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  1. After a long delay I discovered that "Roll In Shower" was listed under the category of "Accessibility" not "Amenities."
  2. My first bid was accepted. The only amenity listed was a pool so I did not expect or need much for this one night stay. At first this might seem like a great bargain but I was misled. In addition to the taxes and fees I was disappointed and surprised to discover after the fact that this was a resort and included a $17.95 resort fee. So my total eneded up being $73.41 which is admittedly well below the Wyndham asking price but well above what I expected my final total to be. It seems to be wrong that Priceline does not indicate that the place you are bidding on is a resort - at least then I would have known to be wary because of resort fees. I did use the Priceline link and as always I appreciate your website.
  3. I went to my trip page and other than the accessibility list (roll-in shower, parking, visually impaired, Hearing impaired and path of travel) I did not see anything more.
  4. Amenities listed include: Free Parking, Free Breakfast, Pet Friendly, Smoke Free, Fitness Center, Pool, Restaurant, Business Center, Self service Laundry. I think this may be a new listing for you. I used your Hotwire link for this property.
  5. The hotel was technically listed under Carlisle East. Since this was a 2.5 * at $40 + the 5% spring 14 code discount I did not think I would do much better than the Express deal. Prior to bidding the amenities listed were: Free breakfast, free internet, indoor/outdoor pool, parking, business center, fitness center. The display ad also indicated "save 30% or more." Hope this helps with identification. I used the Priceline link. Thanks.
  6. Sorry for the very slow reply. It has been a while since I logged in. Here is the full list: Free Parking Free Breakfast Free Internet Pet friendly Indoor pool(s) Fitness Center Pool(s) Business Center Internet access Accessible for the blind Accessible for the deaf Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking
  7. Looks like a good deal. Priceline was not able to come close on this particular deal. Amenities Amenities Free Breakfast Free Parking Free Internet Pool(s) Pet Friendly Fitness Center Business Center I used the HOTWIRE link. Thanks!
  8. Got the Courtyard on the first bid for $55. As usual I used the PRICELINE link that you provide. Thanks as always.
  9. There were no posts for Bluefield, WV. So this is not a hot spot to stay. I made my first bid @ $50 which was rejected but I received a rebid offer to add $9. Instead, I added Princeton, WV at the same star level and added $3. This bid was accepted. As always I used the PRICELINE link.
  10. I placed my first bid yesterday @$65. The bid was rejected but I was told to add $12 or more to the bid and try again. I declined to do so and waited until today. Today I bid $70. The bid was accepted. While I was expecting to get the Comfort Inn at 3* I am happy with the Ramada. We have stayed here once before. Fairly recent bidding shows that the Ramada was a 2.5* so there must have been a more recent change in its ranking. There is a Seafood festival going on nearby this weekend. As always I used your PRICELINE link. Thanks for your website.
  11. Staying 3 nights. I started at $46 and was rejected with a rebid offer of adding $10. I added a free zone with no 3 star and upped the bid to $49. Looks like it is a unique location. I used the PRICELINE link as always. Thanks again for this tool.
  12. Using your PRICELINE link my first bid of $60 was accepted. Was not sure if a lower bid would be accepted at this time of year would work. Thanks again for your service.
  13. Booked this for our son's college graduation next spring since things fill early. The only amenity listed on Hotwire prior to purchase was "free breakfast." However, the hotel also has an indoor pool. Kind of pricy but it beats the $114 normal price. I used your HOTWIRE link. thanks for the service.
  14. Taking a quick trip to Lancaster in a few days. I tried and failed to get a 3* at $55 and then $65. I tried both Lancaster East and West. I dropped down to a 2.5* and lowered my bid to $53 and got it on the first try. As always I used your PRICELINE link.
  15. Previously I posted regarding obtaining the Hilton Gaslamp South. For our last night we are stayin at the St. James because the good deal for the Hilton was not available. This place is 5 blocks away and looks like a great deal. I used your HOTWIRE link. amenities Airport shuttle Business center Fitness center High Speed Internet Access Restaurant(s)
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