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  1. Former Homestead property on Poplar. Tried 2.5 star for 37 with East and Germantown zones. Dropped to 2 star. PRICELINE link on home page.
  2. PRICELINE link on homepage. I took the time and attempted this for $27, as I used to get that rate frequently. No such luck. Message to increase to 33. Instead, I added Forest Park zone and won for $30. This property is NOT one of the ones in renovation yet. I have no idea why not, it is certainly one of the neediest properties in the ESA chain. As I have mentioned in previous wins for this property. Plenty of space in rooms to work. Full kitchen with actual oven and dishwasher. Plenty of parking space for oversize vehicles. Not a place for people who are particular about ammenities.
  3. PRICELINE link on home page. This is still called Homestead but is about halfway through their renovations and will be called ExtendedStay America soon. (the new green logo)
  4. PRICELINE link on homepage. This property is now part of their new renovated properties. A bit of a breakfast to grab, water filters on sink, etc. More ramps would have impressed me more, but whatever.
  5. I went ahead and called this by it's old name. It is now called Extended Stay Seattle-Bellevue-Fostoria. Not to be confused with the original Extended Stay Seattle-Bellevue (on Main St). This is the one on 132nd Ave. I figured I had a good chance at getting this one. Would have greatly preferred the Main St one, but that's how it goes. Absolutely terrible parking situation for trucks, trailers, oversize vehicles at this one. The driveway is also a steep hill which unfortunately you need to stop at before climbing. Issue for heavier oversize vehicles. Rooms are the smaller Homestead sty
  6. Wonderful. This is the property I was hoping for. I'd agree with the the review Colfax wrote. More than adequate place at a low price. Homestead rooms are very small. If like me, you stay there more for the full kitchen and ample parking, you can generally upgrade your room for a price. That price is always less than what you could have bid a Residence Inn type place for and that does give you substantially more room. Wifi is now complimentary. 4 miles from the downtown convention center makes this a win in my book. Hotel list: I think this one was listed as a 2star. PRICELINE link on ho
  7. New property for the list. Failed at several low attempts at 2 and 2.5 star up to $47. Was almost going to use their express deals, but gave dropping to a one star a try. One of the express deals was a one star in this zone for $40, figured I'd give $35 a try. Works for me, generally ESA properties are adequate for what I need. PRICELINE link on home page.
  8. Last minute bidding as I was entering the city. Tried 2 stars in zones along I-40 at 30, 32, 34, all failed. Went in new and dropped to 1 star, Failed at west zone for 30, won east at 33. This is a new property for the list. It is definitely one star, but amazingly has an indoor pool that appears decently maintained. MIcro and fridge. Limited parking for oversize. They gave me the receipt that they charged priceline 28, so possibly this could be had for a lower bid. I just didn't have the time and wanted to catch the balloon fiesta early in the morning before continuing on my trip. PRICEL
  9. last minute bid as passing through the city. This is a one star I would willingly stay in again. Clean rooms, plenty of space, micro and fridge, hot breakfast and plenty of parking for large size cars/trucks/trailers. **The address is on Meridian and I think it may be new for the hotel list, because priceline called it "west". Wanted this area because of where I was driving at the moment. Failed at 30, added "quail" knowing that area was more expensive, so I would get airport and increased by $3. PRICELINE link on home page.
  10. For anyone else considering this property, they have a $5 parking charge per day. They are the ONLY property in this area that has a charge at all.
  11. Bid based on previous bids and stays at this property. Very happy with this property and their staff. VERY convenient to the Children's Hospital. Full oven, full fridge, dishwasher, plenty of space to get things done in. PRICELINE link on home page.
  12. This can hardly be considered a win. This microtel property has miserable hard beds and the world's smallest rooms. That plus needing to increase from 30 to 33 to 35 to 37 just to win a property for 37 plus priceline fees that is openly avauilable for 41. Not a happy girl. You'll want to add this to the hotel list and it was in the old MCI zone not the new south zone. Oh by the way, I received a counteroffer of 41 for this zone and I assume I would have still received this same regularly priced at 41 motel.
  13. Yikes! I just realized this says Airport...it is the Airport WEST zone. Came back on to post this: OMG, no way, they have a working outdoor whirlpool. Spoke to the front desk and it just reopened a few days ago. Looks clean. Still in shock.
  14. This is the property I was expecting, which is why I went with the one star. Obviously it is a one star for a reason, however rooms have seperate seating/sofabed area which gives me plenty of space for what I need to do here. Full kitchens with traditional oven and dishwasher as well. They replaced all beds earlier this summer. Generally enough parking for what I need as well. There is a fitness room, but there has never been a working whirlpool as their hotel page claims. Well, at least it hasn't worked in the last 5 years. ok, enough said. PRICELINE link for this on homepage
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