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  1. Part of the hotel is only 3 floors high, nearest the entrance, but most of it is 9 floors. This is probably one of the most underrated Hyatts on the East Coast. In fact, I think it is the only one nearest the Atlantic Ocean except for Boston or Newport Hyatts. You can sit at the windwo and watch the jelly fish swimming below from the room. Also, got to experience 2 big cruise ships go by which made for a great picture with the lower Manhattan skyline in the back. I passed by Baja Rest. but didn't seem very impressed. The special is probably good for sharing as a group, but $11 for tacos seems high. I would recommend Oddefellows next door. $2 drafts on game day and New Orleans food if you are hungry. However, I wanted to point out Fat Burger, California's White Castle basically. Their first NY metro location is only 3 blocks from the Hyatt. It was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon this Californian icon, which recently opened here. Greasy burgers and thick milk shakes were a welcome treat. :)
  2. Well, wanted to nab the $37 special everyone keeps raving about but still elated to get it for $40. Nice hotel and great to see other fellow travelers from this board there this weekend as well. Do I see a betterbidding breakfast get together or brunch on 9/12?
  3. Actually, the bus location is convenient but the schedule is not. I was out there this past weekend and noticed that it only runs once an hour. It is bus 129 from Port Authority and leaves on Meadlowlands Pkwy., about 1-2 blocks from the hotel. Fare is $2.10 and driver makes change. Runs more frequently weekdays. The hotel claims to offer a free shuttle service up to 3 miles but when I requested Weehawken ferry pick up, then Union City Post Office, then North Bergen Park and Ride, all locations were considered too far which they are not. The hotel is only 4 miles from Manhattan and anything above the 3rd floor will get you a view of the Empire State building and a few other tops of midtown buildings. And after 6 phone calls and 2 voicemail messages to housekeeping and front desk just to get a toothbrush, I can't imagine how the hotel would handle something more complicated like shuttle drop off/pick up! Best part about the room is the comfortable bed and comforter, everything else is just blah. Sheraton I am told is nice out there in Meadowlands but for easy access to NYC, Crowne Plaza is good. Also very good for shopping as you are in Harmon Cove outlet malls and there is no sales tax on clothing in New Jersey! Alas, it was not my highly coveted and extremely elusive $37 JC Hyatt. :)
  4. Just "won" tonight on Priceline. Was trying so hard for Jersey City Hyatt and ended up here. Hate how Pricelne forces you add an additional area instead of just a higher price bid. :) Anyways, going to try and make the best of this stay. Seems to be a customer favorite on Hotwire. Priceline bid 8/14-15 $55
  5. Since I got an entire week for a successful bid, thought I would post. Was hoping when I won it would be the highly coveted and advertised Jersey City Hyatt on this board. Unfortunately I got the Newark Airport Marriott, which actually was nice, albeit a little far to go to Manhattan everyday. I arrived on Sunday night and stayed 5 nights until Friday. Now that I am in the process of moving to New York this month, I began to do the math. With taxes and fees, I was running about $60/night. On a monthly basis, this would run $1800 a month which is not bad for housing considering all utilities paid, phone and cable, daily maid service, coffee and toiletries, and a fitness center with indoor/outdoor pool. And all of this was with no pesky credit checks or big lump sum deposits, which you need to have both for apartment rentals in the city. Compared to renting in New York, this would be a great deal if I could do it for the entire month. But alas, the week has ended and after learning everyone
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