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  1. $20 was rejected, but I was given the offer to rebid. $21 was accepted. I got the same car class for the same length of time last year for $20. $21 x 12 days = $252 + 83.10 = $335.10 I did not bid on any other car size class.
  2. Holiday Inn Pittsburgh Airport 8256 University Boulevard Coraopolis PA 15108-2591 $27 x 5 days x 1 room = $135 + 27.86 tax/fee = 162.86 Hotel's website: hipittsburgh.com This does not appear to be a typical Holiday Inn, as it is under different management and almost appears to be a botique hotel. I have found nothing but positive reviews on the internet I tried for a while to get a room in Cranberry Township, as last year I got the Fairfield inn for $26 a night. This part of town was the closest to the convention I will be attending. I bid, and waited 3 days, and bid, and waited 3 days, etc... even going down to 1* and was rejected all the way up to $43 (and also used Downtown as a rebid zone.....Hey, if I got the downtown Hilton or Omni for that price, I wouldn't complain) However, if I am going to drive 600 miles all of the way to Pittsburgh, I can drive an extra 20 miles every day to save a few bucks. :)
  3. Residence Inn Washington Vermont Avenue Washington DC - White House - Downtown zone 2 1/2* $51 x 3 nights x 1 room = $153 + 29.80 tax/fee = 182.80 Residence Inn 1199 Vermont Avenue Washington, DC 20005 Here is their website: http://marriott.com/property/propertypage....arshaCode=WASDC Other than the fact they have no parking spaces :) , it looks like a good place on tripadvisor.com I bid 3* in White house, Conv Ctr - Capitol Hill, Dupont Circle zones up to $58 and was rejected. When I bid $55 I was given a counteroffer of $70, which I rejected. Same zones, I bid 2 1/2* was rejected at $47 and accepted at $51
  4. I don't always go out looking for a 3* in the best zones or look for the cheapest hotel I can get. I always look for what I perceive to be the best value. $45 x 3 nights x 1 room = $135 + 25.83 tax/fee = $160.83 $43 rejected Fairfield Inn Baltimore North 4 Philadelphia Court Baltimore, MD 21237 Baltimore has Gobs of free rebid zones! Before I landed that hotel, I had bid 3* 2 1/2* and 2* in the Inner Harbor and Mt. vernon zones up to $66 and was rejected Then, I tried 3* in Inner Harbor, Mt. Vernon, Columbia - Jessup, airport BWI, Hunt Valley and Towson, with the free rebid zones up to $61 and was rejected Then, I tried 2 1/2* in the Inner Harbor, Mt. vernon, Airport BWI, Columbia, Hunt Valley with the rebid zones up to $55 and was rejected. Then, I tried 2* in Inner Harbor, Mt. Vernon, Baltimore North, Airport BWI and Hunt Valley and got accepted for the bid of $45 in Baltimore North on my 114th bid attempt. I don't encourage anyone else to try this as you will waste a lot of time, fill up your email inbox, and slowly go mad :) as you watch those yellow arrows go by on the screen. On the other hand, the cheapest hotel for these days on hotwire was $55 a night for a 2* and on travelaxe (which searches Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia, Hotels.com, etc...) had a motel 6, 3 nights for $180, as the cheapest hotel in town. And I had fun.
  5. I bid $19 on a standard and was rejected. I bid $1 on a convertable and was rejected also. :) $20 bid x 12 days = $240 + taxes fees 68.28 = $308.28 The best price hotwire had for the same car was $21.95 a day. then I refreshed the screen and it went up to $22.95 a day! On the betterbidding car rental price checker, Expedia came the closest and had the same car I got from Alamo for $30 total more.
  6. I bid up to a $38 for a 2 1/2* but was rejected. I only had one bid (no free rebids) for a 2* and was accepted at $26 $26 for one room X 5 nights = $130 + taxes fees $26.15 = 156.15 Here is the Fairfield Inn's website Fairfield is considered the budget line of the Marriott chain
  7. It looks like Hyatts have become popular in Ohio here recently. Bid $34, was rejected. bid $35 for one room x 3 nights = $105 + Taxes 'n Fees 23.56 = 128.56 The hotel's website Downtown Cincy parking, like any major city can be expensive. this hotel is near all the other hotels and the convention center and all the parking within a couple of blocks looks to be $12-15 a day. You can get a good deal if you are willing to carry your luggage from the riverfront. More parking info can be found at the Downtown Cincinnati website
  8. While I was checking in to this Baymont hotel, the front desk clerk asked if I used Hotwire to make this purchase. Obviously, that tells me that, although I used pricline to book this room, I could have used hotwire also. This hotel only had two amenities which hotwire would mention, free breakfast and an outdoor pool. I went to hotwire's website, looked up Columbia, SC, then the Columbia Northeast zone. two hotels were listed and one looks like a match. There was a 2* hotel listed with breakfast and pool for $29 a night. Thought I'd pass this along...
  9. I was going thru some old records and found this hotwire purchase I made last year... Chicago, IL Oakbrook - Downers Grove section of town Hilton Suites - Oakbrook Terrace 10 Drury Lane Villa Park, IL 60181 Hotel's website $39 per night X 6 nights = $234 + 25.95 taxes and fees = $259.95 Hotwire's listed ammenities: Restaraunt, Pool, Fitness Center Although it wasn't listed as an ammenity, they have an excellent free breakfast buffet. I look on hotwire now and I *Think* the same hotel is listed as a customer favorite, although this designation wasn't there when I bought the room last year.
  10. This is a hotwire hotel I purchased before finding this board, and I just found it in my old email... Candlewood Suites Louisville - East 11762 Commonwealth Dr. Louisville, KY 40299 Candlewood's website (All Candlewood's are pretty much the same) $33 a night x 2 nights = $66 + 13.95 taxes and fees = $79.95 Hotwire's listed amenities: Fitness center, Kitchenette, Laundry At check-in, they give you a quarter so that you can go to their honor system convenience store and get your first soda can for free. All rooms had a vcr and they have free movies at the front desk. the front desk is not open 24 hours.
  11. This was in the Myrtle Beach zone named Myrtle Beach Area. Bid $44, was rejected, bid $45 was accepted. $45 one room X 2 nights = $90 + 17.22 taxes / fees = $107.22 Hotel's website
  12. $23 for 1 room and 1 night + $8.49 taxes / fees = $31.49 Baymont Inn, Columbia, SC East 1538 Horseshoe Drive Columbia, SC 29223 Hotel's website I was looking for the cheapest hotel I could find for a one night stop. Hotwire had a 2* hotel for $30 and I wanted to use priceline to see if I could beat that. I bid up to $30 using free rebids for the zones Columbia Airport, i26 west & Irmo, Northeast and Northwest. I did not bid in Central Columbia. I started at 3*, then 2 1/2*, then 2*. Then I started bidding on 1* at $22 and was rejected, then $23 and was accepted.
  13. I first bid $40 up thru $45 in the perimeter region and was rejected. Then I bid $39 (rejected) and $40 (accepted) $40 (1 room) X 2 nights = $80 + 17.62 taxes/fees = $97.62 Renassance Concourse Hotel, Atlanta The Hotel's Website Parking here is $6/day.
  14. This hotel did have a beachfront icon. I picked this hotel because it was the cheapest Hilton Head hotel listed with the beachfront Icon. :) There was also a Customer Favorite listed in the $90-$100 price range which I think was the Crowne Plaza Hilton Head Resort.
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