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  1. I think with the Aquatennial and U2 both being big events this weekend, it's going to be tough to get anything downtown Minneapolis at the last minute. However, I have family members who have won many last minute cheap bids in downtown (like the Friday afternoon before a Saturday stay), so it's not totally out of the question. Are you only considering downtown Minneapolis? You could also try downtown St. Paul. It's a quick highway drive between the two downtowns and Hotwire appears to have a 3.5* available on Saturday. No guarantees on what it is, but if it is the Crowne Plaza, that is nice hotel in a good location.... just an idea.
  2. You may also want to try the Minneapolis West zone. There are a number of nice 3.5* hotels in that area, and that would not be too far from Uptown (it's basically the St. Louis Park area). The issue with Uptown is that there are no hotels in the area, and while Midtown is close in terms of distance, it will take you just as long to drive to Uptown from Midtown, becuase you are going through city streets / stop lights. (Midtown is also not the greatest of Twin Cities areas.) If you stay in either of the Bloomington zones or Minneapolis West, you will have a nice drive on the highway and as a previous poster mentioned, there is not much traffic on the weekends. You could also try downtown Minneapolis, but if you are coming with a big van, you may have trouble navigating the ramps (street parking is only free on Sat & Sun).
  3. Started bidding at $70 and went up in $5 increments with free re-bid zones until bid was accepted at $85. Came out to be about $105 after taxes. I had originally tried extending the stay I won for the Hyatt Regency for 7/15, but Priceline wouldn't let me. The hotels weren't too far apart, so not that big of a deal overall. We really liked the Hilton --- not super modern --- but the lobby and location were fantastic. I would definitely not be afraid to stay here agin.
  4. Started bidding at $70 and went up in $5 increments with the free re-bid zones. Was accepted at $85 (came to around $105 with tax) for one night (7/15/11) at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. Won the bid about a week before our stay. By the way, we loved this hotel! It was very nicely updated and in a great location. I would love to stay here again!
  5. Unfortunately, my trip to Milwaukee got cancelled, so I did not end up booking any hotel for this night. Thanks for the help anyways.
  6. I've updated my Orlando thread. If you have any ideas of what this Milwaukee property might be, your help is appreciated.
  7. I ended up not booking this hotel, but thanks for all the help trying to ID it!
  8. I found this property on Hotwire, when searching for 2 adults / 2 children for 7/3-7/4: Milwaukee hotel (Brookfield and Waukesha area) Amenities: Airport Shuttle Complimentary Breakfast Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) High-speed Internet Access Golf Nearby $54/night It looks like it could possibly be the Country Inn & Suites, but the amenities don't line up exactly with what others have seen. Any suggestions on what it might be?? Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. Any help IDing this property would be greatly appreciated. It looks like a good deal, but would be more confident knowing what hotels it might be. Orlando, Lake Buena Vista - Downtown Disney 3 stars 2 adults dates: March 16-18, 2009 Amenities: Resort, 1-bedrm suite, kitchen, free parking, fitness center, pool, business center, 24-hour front desk, laundry, tennis, condo Any ideas? Thank you!!!
  10. Any help IDing the following hotel would be greatly appreciated: 3-star hotel in the Disney Main Gate - Celebration Area dates: March 16-18 2 adults $29/night amenities: smoke free rooms fitness center pool restaurant business center laundry facilities high-speed internet access golf nearby childrens activites Any ideas? ???
  11. First bid of $60 was accepted for a 2.5* in Plymouth, MA.... maybe I should have bid lower. Ended up with Plymouth Garden Inn.
  12. 3* Newport Marriott, Newport, RI $64 for Friday 8/29-8/30/08 1st bid of $50 for 3* Newport/Goat Island was rejected, eligible for rebid with $14 more. 2nd bid of $64 for 3* Newport/Goat Island accepted = $80 with taxes
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