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  1. Just got back from my stay at the residence inn. The place is terrible. Got the priceline treatment from the word go. Asked for 2 beds and was told priceline cotracts for 1 bed suites only. The room was miles from the lobby. Once in the room we called the desk as we had no ice and no internet cable. The desk jerk said that they have ice, vending and cables at the desk, but not in the rooms or on the floors. I told him that would have been nice to know before walking miles to the room. I would never pay to stay at a residence inn and will try to avoid bid strategies that might stick me with on
  2. First bid 2.5 * $39 Pleasanton / San Ramon denied but offered an $11 add. Re-Bid $40 adding Concord. I was afraid that I would get the 3* San Ramon Marriott (got stuck with it last week as an upgrade at $41 2.5*)-- pleasantly surprised to get the Residence Inn P-town. Saves $20 in parking and Internet fees over the SR Marriott. YAY!!! I am very happy with this bid. YMMV you could get stuck with that nasty 3* upgrade to the Marriott.
  3. We bid this area quite a bit. Lately 2.5* bids($40-$42) have been upgraded to the 3* Marriott San Ramon. The Marriott is a very nice place and the staff is excellent. I have never opened a door myself--they have freindly doormen on the job The Marriott feels like a fine downtown San Fransico Hotel-- with the overly priced restaraunt and bar included. No "priceline treatment" and bed requests have been cheerfully fulfilled. The downside is that they charge $10 per day to park. And like most Marriott's another $10 per day for internet. Effectively a 50% vig on top of the priceline taxes and fees
  4. After waiting 72 hours from my last try... Started with 3* Airport $35... rejected counter offer of add $9 (declined counter) Added Lake Union $38 rejected Added University $40 Acccepted plus $12.81 in tav=xes and fees for total of $52.81 Also took them up on a midsize car for $15... got a Hertz for $28.48 total with taxes I am very happy with the results...
  5. Started with 3* SeaTac at $26 added Lake union $29 added university $32 added Lynnwood $35 added Bothell $38 All of the above failed... Added Renton which does have 2 3* properties and $39... that failed also... Will try again in 72 hours...
  6. First bid $61 USE... rejected Added Cathedral Hill bid $66... rejected Added Civic Center bid $70 ... acepted $70 seems to be the lowest that will go...
  7. Started at 55 USE.. used free rebids of 60, 65, 70 got it at $73
  8. Hi-- I want to priceline a room for a friend. He is 20 years old and has ID and a CC. I see priceline says "reservation names (21 or older) Will they not let him check in? Any thots? Dave
  9. Thank you Thereuare and bbbb for the prompt responses and clearing up my concerns. We will bid for the rooms and use just the Bosses name... dave
  10. Hi: I have used Pl many times with great results for 1 room at many places. Some friends have asked me to help them priceline 3 rooms for 4 nites. Their problem is that they know 6 people are traveling... but they are not sure which 6... only 1 person is known for sure. 2 per room with 1 or 2 beds is fine.. we just can't name the travelers at this time... and whatever 6 do go will be the same 6 for the entire stay... we are not trying to beat priceline or the hotel in any way...we just dont know who will make the trip...and wont know until the arrival date. I do not want to help my friends in
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