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  1. day after day no succes on PRICELINE, so I take the HOTWIRE deal. i'm happy with it. $79,= (102, 73 incl. tax) Trump Marina Casino & Hotel casino, fitness, pool, restaurant, buisness, internet, golf, tennis, spa (direct after get this deal the hotwire site shows $ 85,= for the same deal :) ) I use the HOTWIRE link
  2. Welcome, Atlantic City in a weekend is expensive. Do you want a hotel in Downtown? Hotwire: 3.5 * $153 and 2* $129. But this amount changes everyday (yesterday it was $ 10 less, i'm also looking for a hotel in Atlantic city) When you use the " quick search: enter city"-button (top of this board) or Priceline and Hotwire Calendar of Wins you can see the deals of other members. Read also the information on this board so you know the system of " free rebids" on Priceline Wish you good luck (sorry for my bad English) Ruby Tuesday
  3. Happy with this deal :) Courtyard By Marriott Boston Downtown/Tremont $65 for 1 night. 2 nights = $ 130 + $ 25,14 Tax = $ 155,14 (the website of Courtyard: $ 402,57) The bid history Yesterday and today the same : 3,5 * $ 69,= Theater district (no) 3,5 * $ 70,= Theater + Quincy (we're still waiting on your request ==> no) 3,5* $ 72,= Theater + Fenway park (no) 3,5* $ 74,= theater + Fenway park + Quincy (no) 3 * $ 65,= Theater (accepted) I used the PRICELINE link Thanks to all who write down their winning bids on this board. It was helping me to get this deal.
  4. 1st bid accepted : $ 54.00 p.n. :) I used the PRICELINE link
  5. $130 was succesful First bid $124 for vancouver second bid $130 for vancouver + north vancouver Hyatt Regency Vancouver Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: US$130.00 Subtotal: US$260.00 Taxes & Service Fees: US$51.86 Total Charges: US$311.86
  6. At this moment I will try til $ 130,= If I don't win in two or three days I 'll bid higher. I thougth that is was realistic: gr8aunt get the Hyatt for $ 125 (22 july) and xuster paid $ 120 (early july) . I thought that the offer to add $22 was a good sign Do you really think it is to low? Why do you think that? Ruby
  7. We are looking for a hotel in Downtown Vancouver. july 29- july 31 I think it should be possible to get a 4* for $ 124-128. (it is my opinion when i read the other bids on Betterbidding). I do not want to split the two days. The last three days I try to bid and I always get "counter offer to add $22" The first day I start at 118, yesterday and today I start with 124 and go to 128 When i do not win a hotel i choose the option to go for more * ore a bigger zone and try Vancouver and North Vancouver. I can do another bid of $ 128 till today I am not succesfull. Any other suggestions? Or continuing the same way?
  8. Last week I bid for Banff 3 days (and using the PRICELINE link :) ) . I was looking for a room 8/6 -8/8 (a few days before you). But without luck. I go up to $ 120,= and i also tried 2 and 1* (there is not a 1* so it is a free bid). It will be hard to find something for that amount, when you don't want go much higher as $80,= Now i found an other deal on a hotel search site. I wish you luck and a have a nice trip to Banff Ruby Tuesday
  9. Till yesterday: no luck til $130. When I read the board this morning, i wouldn't believe that the accept my bid anytime But it is a lucky day for me ! :) :) :o The Westin 4**** for $ 124,= offcourse i used the PRICELINE link from the post from thereuare Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $124.00 Subtotal: $248.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $46.07 Total Charges*: $294.07 Colfax: Thank you very much for all the support. It is becouse of you that i didn't give up and that i have this great deal.
  10. Sorry that i didn't reply earlier, i was a few days off-line. Since two days online and bidding. No, not a hotel yet (at home i have wirte down the bids i'll write them down her, but now i'm at the office,...) I don't like to switch between hotels, because we are only 2 days in seattle. thank you for ask attention for the bid of gr8aunt . Wow the same days, it gives hope. i'll try and let you know.
  11. thanks for your words, that it is to early for panic :o and don's say sorry for the questions. I had to say sorry, everyday you spent a lot of time to my bid :) I bid just for the last 4 holidays to the USA, and always my bid is accepted very fast for a good price. This time i thought is was easy because i had a good advice of you. And you have right, there is a little bit panic, and than i lost the strategy and common sense. i'm afraid that there is no bed on the 20th of July. Yesterday we bid $ 75 for 2* (i thougth that it was that amount, i don't write it down anymore :) ). The day before yesterday i bid for the 2,5* and 3 * $ 85 and the max we bid in 4* is $ 120,- so it is not the max. amount. I did'n use all the rebids,..(i bid twice) you see that there isnot any strategy anymore, and it will be necassary that i make up my mind for a new plan, write down my bids, use the rebids,..... Because the price on hotwire for the 4* go up, i think it will be hard to find a 4* hotel. Prices on the website today/ AAA: 2,5* Best W. Executive Inn: $ 161.40 2,5* Homewood suites $ 269 3* Crown Plaza $ 179 3* Red Lion $ 148 4* Sheraton $ 229 4* Westin $ 229 Tax not included. Ruby Tuesday
  12. Update: Till the day of today i'm not succesful at PRICELINE. HOTWIRE also didn't bring me luck. The price on HOTWIRE was everyday higher. Yesterday $ 159,= en today there isn't a 4* hotel pike place anymore. I wait to long. Now, i'll think about other area's: Bellevue or Lake Union and there is a 2* hotel downtown at PRICELINE for $ 89,=
  13. $39,= + tax = $ 50,24 2 * Hotel: Crossland Seattle Kent (Wa) Laundry facilities Ktichenettes 1 night: 15 August Rates on the website: $ 64, 99 + tax = $ 73,05 I used the HOTWIRE link and i am verry happy with this deal for our last night with laundry: so I can wash te clothes before going home :)
  14. When you really want to stay in the area "Pike Street" use the HOTWIRE link. When you choose the PRICELINE link, there is a real chance that you get a hotel in the space needle area. How many * do you want? When you know that, you can see on this forum which hotel/ area the most of us won. Maybe it is a indication for your chance. But when you bit at priceline you always can get a hotel near to space needle. Ruby Tuesday
  15. thanx for the advice colfax and tilepusher. Now i'm going to work, but this evening i try a new bid :)
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