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  1. Short list of amenities shown: free internet access, pets allowed, no smoking rooms, fitness center, business center, restaurant. This was listed as an “Express Deal.”
  2. First bid, 70. Gave me option to raise my bid to 88 without changing anything, but I declined. Added a region and raised bid to 75, then 80. Accepted at 80. Booked for 9/14 and 9/15.
  3. I'm very impatient so I just decided to go ahead and try to figure it out for myself. I started at 75 for 3* in downtown Seattle. Rejected. Rebid with different zones at 80 and 85, both rejected. Decided I would try one final time and had my bid of 90 accepted for the Renaissance Seattle. List price is 279 a night, so I'm happy. Hopefully the hotel works out and maybe I will use PRICELINE again.
  4. Hi, I have never bid on Priceline before so I am looking for some advice. I already have arrangements for the beginning of my trip, and am just looking for a room for the night before we leave- 8/11. I would like to stay downtown and in a hotel with at least 3 stars. Anything under 120 would be good and I was thinking of starting my bidding at 80 or so. Most people seem to be bidding at 90, is that a better starting place? Thanks for any advice.