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  1. Is there a way to bid or upgrade after bid, on a premium suv vs full size. I'd rather not get a tahoe than a suburban. It wouldn't matter on arrival, but we have 7 people and luggage for the ride back to the airport.
  2. I just tried chicago 4* and 3.5* for 5/28-5/31 in Mill Park-Loop and NMA-NR I used a variety of options including 4* Lincoln Park to increase my bids but nothing.... my bids started at $76, 86, 96, and ended at $101, nothing doing. I will try again tomorrow, probably starting at 101.... Swiz
  3. I have never bought hotel insurance protection but an appointment might be canceled. I have a room for one night from Hotwire that I paid for a couple nights ago. Can I purchase insurance now? (probably not) If i had purchased it, will i be able to collect if I cancel the trip due to a canceled meeting/appt? How difficult is it to collect the refund? Any info is appreciated.
  4. 3-star hotel in Madison West (Holiday Inn HOtel & Suites) This hotel features the following amenities: Amenities See description Airport Shuttle Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Laundry Facilities High-speed Internet Access Golf Nearby Tennis Nearby This hotel has a decent sized indoor water park.
  5. 1st time i used HOTWIRE. I had two kids going and wanted to make sure i get four in the room. I missed priceline for its "prices" probably could have gotten something real similar for under $45, but the retail prices were much higher, there is a badger football game that night.
  6. I needed one more room for one night, my first booking was for two nights. i used $41 and 3* hoping i'd get the courtyard. My first bid was accepted at $46, this new $41 bid got me the Radisson. Not a big deal, chance i took. These rooms were all around $110 online. Great website!!!
  7. Tried for the Marriott 3.5* at $49 but got the $14 increase request, so i added the 3* figuring I'd get the Courtyard or Radisson and i lowered my price to $46. One timed it with these choices. Bought through the PRICELINE link on this page. Way to go, love this site. Works every time.
  8. Any chance of swapping with some one, like checking in for them using their credit card for extras, then handing them the keys, and moving on? Not a big deal, split my dates to get a better chance at a hotel with pool, and to stay in different area. Still very happy with the prices and hotels, can't beat it. Thanks
  9. I was thinking about trying to get the Holiday Inn for all four days (have it for two - FishWrf) if I was able to extend my stay at the hotel on priceline and they accept, would I be able to sell/cancel rooms at the Hyatt? just curious, never tried it before, never had this much time before a trip. Thanks
  10. Its too soon to panic, but never too soon to bid. If you are willing to spend 100/nt you should get something nice, start now and bid once or twice a day. Break up your weekend into USE/USW/CH/FH if you have real hard time, but 99 or 109 should get you 4* or 3* at least. I've stayed in all areas even when there for business and needed to be in the financial district, I've stayed in FH. If its a busy weekend you might want to move your price up 30 bucks or so, or lower your * expectations. Most 3* on priceline are still very nice hotels, in fact i prefer several of them over their 4*. What you might not get this far out is a $60 - 4* but I've never been that lucky and when I've tried I always came up empty. I've wasted many days bidding, so now I just spend an extra $20-$30 right off the bat, I might leave a few bucks on the table but I'm done bidding. See my earlier posts I wrapped up 5 days and three hotels (on purpose) in about 1 hour because I wasn't trying to steal a room, and I still got great rates.
  11. I'm new here but have used PRICELINE quite a bit. Not that it matters but I've always had good luck using 9's. For instance I wanted 4* in USE and saw some wins there. I was willing to pay over the last win for at least one of my days, but that ($105) was a very good rate So I went down 10% and rounded down to the 9 - $89 (79, 99, 109,...) and got it. My next price would have been 109 to top the last win that I saw for that date. I don't know why but 9's have good luck. Also don't start too low for 4*, depending on the city but especially San Fran, $80 is dirt cheap. Even if some one got that price I would be willing to pay at least $100, so my first bid will likely be $89. If i go to 3* I lower the price $79 or $69 in the city but even lower at the airports cause they almost always have a room. My biggest success though is researching prices and/or wins, and then not being greedy. Paying $10 more than the last person, will win more often than trying to get the exact same price. The hotels aren't stupid, they follow these sites too, and one low price will bring bidders and actually increase overall bids in their area - a legal bait and switch. Don't be afraid to ramp it up. $89-109-129?? all great prices in san fran for 4*. Another strategy if there are few hotels in a certain category is to make a fair bid for 4* then add 3* but lower the price a little. I seem to have luck with this, but again probably more related to putting in fair bids that are likely to be taken serious.
  12. AWESOME. Got a newly renovated pool for the kids for the last two days of vaca. Sat - Mon in Union Sq at Hyatt Regency 89 two rooms. Mon - Wed at Fish Wh Holiday Inn (new pool) 79 two rooms. love priceline love this site. Used the PRICELINE link on this site for both. Bid #1 rejected $89 4*, Bid #2 accepted - 4*+3* to stay in FW but lowered the price to $79. Got the Holiday Inn, been there its nice and did i mention a new pool for the kids. They would have been traumatized without the pool for at least a couple days.
  13. first bid in USE. nice and i used the PRICELINE link on this site. i'm going to try fisherman's for 5/12-5/14 next...
  14. First bid successful, I overbid! I did this before using this site, sorry. I will use the PRICELINE links for my next hotels in the city for 5-10 to 5-14.
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