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  1. Amenities: Pets Allowed Free Parking Business Center Airport Shuttle Free Internet Free Breakfast Indoor or Outdoor Pool Fitness Center No Smoking Rooms/Facilities
  2. The dates I had plugged in are 2/18-2/25 and it shows the amenities I listed. I went to the Choice Hotels webpage and I checked your dates of 2/14-2/15 and it shows no rooms available at this property. I am guessing the property you found on HOTWIRE is not the same one. The rodeo is in town so availability and prices of rooms may be fluctuating.
  3. No, it only shows the amenities I listed. Just now, I checked using the Bidding Helper Easy Tab using a future date and clicked on FULL AMENITIES. It still only shows the amenities I mentioned.
  4. Amenities: Parking, pool, breakfast, business, internet, laundry. Address: 10950 Laureate Dr, San Antonio, TX 78249 For $29, the room is great! It is very roomy with a king bed, separate seating area with sofa bed, and a kitchenette. It is very quiet and comfortable. Please add this room to your Hotwire hotel list. As always, I used your support link to make my purchase.
  5. Hill Country Inn and Suites at Salado Creek Villas 2383 Northeast Loop 410 San Antonio, Texas 78217 Amenities: Free parking, free breakfast, free internet, suite, pool(s), business center, self-service laundry, accessible parking. I used your support link to make my purchase. Please add this property to the Hotwire hotel list.
  6. Amenities: Pets, Parking, Business, Shuttle, Internet, Breakfast, Pool, Fitness. Bed choice. Hotels are ridiculously expensive in San Antonio during that period. I was bidding for a 2.5 * airport hotel and went as high as $85. I got a message which suggested I raise my bid to $101. I declined and purchased this hotel on Priceline Express. I feel I am lucky to get what I did. I used your support link to make my purchase.
  7. La Quinta Inn and Suites Fiesta Texas - San Antonio (La Cantera - Fiesta Texas). 5622 Utex Blvd. San Antonio, Texas 78249 I inched my way up to $30 over the past couple days using a free rebid zone. Please add this property to your Priceline Hotel List. I used your [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link to place my bids.
  8. La Quinta Inn and Suites Airport (SAT) San Antonio 95% recommended. 4 out of 5 Trip Advisor rating. Amenities: Parking, Breakfast, Free Internet,, Pet friendly, Shuttle, Fitness, Pool, Business, Laundry, Internet access, Golf, Accessible bathroom, Accessible Parking. "Thanksgiving sale". Additional $10 off using promo code; THANKS10. I used the HOTWIRE link here. Please change Hotwire hotel lists to reflect the upgrade of this property to three star.
  9. I was bidding for a 4 star hotel in Hong Kong (International Airport - Lantau Island) area. First bid of $99 rejected. Second bid of $105 (with free rebid zone) rejected. Third bid of $110 (with free rebid zone) accepted. Hong Kong Skycity Marriott Hotel 1 Sky City Road East, Hong Kong International Airport Hong Kong, Hong kong I am very pleased to get this hotel at such a bargain price near the airport in such an expensive city as Hong Kong. The price on Price.line's open site is $232! I used your [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link in placing my bids.
  10. I started bidding at $58, increasing my bids in $2 increments. Note: This zone should be labeled Newark Airport (EWR) - Elizabeth. Please update your database.
  11. Amenities: free parking, free breakfast, free internet, pet friendly, airport shuttle, fitness center, pool, business center, self service laundry, internet access, golf nearby, accessible bathroom, handicapped parking. As always, I used your HOTWIRE link to make my purchase.
  12. Amenities: free parking, free breakfast, free internet, shuttle, smoke-free, fitness, business, laundry, internet access. I used your Support Page HOTWIRE link to make this purchase.
  13. Here is the answer I received in an email from Hotwire Express: As a PRICELINE EXPRESS customer, one of the benefits of the Express program is the ability to block certain hotels from all your future searches on Hotwire. You may reply to this email or call our Hotwire Express Agents at the number below to initiate the block. You will receive a confirmation email once the block is in place. After the hotel is blocked, you must be logged into your account on the Hotwire site for the hotel to be removed from your results. Removing this hotel from your search results may limit availability and cause higher rates for this location. Please note that we are only able to block the particular hotel at this location and not an entire chain of hotels. In addition they wrote: In regards to Star Rating upgrade, once a star upgrade is offered and not chosen, it is no longer available for booking at the upgrade rate. As part of your Express membership you may from time to time be offered star upgrades again.
  14. As a Hotwire Express member, one of the options given me is the "ability to block unwanted hotels by using "Hotel Block"". I wonder where and how I could do that. I have no need of the function right now but I know there are certain dreaded hotels that I would like to avoid in the future. Has any members ever used that function successfully?