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  1. I saw it on priceline express deals for $139, hotwire for $119. I tried bidding, but then the price went up. I think it started selling out. I gave in to the heat of the bid and went over my initial budget, but I'm happy with this new hotel. Been wanting to try it out for some time now. This is the only 3.5* hotel in redding. Amenities Include: Free internet, Pet friendly, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business center, and more... (95% recommended)
  2. Oh I forgot to mention that its a $450/night on the marriott site! I did as much as I could off this site, but only the mobile app seems to have name your own price now.
  3. I saw the express deal for $99 for 4* in Santa Clara, and it said the last person got the Hyatt. Nice hotel. But when I went forward, fees were $42. on a $99 room? No thanks, thats not reasonable to me. So I did NYOP on my phone. Lots of rebid zones, but it seems like the iphone app doesnt even check for rebids if you close and reopen the app. Didn't have to do all the combinations to get my rebids. Anyways, started at $60 and moved up in $5 increments. At $80 it countered at $102. But I declined and kept tap tap tapping on my phone, and got the $90 for the Marriott. Not quite as nice as the Hyatt. And yelp says they charge $17 for parking, and they're under renovation. We'll see how it goes... So $90 room, plus $19 in fees, for a total of $109. Saved $32 off the express deal.
  4. This is the one at 35466 Dumbarton Ct, Newark, CA 94560. Full list of amenities: Free breakfast, Free internet, fitness center, business center, internet access, kitchenette, free parking, pet friendly, pools, self service laundry, tennis nearby. Accessibility: Accessible for visually impared, In-room accessibility, accessible parking, accessible for hearing impared, accessible bathroom, roll-in shower.
  5. Listed as All Suites. Hoping for Hyatt Place, but got this propertly slighty farther into the bay in Newark. Free breakfast, Free Internet, Fitness, Kitchenette, Pet Friendly, Pool, Laundry
  6. Beware this location! The lobby is under renovation--plastic sheeting everywhere! Also, the manager gave us attitude for using priceline and charged us $20 more for room with two beds. Ah well.
  7. Pool, Gym, Parking, Business Center. Kind of bummed. This is an old property. Was hoping for Fremont Marriot, which has a nice indoor pool. But I got this for $58 ($69 w tax), so I'll take it. I used the BiddingHelper.com, which is the coolest thing ever.
  8. This was priceline express. Sorry, forgot the amenities listed. Did I mention how valuable this site is? And I used the biddinghelper box.
  9. I saw PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals had it for $101, and HOTWIRE had a 4.5* for $99 that must be the same property. I started at $75 and they countered.Using rebids, I inched up. When I got to $85, they countered for $96, so I new I had them in my clutches. I've got nothing but time on my hands, so I bid $88 and won. Love this site. Used the BiddingHelper.com. Interesting, I was going to use the hotwire tab to go no hassle for $99, and curious to see if 4.5* was the same property, but the hotwire kept giving me errors when I selected it. Total w tax and fees $211. Interestingly, the counter at $95 had total tax and fees $234. Looks like Express Deals has a higher fee rate?
  10. Express Deals. Got the 3rd floor next to ice machine, but they were still nice enough at check in.
  11. Hotwire ammenities match the ammenities list on this site: Fitness Center, Restuarant, Business Center, High Speed Internet, SPA Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is the day before my trip, and the hotel website is now $148/night, less than my Hotwire price a couple weeks ago! Thought I was being clever... Oh well, at least I locked in the lower price weeks ago. I just hope they dont discriminate against hotwire customers.
  12. Awsome forum! From the ammenities I could tell looking at the hotel list exactly what hotel it was before booking it. Hotel website was $255 no refund rate, priceline $199, hotwire $192. When I clicked to buy on hotwire, I entered info + credit card number. Finally on the last click, it denied me because room was "no longer available". Sounded like a bait and switch. Same thing happened on the $199 priceline (published) page. 30 minutes later, the same room showed up on hotwire for $153. Done! Funny, hotel website and priceline rates did not change. Score, $40*2 additional savings! I'm happy, I'd call that 40% off published rate, with no guess work involved! Now, I hope they dont treat hotwire guests as second class guests...
  13. 7/3 - 7/4, $162 on HOTWIRE through the link on betterbidding.com. I dont see any 5* on the hotel list, but an earlier post for 5* in Pasadena seems to agree with my guess. Anyhow, the hotel website had the room at the same price! That's a first that I've noticed this on hotwire. I ended up going through the hotel website and getting a package for $199 w breakfast and valet parking. Just wanted to share. Cheers!
  14. Ah yes, allow me to answer myself. This probably was the Crowne Plaza. I got this hotel on priceline for $45 (hotwire had $57). After I won it on priceline, the price went up to $99 on hotwire, so interesting insight... So, fyi, hotel ammenities should be updated: Crowne Plaza Concord: 3.5*, fitness, pool, resturant, business center, internet. Cheers. And yes, I used both HOTWIRE and PRICELINE links on better bidding.com!
  15. 3.5 stars Walnut Creek - Concord - Lafayette area Hotel Fitness Center, pool, resturant, biz, internet Im thinking Hilton Concord, but without business. Or, 3* Crown Plaza moved back to 3.5? And yes, I'm using the links on this page:)
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