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  1. Tried $50.00 4* same zone and got rejected. Dropped it to 3* no zone change for $40.00 and got accepted. I used the links above to go to PRICELINE :)
  2. Yes thanks both of you I didn't even think about that. So I should be doing...Like 100-125 with 5 rebid zones everyday on a 3*. Awesome idea, thank you! I will do so starting today using your PRICELINE links :)
  3. 125 at 3* failed, I think were going to stick with the 8th ave inn, thank you for the help.
  4. Just made the reservation for 8th ave using the Quikbook link provided, thanks. Will update today will my next bid.
  5. I don't think we want to split the bid. Thanks for the Eighth Ave Inn option, I will probably book that now, as a back up plan... I think we are going to go up to 3* today and start using the ... um... I can't remember what you call it, where you use zones with no 3 star hotels. My mom got the Sharatin for 100 dollars on the 24th. We are going to be there 3 nights however. I will discuss with my gf splitting my bid.
  6. $85.00 for 2* failed. Used PRICELINE links. Says median price on 2* is now 199 dollars, the price has gone up.
  7. $75.00 for 2* Failed. Used PRICELINE links on this site to bid.
  8. Tried starting today at $55 Dollars and failed. Will try again tomorrow.
  9. I will be staying July 22nd-July 25th and we will accept 2* hotels. So you are saying that even though 3 hotels when I do my original search that are above 105th street, and say in the linkable description "Downtown Seattle" for a 2 star hotel that these hotels will not be used when I use name my own price because the map is different? The prime example I am using is Hotel Nexus. When you originally search for hotels and look at 2 stars and look at the map you will see Hotel Nexus is way up north. I beileve it is on 105th street. Recent attempts that failed. 3* downtown Seattle at 90, 93, 96 and 99 for July 22nd-July 25th, using free zones. I would like to attempt 2* at 50 and go up from there, but am afraid of getting hotels in wrong area. I will try again starting today with 2*. Any other tips, thank you. I will of course use your links, saving me 50 bucks a night would help me a lot!
  10. First of all I am shocked you people are getting 4*'s for 90 bucks I just got denied 90 dollars for 3*'s downtown for the day after some of you got the Sheraton. Anyway, when I look at the Hotels for the 2* for "downtown Seattle" I get 3 hotels (Nexus and a couple of others) that are above 105th street. About 9 miles away from Downtown Seattle, and in my opinion and according to Pricelines own maps, not in Downtown Seattle. Is there anything I can do about this or can I just not bid on 2* hotels? I am not renting a car so 9 miles is not an option at all.
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