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  1. Winning bid update: Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I did not want to move for this trip, and I did compare to retail prices. I went ahead and gave PRICELINE one more shot, same parameters, at $112 and got Holiday Inn Mayfair, which is what (via this board) seemed to be available on HOTWIRE (as a Hotwire 4*) for $116. I'm happy -- the savings is basically nothing ($25 over the trip) after site differences in taxes/fees; Hotwire has slightly cheaper fees. But I was about to buy it anyway on Hotwire, and it was worth the gamble for something else in that area.
  2. I really want a 4* in Mayfair-Soho so I restrained my bidding just to that zone (used mrs milesjamie too) but failed as follows: This is all for dates 5/23-5/29. 5/4 $80, counter @ $115 5/4 $85, counter @ $115 5/5 $90, counter @ $115 5/6 $101, counter at "raise by at least $22" 5/6 $105, counter at "raise by at least $22" We're into hotwire $ territory now so I'm going to either do hotwire, or consider what is coming up in other areas compared to where I want to be. thereuare - consider at this point breaking these forums into country-specific forums. You now have the traffic to support this. The Priceline and Hotwire Calendar of Wins is useful.
  3. New Hotel for the list Complimentary Breakfast Pool(s) Laundry Facilities High Speed Internet Golf Kitchenette Sounds great, right? The place is a dump. Normally that is just a saying, but in this case, it really is next to a garbage dump and there is a bad smell at the hotel property. Check tripadvisor -- I've never seen all 1's and 2's for reviews. Booked for a parent, who refused to stay here and went to the Days Inn next door. Oops.
  4. Bid on 2.5* property level exclusively. Started in LAS Airport only Tried $35, counter offered at +$9 Added Convention, tried 38, rejected. New bid: $42, reverted to just LAS airport, accepted.
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