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  1. started at $75, bid 80 then 85 and won at $90.
  2. First bid failed at $70... added another zone, bid $85 and got it. I was a bit surprised since it is a long weekend. Should've tried smaller steps. I was also not expecting the Hilton and didn't realize that it had been bumped up to a 4*
  3. Failed 4* bid up to $70 Failed 3* bid at $45, Successful on 2nd bid of $50
  4. Failed at 12, 13, 15, 16, countered each time with 18 Just accepted it at 18 Daily price: $18 Total Rental Days: 15 Subtotal: $270 Taxes and Fee: $57.45 Total: $327.45 Hotwire wanted 33/day AVIS with discount code came up at 400...
  5. Tried 4* up to $90 without luck in Hollywood and West Hollywood.. Tried 3* up to $80 without luck in those 2 areas... Tried 2.5* up to 50 without luck in the 2 areas.. Are the other areas convenient for tourists ? ie. DT ? or others ? Any other suggestions ?
  6. Bid up to $31 for 4* for Reno South and failed Bid up to $35 for 3* for Reno downtown and failed Bid up to $30 for 3* and accepted at Hilton in Reno South Airport
  7. I was looking for a 3* in the USE/USW region, started at 40 and bid up to 60 without luck. I changed to 4*, started at 70 in USE, no luck, bid USW at $75 and landed the Hilton.
  8. Well, if I have to manually check out and check in, it's not a big problem... just thought it would less hassle of we combined the multiple reservations. Actually, the upside to checking out and checking back in, is with Hyatt, they have the faster free nights promotion, I wonder if each reservation would count as a stay.. so essentially, my 4 nights (3 reservations) counts as 3 stays... :)
  9. I called Hyatt GP reservations desk, and told them I had multiple confirmations for my consecutive stay. The lady pulled up my first conf # and told me that since it's a PL reservation she couldn't do anything with it and that I need to tell the people during check in that I have multiple stays... Comments ? Is she correct that I don't have any options until I check in ?
  10. typically how long does it take Hotwire to issue the credit ? The formally state 10 days, but I realized that they charged me yesterday the full rate of the room, and I haven't seen the credit yet...
  11. Hotwire DD was succesful. I received $93.60US in refund to cover the difference. That means the night of the 7/8 will cost ~$110. I am already a GP member, thanks for the tip, I'll call them to consolidate. Hopefully we'll get rooms with views of Manhatten. I used the savingslink to bid.
  12. I just booked a room for 3.5* in Jersey City. As expected, it was the Hyatt Regency. Hotwire had it for $204 that night, whereas Hyatt.com had $157 listed. I have submitted a DD request, and waiting for a response. Hopefully they'll refund me $94.
  13. Before I go off and do this, it seems like all the information I have tells me that the 3.5* in Jersey City - Hoboken in Hotwire is the Hyatt (there doesn't seem to be any other hotels, and the amenities seem to match up compared to their vacation packages). Also, has any had bad experience with having a split stay booked through both PL and Hotwire ? (as in this case if I'm successful) ? Thanks!
  14. I started a thread in the priceline category... I currently have reservations for 7/7, 7/9-10, however I can't seem to get a room for 7/8 on priceline. I noticed that hotwire advertises a 3.5* rate in the jersey city area for $204. I read that this is most likely the Hyatt Regency. Hyatt's web page shows a price of only $157/night for the same day. According to Hotwire, they have a double difference guarantee... how can I best use this to my advantage in this situation ? As far as I can tell, I should be able to book thru Hotwire, then req. a DD guarantee, and Hotwire should credit my CC 204-157=47x2=94, so then my room would only cost 110/night which wouldn't be too bad. Is it this easy ? What's the likelyhood that Hotwire will deny my DD guarantee request ? 7/8 is next Wed. and I haven't had any luck with PL so this seems like the cheapest option so far... Help appreciated!
  15. Due to a bidding mistake, I got this property. This is actually located in Thorold, about 10-15min from Niagara Falls. This is Four points suite by Sheraton, all suites, hotel had good reviews, recently renovated. I bid up to $60US but rejected. Tried 80 and accepted.
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