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  1. Yikes, this is the most I have ever paid for a 3* in Bellevue, the current prices are out of this world... I have no idea why the increase. I have never paid more than $65 for this hotel at peak times. Anyways we LOVE Bellevue and we havent been back since December, so this is worth it for us...
  2. Went through the PRICELINE link, was listed for $105 on Express, thought I would try $101 and succeeded.... looking forward to seeing Snowflake Lane
  3. Went through PRICELINE link and used the Express It was the Downtown location
  4. Love this hotel, free parking, wifi, continental breakfast.... another shopping/relaxing by the pool weekend. Went through your PRICELINE link :)
  5. Prices seemed to be a little higher this past weekend, we ended up paying $72 for a 3* hotel on priceline (Bellevue Coast Hotel), as with the Hilton, we enjoyed their outdoor pool, along free wifi, fridge, free parking and continental breakfast, well worth it. It's too bad that the Hilton now charges for parking, but with that massive parking area, taxes must be high. We also stopped bidding on 3.5 * as you could find yourself out at the Silver Cloud Bellevue - Eastgate, away from everything.
  6. A little higher than usual, but it is our long weekend (Canada) so was probably expected... excited, taking in shopping, a Mariners game and hopefully some pool time... and of course a burger at John Howie's :) Bid at $62.00 , Priceline came back at $82.00 , so I halved by half to $72.00 and won... also went through the your PRICELINE link
  7. Hoped for another night at Extended Stay downtown Bellevue , but lost. This hotel/motel is hidden away , clean and everything but driving right up to your room, felt more like a Motel 6.
  8. Disappointed again as I really wanted Extended Stay Downtown Bellevue. Burnt twice... so as we love staying in Bellevue for shopping trips, baseball games, NFL football, will go back to 3 *.
  9. Extended Stay America - Seattle - Bellevue - Downtown Bellevue 11400 Main Street, Bellevue, WA 98009 425-453-8186 hotel details | more photos | amenities Check-In: Fri, May 17, 2013 / After 03:00 PM Check-Out: Sat, May 18, 2013 / 11:00 AM Going down for a quick shopping trip.... loved getting this place, got it in January 2013, was really apprehensive, but loved the location, price, free wifi, breakfast etc.... tried to add on the Saturday night to no avail so rebid more $$ to $40 and got the Extended Stay - Factoria... - just came back not a favourite at all - clean , but felt like a Motel 6 Booked through the PRICELINE link.
  10. Pleased, just for one night, rate on their site was $110.00. Went through the PRICELINE link :)
  11. Sorry, I always forget to add I did go through the PRICELINE link :)
  12. Looking for a 1 night layover hotel , started to bid at 2.5* (for my husband - who only wants a bed, haha) and ended up with a 3*. I orignally bid $51 for a 2.5* LAX and came back with if I bid $63 I had a great possibility of getting it.... well I went back and added USC and bid $57 and I received the win with a 3* at LAX for $57.... pretty good !! Checked out the reviews and seems like a great deal !
  13. This is the address: Extended Stay America Seattle - Everett - North 8410 Broadway Everett, WA 98208 and yes I did go through the PRICELINE link :)
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