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  1. Just wanted to finish off this old thread by saying we ended up staying that night with an old friend who had recently moved into the area right near where the wedding was held. We did use the site links to Priceline for our stay in NJ for the other nights of that trip... as reported in another thread. Thanks Thereuare for your continued help and this valuable site.
  2. oops, forgot the price... $62; and the class is actually 2.5*. I'm thinking it is the Comfort Inn Brooklyn (recently converted to a Holiday Inn Express?). anyone???
  3. Looking to stay in Brooklyn for friend's wedding one night... Feb. 15. Hotwire shows a 2* with 3.5 rating on TA (last in Dec). Amenities are free breakfast and wireless in rooms. Any ideas what this is? Would I do better with Priceline? thanks...
  4. Enjoyed our stay here with the kids in late December so much, that we decided to go back for our anniversary sans-kids. I tried bidding at a lower price ($41), but got the message of a re-bid for $13 more. Used the strategy advice of adding in another zone, to make sure I got it for my previous price at least. Possibly could have gotten it for a few bucks lower if I was more patient. But $51 is still sweet for this really wonderful place with clean rooms, charming decor, a pool, hot tub, free breakfast, free parking and decent access to NYC. Now, I just hope I can get some similarly great deals on Broadway tix, etc. Thanks for the advice on this forum and yes, I did use the link here once again for Priceline.
  5. I have 2 teenage daughters... so being close to the Jersey mall will be an advantage (at least for them). Thanks again.
  6. Not too far out... Cedarhurst. Again, breakfast and/or pool would be a bonus... but 2 beds is essential.
  7. 2 adults and 2 kids need to stay near Long Island on Dec. 23. I'm thinking that a JFK hotel is best bet. Would prefer breakfast and pool, but a clean and decent size room with 2 large beds is more important. We will be driving in - not flying. I see Hotwire offers up a 2.5* for $69, but it has a dismal 1.5 tripadvisor rating. A 2* for $79 gets a 3.5 rating and includes breakfast (I'm thinking it is Days Inn as mentioned elsewhere). Should I try my luck with Priceline instead as I see it has been won for $61 recently. Or is there another option I'm missing? I'm nervous because it seems a lot of the hotels in this area are real dumps despite their 3* ratings. Thanks for this great site... I just booked the previous night in NWK via your link to PRICELINE.
  8. Based on the experiences of this board, I bid for a 2.5* for Dec. 22 hoping for the Country Inn & Suites. I opened with $51 and it was accepted. Used the PRICELINE link here too. Now I just hope I get 2 beds since we're going with the kids.
  9. I was thinking of that option, but we are a family of 4 and we really want a pool. My understanding is that we risk getting only one bed and can't assure amenities such as a pool. However, if you have a strategy for bidding on PRICELINE, I'm certainly open to suggestions.
  10. I went through the link to HOTWIRE and the whole booking process, but I got an error message that they are having problems with the service provider. So I called Hotwire directly and tried again, but they came up with the same problem. So now I don't have a booking and the only other offering in Binghamton is over $100 with no breakfast. This is my first time trying to use HOTWIRE :) I guess I will have to just wait and try again later.
  11. OK, thanks for the tip as I want to support this very useful website!
  12. Anybody have an idea what hotel this is? Only amenities are free breakfast and pool. But that is all we want anyways. Just hope it is clean and smoke-free.
  13. Well if it is the La Quinta, then I'm not taking a chance on HOTWIRE. The price is only $10 cheaper than the regular AAA rate. Darn, I wish I had grabbed the 3.5* in Fairlawn when it was offered. Thanks all for your help.
  14. Sorry Hammer... I'm new at this. Listed 7 amenities (not in order): Airport shuttle, pool, breakfast, business center, laundry, hi speed internet, and restaurant. Does that help? We will be driving into NY for one day, so don't require transit access, only free parking at hotel. Our must haves are: clean, sleeping for 4, good pool, free breakfast and great price. (Also need to be not too far -- less than 30 min. drive -- from Passaic.) thanks
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