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  1. The hotel is worn but it was fine for $50! We just needed a place to sleep for a few hours before our flight and this worked fine. I expected horrid after reading all the reviews. The place isn't worth $135 a night but I was fine with paying $50 for it. The location is great for the airport, the lobby was very nice. We didn't use the bar, pool or restaurant so I cannot comment on those. The elevator is small and slow. The hallways were fine, we were on the 2nd floor. The room is clean but could use new carpet. The AC was loud but the room was so cool already we just turned it off for the night so it didn't bother. I would do that again, crank it up to really chill it down and then turn it off. The bathroom was fine, I appreciated the Body Works lotion, soap, and shampoo. It smelled really good and was a nice plus. The beds were fine with us and there wasn't really anything to complain about with the room. We would stay here again for $50!
  2. I was bidding for Wednesday August 26th for 1 night. Thanks!
  3. I was bidding on a 2 1/2* for DTW in Michigan for $50. I ended up winning the 3* (I use the term loosely) The Metropolitan Hotel at DTW airport near Detroit. The reveiws are bad at best on Pricelines own website. I was trying to avoid it by bidding on the 2 1/2* star level but I must have screwed up by submitting the extra area that only had 2*s. "Stairwells were filthy with litter; wallpaper was peeling off in corridors; elevator was old. Gross, overall. If this is what a 3-1/2 star hotel, I'd rather sleep in the car! Very disappointed." "The hotel smelled musty and smoky. The staffs were dressed pretty casually and were not very professional. It took three calls to get a light bulb changed. The pool's chlorine level was so strong, that your eyes burned after only a lap. The work out areas equipment was not wiped down. When I turned on the tap water in my room, it smelled moldy. The carpeting in my room has never been cleaned and the walls and wood work were yellow and dingy." So if this place is that bad am I stuck there? Has anyone had any help from Priceline when the hotel is disgusting? Can I call them after we arrive if it is that gross and what else can I do. I guess I really screwed up here and at worst we dont stay there and am out the $64 total. Thanks for any help! I assumed their properties would be up to par and not reviewed like this.
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