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  1. Hi, I stayed at the La Quinta Inn in Clifton and it was literally a scary place. It may have just been the circumstances because it took me a long while to find and the hotel, and the room that I ended up getting (at close to 3am) was an older unit that had an old campground/run-down motel feeling to it. Besides feeling like something was going to jump out of the next room, and the next morning some people looking slightly sketchy, the breakfast was decent and the area was not all that bad. I think if I had got one of the renovated units it would have been fine, but I wanted to keep away from hotel on this trip. As for the Secaucus location, I've just read some sub-par reviews and I read some great reviews for the Hyatt place, which was being got for the same price or cheaper. But La Quinta's offer free breakfast and free parking, and as I just discovered, from thereuare, they have a bus that goes into NYC, not bad.
  2. I bid several times, $75, $80, $85, for secaucus, changing up my dates in hopes of getting the hyatt place, but no luck. Finally, with a bid of $90 ($85 + $5 bonus dollars), for the 21-23, I won the La Quinta Inn Secaucus. Not entirely disappointed because they have free parking and complimentary breakfast. I also bid $67 in the newark airport area for the 23-25, was hoping to get the marriot, but I got the hilton airport (stayed here before). I was given the option to extend both my check-in and check-out dates by two days.
  3. I'm going to shorten the stay and try to get one of the hotels in that area. I'll book somewhere else for the remainder of the trip. I will use the PRICELINE link to start my bid. Thanks for quick replies and advice.
  4. Are there any free re-bid zones for a 2 and 1/2 star hotel for Secaucus?
  5. I heard some bad reviews of the Sheraton Meadowlands, kind of wanted to avoid that location. Any other NYC/NJ surburban locations that you recommend with free/cheap parking?
  6. Thanks for the reply, I will be in NYC from July 21 to 26. I need to park, and as cheap as possible, would prefer a complimentary breakfast. Am thinking of splitting up the time i'm there to $100 a night on two of the nights and 70-80 a night on the remainder.
  7. I am looking for bidding advice to get the Hyatt in Secaucus, NJ during the week of July 21st using Priceline. The recent posts for this property range from 55 to 69 through Priceline - i've already bid up to $70. I do not want to get the La Quinta Inn in Secaucus and absolutely do not want the La Quinta Inn in Clifton Hills.
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