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  1. Tried Toronto Downtown South 4*- 80$ rejected Added Brampton 4*- 85$ rejected Added Don Valley 4* -90$ rejected Added Toronto Downtown North 4* - retried 80$ ACCEPTED
  2. I've used Priceline previously (using links on this site) although some time ago and hope to use it again for an upcoming trip to NYC. I'm hoping to find a 4* in either ME, MW, CPS, TS, ESB I've never been to NYC so should I be including/excluding a zone here that is (in)appropriate as a 1st time tourist, please let me know. Budget max: 200 to 230$ per night Perhaps I could go to a 3.5* in ME if I'm setting out to do the impossible above but that's not my preference. Also, I am willing to split up the stay if deemed necessary. Thanks for all your help. I am familiar with the concept of rebid
  3. Failed with a bid $165. Started with this as during bidding process it was listed that the median price for a 5* was approx $330.. when it was rejected and given a second chance to bid, the median had jumped approx $550... Likely will try again with a 4* bid...
  4. Amenities listed matched those on the pinned Hotwire Hotel List. Large differential in price from the previous week (there was 3 days b/t purchases)
  5. Purchased via Hotwire. Amenities shown as per those listed in pinned hotwire hotel list.
  6. Finally won at a bid of $201/night - Hotel Bristol, Vienna
  7. Had been trying for 4* in Berlin east for several days starting at 60$ in 5$ increments to 80$. Showed best buy was 5* in Tiergarten-Kuferstendamm so tried 85$ and was successful. I think a fairly good buy as seeing a price of $298 on Priceline
  8. Tried with same parameters, increasing bid to $180... got reply could rebid immediately if increased by $25
  9. Tried the same parameters with $175 on Sept 7th/08 - rejected
  10. Bidding for 4* Berlin East Hotel sites: Park Plaza Wallstreet Berlin 93 Euros (132 US$) Artotel Berlin Mitte 126 Euros (180 US$) Priceline Park Plaza Wallstreet Berlin 134 US$ Artotel Berlin Mitte 183 US$ Tried 60 US$ on Sept 5th - not accepted Thanks for any help
  11. As an update, tried same parameteres with $170 US on Priceline and no success.
  12. Indeed, I apologize for using the dollar sign and adding confusion. The hotel rates are in Euros and the Priceline rates are US dollars. My conversions from Euros would be roughly $507 for Hotel Imperial and $379 for Hotel Bristol (US dollars).
  13. Trying to bid successfully without much luck 5* Vienna City Center rates on hotel website: Hotel Imperial $ 355 euro/night Hotel Bristol $265 euro/night Priceline rate: Hotel Imperial $473 US/night Hotel Bristol $353 US/night Tried 5* city center search Sept 3 - 150$ not accepted Sept 4 - 160$ not accepted Any guidance would be appreciated
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