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  1. Tried 4* $95 in Finsbury and Islington, bid rejected. Added Bloomsbury, tried 4* $97, bid rejected. Added Kensington, tried 4* $100, bid accepted. I didn't have a lot of time to research, I should have had Kensington first, it seems like the Copthrone is not an expensive hotel..probably could have had it for around $90! But it's still better than nothing though.
  2. Thanks very much for the help! My bid was finally accepted when I reached the downtow+copley+R1 at $80 I got the Mariotte Copley Place. Thanks!
  3. Hi there, I tried the above strategy (rebid zones: Medford and South Boston) All bids rejected. Any other suggestions?
  4. Thanks! I'll make sure I ask them to give me a new room if this happens again. But aside from that, I agree this is a nice hotel. The location is great (3 minutes walk to the House of Jazz!) I'll write a review when I return. Thanks!
  5. First I tried $43 (for 3*) and failed. Three days later I tried $50 on 4* and rejected, then $48 on 3* and excepted. I just hope I won't get the same crappy service as last time :) The last time I went to delta (also bid through priceline) was back in July. They gave us a room on the 2nd floor (and right next to the elevator) not only was it noisy, but the worst thing was that it was one of thoes "closet pull-out beds" I wasn't very impressed.. but I couldn't do anything about it. :)
  6. I'm looking for a 3 or 4* hotel in Boston (downtown or Copley) for January 3 and January 4 (2 nights) I am willing to bid up to $90 because Expedia.ca has a special deal on the Boston Park Plaza (3.5 star, about 100 plus tax and services) I think there are two safe re-bid zones in Boston if I go with 4 star.. any strategy suggestions? Thanks!!
  7. thanks.. Well, there is no alternate plan actually. We are tight financially so our decision is based on hotel.. so if we can't find something for less than 100, we might just cancel the trip and postpone it till Xmas. Thanks anyway. I'll let you know when I try bidding.
  8. ok.. last Christmas, I was able to get Hyatt Regency (Jersey City) for $37... :) and I'm going to NYC again possibly next weekend (Oct 7 - 10) I haven't seen many Hyatt Jersey City bids accepted recently, so I was wondering if anyone has any idea how much Hyatt runs at these days (I think that 37 was probably just a promotional price because the hotel was fairly new) I am willing to go up to $100 per night. Thanks!
  9. First attemp was $29 for 2.5 stars (as seen on previous post, for the Holiday Inn) bid was not accepted.. and then tried $30 for 2 stars, bid was accepted for 2 rooms. For Sun & Mon nights, I've booked the Cass hotel in downtown Chicago. So for Saturday, we'll just go to the outlet in Aurora and check out Woodfield mall nearby Schaumburg.
  10. Thanks guys! Actually, here's what I did over the weekend.. I booked the Cass hotel for Sunday night and Mon. night (since we have 5 people, I decided to just get two rooms rather than trying to fit all 5 in one) the location of the hotel is great, just a 3 blocks from Magnificant Miles. The rooms are $69 for a double and $89 for a quad. As for Sat night, we plan to look in the suburbs..right now I am thinking of staying at Schaumburg because it's close to the Woodfield mall. But I'll also keep Evanston in mind. The La Quinta at Schaumburg is only about $58 per night.
  11. Urr.. I knew it was going to be hard because it is the long-weekend in Canada..!! But there's also the big event..! I've e-mailed a couple universities in Chicago inquiring about their guest housing. If I get some info I will post them on here too. Thanks a lot!
  12. Hi guys.. I'm going to Chicago with 4 other friends on May 20th, staying for 4 nights. Now.. I am not a stranger to priceline..so I know priceline only guarantees a room for 2. So here are my questions, is it possible to get a 2-3* hotel in Chicago for roughly $50? (in that case, I would just bid for 2 rooms) Or, has anyone ever tried to stay in any Chicago hotel (which they have from priceline) with 4 people? (well, in my case, there will be 5) Actually, I think I prefer getting 2 rooms.. but we have a budget to work with, so if I can get a room for cheap (under 60) that would be the most ideal! Thanks!!
  13. Thanks for the reply. Luckily, Nouvel Orleans does have air conditioning!! :) So I guess if 3* hotels are not worth bidding for (quality probably varies too much) then $80 for 4* might be too little I guess? I am willing to go up to say around 95 but I don't think I want to pay over 100 for a 4*. If it's unlikely I will get my bid accepted, then I think I am probably better off going with Nouvel Orleans.
  14. Hi there, I am going to Paris on Aug 19 (will arrive on Aug 20) and staying for 5 nights. I found a special on Best Western for the Nouvel Orleans (in the Montparnasse district) for 68 euros a night, so thats about $88 per night (and then plus tax and service fees) Nouvel Orleans is 3 stars.. so basically, I would like to either get a 3* (in a similar district or even a closer one to the central) under 88, or get a 4* for around the same price. I don't know if this is likely, because so far the bids I've seen for 4* are all around 100+. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)
  15. Thanks for the help. My friend decided to cut the trip one day shorter, and I told her to try priceline again for $55 (dec 25-28) but she was still rejected. She ended up booking the trip on Hotwire, for $63 per night. Hyatt is really inconsistent with its pricing. I wonder if it has something to do with priceline (i.e. they don't always check all the hotels when you bid? or if Hyatt is just inconsistent with its pricing? Because I just read in another post that the person was able to get the hotel for $37 after many tries)
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