*. I think I used 3 or 4 re-bid zones. Went up to $115, and got denied each time. I know $145 can get it on HOTWIRE. So I figure I can bid some more, just not sure I want to go that high.
  4. I think/hope it's the Holiday Inn Express. I did call them, and they say they're not suites. But the original price, the amenities, the star rating, and location make me think it is. Plus they say Holiday Inn Expresses are part of the 2.5* hotels. If it's that, I really want it. But I'm concerned it's not.
  5. I have a guess as to what I THINK this property is, if it's that, I really want it. I'm hoping one of you or multiple people can chime in. I don't want to mention my guess, since I don't want to taint what members here think it may be.
  6. I'm ready to book whenever I find a good price for something in my range. I don't have any specific hotels, as long as it's decent, and the price is fair. Pretty much care more about location than I do specific hotel. But rather not be staying anywhere trashy. Thank you!
  7. I see other people asking for this hotel, and I'm looking into it as well. The Amenities are Free Breakfast, Business Center, Internet Access 95% Customer Approval Rating Also, as usual, I've used the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links. Thanks you all for the help! I'm just trying to go on a quick day trip for my lady friend's birthday :) Y'all rock!
  8. I just wanted to say this thread can be closed. We'll officially be staying at Paris. The prices have seemingly gone-up and nothing comes close to the price we're getting there. Thanks everybody for your help!
  9. While looking at hotels myself, I know I saw Elara at about $152 a night for the exact same dates. This was probably about a week or so ago. I cannot answer whether or not it was a fully prepaid in advance rate, as I don't remember. It was booked directly through them for that rate however. I'm sure it's gone up since then, thus why they accepted your $170. You have to remember, when it comes to Vegas, prices are quite volatile.
  10. Thank you very much. I did indeed book the Paris at the discounted rate as my backup, in case I can't find anything better. I'm really hoping for Vdara, Bellagio, Aria, or Cosmopolitan. Those are the ideals at this point. Maybe Mirage, but it's a tad too far north.
  11. I've still been constantly checking Hot.wire and Priceline, using your links of course. I don't have my heart in it for Paris. Anybody have any comments on Paris and whether or not they liked it there? I've seen a decent price on Hotwire for what I think is Elara. After calculating in resort fees for Paris, they may be fairly similarly priced. If anybody has any kind of hotel suggestions, please chime in. Free Parking Casino Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Self service laundry Internet access Spa Services Accessible for the blind Accessib
  12. I booked the Paris as a backup. 4* for $180 a night after all the taxes and resort fees. That's probably what I would have wanted to pay for a 5*. Hoping the prices will come down.
  13. I didn't think a convention of that size would affect the rates. I figured that would be considered a "smaller" sized convention in the grand scheme of things.
  14. Thank you! I actually am considering that now. Booking direct with Paris it's about $140 a night. I know I can get a 4* for less using Hot.wire or Price.line, but the guarantee of Paris outweighs the money saved there. I'm tempted to try and wait till the last minute and just keep hoping prices drop. I looked at the convention schedule, and only one "decently" sized convention at 37,000 people are going to be there. So I can't imagine that will impact the prices much.
  15. Just wanted to post an update. I bid up to $175 on Priceline using almost all of my re-bid zones. I have 1 remaining. Been denied so far. I really don't like the idea of spending more, but understand the 5*'s are more costly.
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