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  1. 4* Colonnade Hotel - $91 Bidding successful after 3 tries: 4* Copley... Bid $71, rejected, added Medford Bid $81, rejected, added South Boston Bid $91 accepted thanks for providing this forum - it's really useful! :)
  2. Thereuare - I took your advice to bid for 4* on Priceline for less than the rates on Hotwire. Bidding successful - $91 4* Colonnade. :) Will post my bidding strategy in a new thread on priceline forum.
  3. Hi! I'm looking for a 4* very near to the Pru Center - the Sheraton & Hilton are my top picks. On Priceline, the 4* seems to be the Marriot. What are the 2 hotels on Hotwire: 3.5* Back Bay Copley (Customer Favorite) - $113 (retail $159) - pool, restaurant, fitness center, & business center 4* Back Bay Copley - $134 (retail $159 - pool, restaurant, fitness center, & business center Hilton online rate - $159 Sheraton online rate - $179 Thanks for your help! Any tips on visiting Boston?
  4. We're leaving NYC on a Wed, sometime in the morning (no set time), and will need the car for 11 days. We've already booked our flights at JFK. So far, the best deal i've seen is Hotwire for $530, but i'm hoping i can do better on PL. When i pay PL, will i owe anything else to the car agency? What kind of rate should i expect with PL?
  5. Hi! After touring NYC, we're planning to rent a car and drive to New England. I've never rented a car via PL or in NYC & am hoping for some advice. :) Is it best to pick up the car in Manhattan or JFK? It's usually cheaper to pick up away from the airport, but i'm nervous to drive in NYC. Alternatively, we'd take a cab or shuttle to JFK to pick up the car - we intend to return it to JFK, in any event, before flying home. I think with PL i have to pick up & return at the same location... My PL bids of $30-35 for a mid-size car in Oct. have not been accepted. - What price should i expect for a rental car in NYC? - Does the PL final price include ALL taxes & fees? - Would it best for an "out-of-towner" to avoid driving in NYC? :) Thanks!
  6. After a million tries, i won my bid for a 4* in ME - the Grand Hyatt for $150. This seems higher than other bids, but: a) Fall rates seem pretty high, and :) i wanted to book early, rather than wait until the last minute. Considering chain hotels like the Super 8 and Red Roof are charging more for Oct, i'm think i got a good deal. Does anyone have any feedback on this hotel? Is $150 reasonable for Fall? As for my bidding technique - i followed the advice here: i changed the area & split my bid. I only actually won my bid for Oct 4-6, then i added 2 additional days on PL. I still had to get a room for Oct 1. So i went back into PL and chose the same criteria: 4* ME for $150 and was lucky to get the same hotel again. :) One thing i did note, was that the 72 hour rule didn't apply if i fiddled with the attributes. So i kept closing the browser & starting over. And when the 72 hour warning came up, i changed something. Then when i was rejected, i could go back to my original dates, location, & star. Now, does anyone have any advice on getting theater tickets? We want to see the Lion King. Is it best to book in advance or upon arrival? The tickets are listed at the New Amsterdam theater as $20-90, but the online ticket sellers are charging much more! Thanks!
  7. Thanks for your quick advice! I couldn't stand it and went ahead and bid. No luck for NYC because i'm a chicken & bidding low. But i did win my bid for for a night in Stamford, CT (as part of our whole NY/ New England trip). I got a 3 * for Oct 2004: Offer price: $60.00 Taxes/fees: $14.12 Total: $74.12 The hotel is the Marriott Stamford - good reviews from Travelocity & tripadvisor.com. The cheapest price i found online for the same hotel (including on lowestfare.com) is $107 before taxes. So i'm feeling pretty thrilled with my first PL bid. The hotel has already confirmed my reservation & room requests. :)
  8. I'm so happy to have discovered this site to read about the ins & outs of PL - i've previously been to skeptical to use PL. So after surfing a bit on BB, i've decided to give PL a try for a hotel in NYC and a rental car for Oct 2004. In figuring out a bid price, I just want to ensure that the total price that i get from PL is the total amount i'll have to pay. I know NYC charges a $2.00 pd occupancy tax, which would be bearable, but i don't want to get a hit with an extra 13% tax charge. Same with the rental car - you know how they always add extra charges. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks! :)
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