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  1. I bid various Missoula zones for 3* at $45, $50, $55 and $60; all were rejected. I then added 2.5* and only the North zone. I bid $45 and it was accepted. Should have started lower! However, this is a good price for that hotel that weekend since it is Labor Day weekend and there is a home game for UM that weekend as well. Expedia had a special negotiated rate for that hotel of $123/night, so I'm feeling smug. I added an extra night for 8/30 as well.
  2. Just got back from our trip. The Emily Morgan was a fantastic hotel for our group. We were assigned a single queen room but asked for a double-double (we had kids with us) and they upgraded us (it is an upgrade if you look at their retail prices for these rooms) no questions asked. We ended up in a beautiful 6th floor room in the corner of the wedge-shaped hotel with windows directly overlooking the Alamo. The room was large. We parked a few blocks away in a city-run indoor parking garage on St. Mary's Street. Another option slightly closer would have been the one on Houston St. Both are easy walking distance from the hotel. There is 15 minute unloading at the curb so we easily registered and ran our stuff up to the room, then drove to the parking and walked back. Valet parking was about $28 compared to the $9 (cash needed) we paid for city parking. Breakfast buffet is about $14 at the hotel; we ate at a hole-in-the-wall Mexican cafe on Commerce near the Market Square for about $17 for the 4 of us, enjoying delicious homemade tortillas made into breakfast tacos. Bottomline: you can do this quite affordably with a little effort.
  3. Started bidding at $41, adding zones and incrementing by $5, going for 4* in Riverwalk area. Got the Emily Morgan when I reached $66
  4. I used several bids up to $61 and finally jumped to $70 before my bid for 1 night in 4* French Quarter hotel was accepted. Got the Marriott. Since someone else recently posted $55 for 3 nights spanning my stay, I thought I could get a better deal, but no luck. Guess they don't like 1 night stands!
  5. Actually, we are extending on either side, so the dates are check-in August 12, check-out August 17. Thanks again for all the help! I hope other readers benefit from the discussion, and I certainly hope they see how supportive you are for users of this forum and are thus as eager as I am to support you through the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links provided.
  6. Well, today we decided to extend the trip beyond the convention for a couple days, and when I did, I found that the Crowne Plaza is now an average of $125 on HOTWIRE vs. $136 for the Holiday Inn Express. The latter is still nicer from a breakfast/free WiFi perspective, but my wife really prefers the proximity of the Crowne Plaza to her convention hotel, so we decided to go that route, and booked it for 5 nights at $125/night + taxes/fees. Just wanted to say thanks for all your help. I wouldn't have been so confident about the I.D. of the hotel without your help. Having ended up stuck in the West Side YMCA for 4 nights at $120/night for a paint-peeling-off-the-walls, pipes-running-along-the-ceiling, dimly lit postage stamp size room fully occupped by a double bed and small dresser, and with a teensy bathroom with a shower with a triangular footprint about 24" x 24" on the sides, I can assure you that $125 for the Crowne Plaza in Times Square area seems like a bargain to me!! Now my only issue is that between yesterday and today the airfare jumped by about 25%. I think I'll take a chance and wait to see if it comes back down.
  7. Ah, interesting! So that's how it works. Makes sense. Thanks for the clarification on price. I guess I need to just go ahead then. And yes, I'll definitely use your links. Your provide a great service, and I've become as attached to it as I am to PRICELINE (and now I'm slowly starting to understand the value of HOTWIRE for certain cases too!).
  8. thereyouare--would you please be kind enough to tell me precisely how you got $125 on the presumed Holiday Inn Express? Thanks!
  9. OOPS! My goof. The price is $149 for 4 adults. For 2 adults + 2 children, it is $139. I still don't know how you get to $125. Can you explain? Also, curiously, if I search for just 1 adult or 2 adults, this property doesn't show up at all. i.e., there are no hotels in the same part of town with 3* and a breakfast included (the coffee mug icon). Any idea why that is? Why would Hotwire only include that property if searching for 2+2 or 4 adults?
  10. My target budget is as little as I can get away with! LOL (In other words, anywhere in NYC is more than I want to pay, but I realize I have to fork over the $$ and do want a place that is clean, safe and close to the convention hotel. BUT, where are you getting these quotes??! I can't find quotes as low for either the Crown Plaza or the Holiday Inn Express as you are. Are you putting in different dates than I am? I'm searching HOTWIRE for 8/13/09 - 8/16/09. If I do for 2 adults + 2 children, I see $149 for a 3* hotel in Midtown Central that has breakfast, business center, internet, with TripAdvisor 4.0 out of 5 with 180+ ratings. I assume that is what you are assuming is the Holiday Inn Express? So how did you get $125/nite? (the breakfast would be a good adder considering there are 4 of us. Glad you brought this to my attention. Can I somehow get it for $125?).
  11. When I search this evening I'm seeing the same hotel for $169/night. If I choose 4 adults instead of 2 adults/2 children, it is $196/night. As noted above, my kids are 21 and 23, so they are adults. I don't know how picky the hotels are on the matter, but technically if I book at the 2 adults/2 kids rate, I could run into trouble. Right?
  12. thereuare--I notice on Expedia that most hotels in NYC have a surcharge for extra guests in the room beyond 2. My children are my children, to be sure, but they are 21 and 23 years old. So if I do the Hotwire search for 2 adults/2 children will I run into trouble at the hotel? If I search for 4 adults, I suspect I'll have a higher cost.
  13. P.S.--I would consider New Jersey but with family of 4, the savings have to cover 4 round trips per day. Would need to be in safe area, near PATH station (or other recommended transportation), and very short commute time. Wife will be attending convention at Marriott Marquis on 48th and Broadway. So need convenience and accessability. It would be much preferred to be in Manhattan close to that location. Only would consider other if much less expensive (like at least $50/night less).
  14. I'm interested in a hotel near Times Square (actually, 48th and Broadway) for the weekend of August 13-16. The biggest concern for me is that we'll be there with our kids and need 2 double beds (or rollways). Since Priceline only guarantees a room that sleeps 2 adults, that is a worry. In other major cities I've usually not been concerned because I can bid on a 3-4* hotel and know that there is a 95% chance I can get a double/double if I ask for it (I've only missed once in years of bidding). In NYC, however, there are a lot of hotels that don't have double/doubles (i.e., the majority of hotels near Times Square on Expedia fall in this category), so I fear the risk is high. So if you have any advice not only on bidding strategy for this area in general, but on how to get a room that sleeps 4, I'd appreciate it.
  15. OK. Thought you could kill 2 birds with one stone. I'll post new topic.
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