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  1. My guess was right: It's the Traders Hotel Orchard. I went with HOTWIRE - using the helpful link on this board - and got the Traders Hotel Singapore for $ 112/night, total $ 1669 all inclusive. A huge saving compared to direct booking ($ 2389). I'm very happy with this deal and pretty confident, that PRICELINE would have not worked that well for my needs. Moderator: please update the thread title and move it to the appropriate forum. Thanks for everything, always a pleasure using this helpful site!
  2. This looks very reasonable. Any guess which hotel this might be? Traders hotel?
  3. For the 5*, all zones are acceptable, for the 4* I'm looking to stay in Orchard (choice #1), City Hall (#2), Bugis (#3) and Financial (#4). If nothing will open up, I'm willing to add Riverside as well. Thanks for your help!
  4. I'm switching between two separate requests: for the 5* I'm bidding Bugis (as according to PL has the lowest median price) using all eight free re-bid zones before adding Orchard and City Hall. For the 4* it's a bit different because I want to avoid Airport, Novena and East Coast. So far I also excluded Riverside as I'm quite sure I'd get the Holiday Inn Atrium which is a good hotel (stayed there before) but not so conveniently located. I usually start with Bugis, then adding the three free re-bid zones before hitting on Orchard, City Hall, Financial.
  5. I'm bidding for three days now, now luck so far. Well, the bid isn't easy: I'm looking for three rooms (family of six), so PRICELINE isn't that easy. I started with my bidding for the 5* with $ 80 up to $ 120 with no luck, same for my 4*-bid. In HOTWIRE I see several options: 4* $ 125/night with amenities free WiFi and free parking (no idea which hotel that could be), a 4.5* for $ 141/night (free WiFi, free parking, smoke-free, pool, restaurant, fitness, internet; tripadvisor 4.5 out of 5) both on Orchard, and a 4* $ 112/night in Chinatown/Financial District with free parking, free internet, indoor pool, fitness, restaurant (could be Holiday Inn Atrium). Our budget is about $ 100/night and room, but given the fact it's Christmas, we might need to adapt. If anyone has some tips for a good deal, let me know. Otherwise, I keep trying my bidding-strategy with PRICELINE and keep have a look at the prices at HOTWIRE. And of course, I'm always using the links here…
  6. Hotwire showed the following amenites: Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-Speed Internet Access Golf Nearby Pretty happy with the deal, big savings vs. a booking directly at Sheraton. The hotel runs a free shuttle to Secaucus Junction from where it's only 15' by train to Penn Station.
  7. In the end we opted to stay on the Jersey side where we got the Sheraton Meadowlands through Hotwire for $ 76+. We booked 2 rooms 4/26 - 4/29 using the HOTWIRE link on this site.
  8. A bit of a longer bidding history for this property in Niagara Falls: started with $48, got rejected with a + $ 15 counter offer, increased $ 1 daily with adding re-bid zones until finally accepted with $ 55 for one night and two rooms. Pretty happy with the result, a $ 40 savings compared to HI.com; but no free breakfast :) I've stayed at this property before, the location is great and service was very good, so all in all, happy with what I've got. Of course, I used the PRICELINE link here.
  9. My parents thought, the price was just too good for only one night, so I added one more night for the same price :) ! Mods: maybe you could update the thread title with the new dates 4/23 - 4/25, cheers.
  10. Initial bid started with $ 52 in the selected Millenium Park zone. I declined a counter offer of $ 67 and bid $ 54 adding Franklin Park re-bid zone. Bid was accepted! Compared to the hotel site ($ 134++), a huge discount, practically the 2nd room for free! Of course, I used the Priceline link on this site.
  11. Another option for the same search is a 2* in Central Park with these amenities: - breakfast - gym - business That could be a pretty good deal, wondering, which hotel that might be? Any thoughts? Thanks again!
  12. Hi there, was looking for a NYC hotel 4/23-4/29 (2 rooms, 4 guests). Got the mentioned 2.5* in SoHo for $ 157 with these amenities: - breakfast - gym - business - internet What could that be? Any help much appreciated, thanks!
  13. Well, the hotel is NOT an airport hotel! It's about 15-20 minutes from the airport in normal traffic, so a bit disappointed by the location. But the deal was OK, the place is pretty new, the king room with sofabed was really good. Breakfast is a bit limited, though
  14. Another good hotel, a bit outside the city but close to the airport. $ 82.38 after taxes, so quite OK. Amenities are: - free breakfast - pool - laundry - smoke free - gym - WiFi There's also a free shuttle to the airport (not listed in the amenities).
  15. Another past win, a good deal at the Grand Canyon, $ 69.92 after taxes. The Holiday Inn Express was very nice, we received a club room because at the check-in I was told, that the rate won't accrue Priority Club Points
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