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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I booked the Grosvenor House Suites with 2 queens and 1 sofa bed for $142/night + tax. 48 hours cancellation. This will be my backup when I cannot get my PRICELINE rooms using links in this forum. The Gaylord Suites is $500 per week or $700 per week for newly renovated suites. According to reviews, these two properties may not have A/C. This will be bad in San Fransico in July...
  2. My budget is around $150 per day. Today, I started multi-zone biding on PRICELINE for 2 rooms between July 7-15. I am searching for Hotwire as a backup. I found out that the transporation union convention (500 rooms) is between July 2-9. I may have trouble getting cheap room for the July 7-8 nights.
  3. Please help ID this 3* hotel at USW with the following: - Boutique Hotel - Fitness Center - Restaurant(s) - Business Center - High-speed Internet Access My 3 kids (12, 16, 18) will be traveling with both of us. But HOTWIRE allows max 4 people in a room. Are the San Francisco hotels allows 5 people in a room? I am also trying to use PRICELINE to book two rooms.
  4. Outstanding... This permutation approach will increase the number of rebids. But one has to restart the biding process for some of the bids because priceline does not allow one to remove B zone from the list after AB bid. Need to restart in order to get AC rebid.
  5. We changed the travel date to Toronto and got 4* Le Meridien King Edward for $100 using PRICELINE link from this forum. 19 June 08 - 22 June 08 (3 nights) Thank you for everyone input on rebid zone. Is there any way to change the title to reflect what got?
  6. I checked on each zone individually and found the following zones do not have 4* hotel. Brampton Don Valley Markham Mississauga Oakville - Burlington Scarborough - Pickering Toronto East Toronto West I started from $90 bid on Toronto downtown zone 4* - rejected Add a few dollars with each zone added. My last bid was $120 and all are rejected.
  7. I read Priceline Re-Bidding Explained earlier today. I understand the concept. But I cannot figure how to determine the highest star rating for each zone because the description is for the old priceline page. Also it does not specifically say to use the "name your price" page. Not until thereuare pointed out to me that I should use the "name your price" page before I finally understand. Someone added the NOTE related to the new priceline "name your price" page at the end of that paragraph. But I was lost at the first half. Please take my comment the wrong way. I love this forum and it provides a good service for all travellers.
  8. thereuare, Thank you for your help. I think I figure this out now. The instruction next page and BACK does not match the current priceline "name your price" page. The "Step 1: Choose where you want to stay" and the "Step 2: Choose the star level for your hotel" are on the same page. When I select one of the zone in "Step 1", the 4* radio button may be greyed out if that zone does not have 4* hotel. Just repeat for each zone individually in "Step 1" to determine the zones that do not have 4* hotel before starting the bid process. This is very powerful... Thanks. I will use this approach later tonight and report my result.
  9. I am confused. According to priceline, Brampton and Markham have 4* hotels. I do not want a hotel outside of Toronto downtown. I cannot find any 4* information in these zones: Don Valley, Scarborough, Toronto East and Toronto West. I found only Mississauga and Oakville does not have 4* hotels.
  10. Thank you for the rebid zone information. In March, I bid on 4* Toronto downtown hotels and got the Sutton Place Hotel. But the Sutton Place Hotel is not listed in the Toronto downtown priceline 4* list. Is there any chance that Priceline put in a 4* hotel in non-4* zone? The following Toronto zones do not have 4* hotels: Barrie - Orillia: Not shown on the biding page Mississauga - Oakville - Burlington and divided into the following sub-zones .. Mississauga .. Oakville - Burlington If I understand rebid zone concept correctly, the following are the steps to follow: 1. I will start with Toronto downtown 4*. 2. If fails, add Mississauga zone and rebid. 3. If fails, add Oakville - Burlington zone and rebid. 4. If fails, wait 24 hours to start over at step 1 again.
  11. The Sutton Place Hotel in downtown Toronto is $160 for room with 1 King Bed, 1 Queen Bed or 1 Double Bed (Plus Sofa Bed). This can be booked online direct from the Sutton Place website as of June 6th morning.
  12. Rejected -Tonight's bid was $88 for 4* Toronto Downtown. June 23 - 25(3 nights) - changed from June 22 - 24
  13. Thank you for your information. We will be in Toronto from June 22nd to June 24th (3 nights). We like to stay at downtown Toronto as we are not planning to get a car. 3* hotels at HOTWIRE are over $170. Our budget is around $100 per night. Getting a 2* hotel without knowing the hotel before booking is a bit risky. I have read some post that people getting rate less than the posted HOTWIRE rate. Since HOTWIRE is not a bidding site, how people getting rate lower than posted rated?
  14. I am glad that I find this forum. I need some help. Priceline is for two adults only. Is it possible to upgraded to 3 adults at the hotel? I was thinking to bid for one night to start with. Make sure the hotel is ok for 3 adults before extending for 2 more nights. What is your recommendation? Is there any chance that I cannot extend because that hotel is fully booked. TIA
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