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  1. Tried again last night for 5*. Started at $79 and went up to $89 with no success. Will continue trying.
  2. Tried first 2 nights 7/2&7/3. First bid $79 then $82 then $85 and failed. Got counteroffer at $144. Obviously I did not take the offer. My hubby was nagging me to stop trying tonight and wait couple more days. :)
  3. I understand it better now and I do agre with you. It will be nice to get it now than later. Will try bidding the first 2d to see what happen and will keep you posted.
  4. Got a question here: Should I wait until it gets closer to my departure date before I try bidding again? I heard often the prices do go down and they get more inventory. Just curious.
  5. Just tried bidding my entire stay 2mins ago and failed. Will try bidding the first 2d of my stay. Wish me luck.
  6. Oh my God! You are the expert at this :) First let me answer your questions: Yes, the $100 budget does not include taxes and fees. I am ok with staying at venetian first 2d then go somewhere else. It is just a bit hassle to have to pack everything for check in & out since we will have lots of baby stuff and gear. I will try to bid the first 2d and let you know the result. I still would love to stay at venetian the whole time and am willing to pay more but don't know what price is realistic. This is the fifth time I am to Vegas so I don't mnd staying at downtown but I do agree that it
  7. Hi all, Finally able to confirm dates for our Las Vegas trip. Set for 7/2-7/6/03. Would love to stay at Venetian but I know it may be hard to get. I have been checking on Venetian web site and they have all 4 nights for $199/night. Since it is 7/4 weekend, is it still possible to get a good rate? Should I split the stay and try to bid separately? Our budget is no more than $100/night. Also checked hotwire many times and looks like they are offering $176/night at this point which is way too high for us. We have Golden Nugget as back up. One room is $59/night and the other is $79/night($20 e
  8. Hi all, Put in a bid yesterday for 3* hotel in Monterey for 5/16-5/17 and got Marriott. Originally we wanted to stay 2 nights but could not get anything. Not even a 2.5 stars !! Decided to stay one day instead and $56 was my first bid. I am very happy about this price but wondering if I could have started lower. To be honest, I was not very confident about what I was doing but got lucky. Your Offer Price: $56.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 1 Subtotal: $56.00 Taxes and Service Fees: $12.00 Total Charges: $68.00
  9. Thank you for being so nice and supportive. It's good to know people here are nice. I have posted something on my recent bid for my Monterey, CA short weekend trip.
  10. Hi all, Just want to say thank you again for all the great information. I have not tried to bid for the hotel. I am so sorry that I have wasted your time on setting up a bidding plan and not able to use it due to travel plan change. We are not sure if we will be going to the cruise now (not going to explain in details but I am definitely disappointed!!). We will take a short trip to a nearby city this weekend. You will certainly see me around and I promise next time I will be more certain about my travel plan before I post. Thanks again!!
  11. You guys are wonderful!! Thanks for all the great information. We are still trying to deal with our travel agent to confirm the cruise but I will definitely reserve the hotel myself by trying to bid. Once we confirm the cruise, I will bid and post result ASAP. Thanks again!!
  12. Hello thereuare, Thank you very much for your help. I don't think you took long to respond. In fact, I thought it was quite fast. I think I should have done some more homework before I posted. I am still learning the process and I did look into some of the posts and understand about biding much better now. I would like to bid for a 3 star hotel, hoping not to spend more than $50/night which I think should be fair for a 3* hotel. Not considering anything under 3*. So is the downtown area the closest to the terminals?
  13. Sorry for the confusion. Original plan was to fly down on 8/22/03 and stay only one night then head to the cruise. Now my husband would like to stay one extra day to do some sightseeing. Plus we have a 1 year old so we want to make sure we get enough time to relax before heading to the cruise. So checking in 8/21/03 and checking out 8/23/03. Thanks again.
  14. Thanks for your suggestion. We are planning to be there on 8/21-8/23/03 so we have one day to tour the city before getting on the ship. Hoping there is no convention or any special function taking place at that time.
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