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  1. Got a 4* on Hotwire for 03/22/10; $95/night + taxes & fees in Downtown Milwaukee. It is the IRON HORSE. Amenties shown: Fitness Center Business Center Restaurant High Speed Internet Also in the Hotwire listing: Tripadvisor 5* rating with 100 reviews.
  2. Yes, the 4* in downtown Milwaukee with a 5* Tripadvisor rating is the IRON HORSE. Got it on HOTWIRE for 03/22/10; $95/night + taxes & fees. (see my reported hotwire purchase) Fitness Center Business Center Restaurant High Speed Internet 100 reviews, 5* on Tripadvisor (shown in HOTWIRE listing for the hotel)
  3. Booked 4 1/2* on HOTWIRE in Downtown Miami for 1 night - September 9th. $69/room. Amenities included: Resort Fitness Pool Restaurants High Speed Internet Spa Services. It is the Viceroy Hotel. I'm very pleased, as it is highly rated on TripAdvisor.
  4. Sunday May 11th, 1 room, 1 night Bid $141 for Midtown East 4* on PRICELINE The bid was accepted on the first try; no rebids needed. Got the Intercontinental The Barclay hotel, a tripadvisor 4* hotel The hotel is $261 on Priceline's regular site and Expedia, so I got a great deal... Thanks!