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  1. We booked through Priceline a room for 2 night (08/30/08, 08/31/08) for $70+taxes. We were so excited looking at the hotel website, thinking to have got a great deal. Instead, I guess they do have "Priceline rooms", or at least I hope that the room we got was not the average of the hotel. The room was small, close to the elevator (which is still fine), the carpet is disgusting (I almost didn't want to walk with bare feet on it), really really old, I felt like I was staying in a motel. Even the creamer for the coffee was expired. The guy a the front desk was really rude after he saw we were priceline guests. The good points were the man at the concierge (really helpful, he reserved a restaurant for us and gave us maps, etc.), the lobby of course and the area which is safe overall. I will never go back, neither with priceline nor without. Would definitively not recommend. I didn't try to ask for a different room at the front desk, because the guy had been so rude at chek-in that I thought it would be useless. He acted like he had not time to lose with a priceline guest, he even did not accept my starwood preferred guest card. Not to talk about the $42 parking, which all of us know about. I had read in several postings that there are other options but actually the closest parkings were $30 or $37 a day, but with no in and out option. We have been lucky we could park one block after the hotel for $9.90 because of the weekend (again though, no in and out, but $20 is better than $42). Thanks to everyone
  2. Ok after reading several posts in this forum I understood that the best deals for 4* in Beverly Hills was about $113-$115, which was too high for my budget. So I decided to go for a 4* in Downtown LA (instead of a 3* in Beverly Hills), and after reading some posts I understood that the average winning bid for the Hyatt Century Plaza was about $95 and for the Westin Bonaventure was $75, so I decided to go for the latter and bid $70 and it was accepted! Thanks to everyone in this forum and thank you thereuare :) Of course used the PRICELINE link provided in this thread. Congratulations, your price of $70 was accepted by Westin Bonaventure Hotel. 2 rooms 2 nights Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $70.00 Travel Insurance: $20.00 Subtotal: $280.00 Taxes and Services Fees: $50.16 Total Charges*: $330.16
  3. OK I tried exactly what you suggested (using the betterbidding PRICELINE link) and got rejected all 5 times :) Do you think there is any chance that tomorrow things will change (i.e. shall I try again tomorrow the exact same thing) or shall I increase the limit/lower the stars? Thanks a lot for your help!
  4. If you think $89 is too low then I would be willing to spend $99 for a 4*. Otherwise (if $99 is still too low for that area), I would like to find a 3* for $74. Thanks for your help and I will make sure I use the links.
  5. Hi, can anyone suggest a good strategy to get a 4* hotel in Beverly Hills - West Hollywood for $89? Is that too low? I need 2 rooms for 2 nights, 08-31 to 09-01. Thanks!
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