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  1. Very happy about location and hotel...nervous that we'll get a smoking room but very good deal compared to what is posted on their website currently, $209 Amenities Free Internet Indoor pool(s) Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-Speed Internet Access
  2. Started bidding 4* Atlanta Buckhead at $60 and used rebids up to $83. Then began bidding 3 1/2* Atlanta Buckhead at $60 and used rebids up to $83. Then began bidding 3* Atlanta Buckhead at $55 and won $80 after using rebids. This is for my husband's business trip. He wasn't thrilled with this property (he's stayed there before and doesn't care for the location of this one as much as the other 3*'s in Buckhead) but our limit was $83 per night so on the other hand, he's happy to have it. Started bidding using your PRICELINE link. Thanks so much for this board and info!!!
  3. This is for a business trip for my husband. He wanted to stay in Atlanta - Buckhead checking in 3/19 and checking out 3/23. I started with 4* and bid from $60 up to $83 per night with no success. I then tried 3 1/2* and started at $60 and bid up to $83 with no success. I then went to 3* and my initial bid was $50. Priceline countered with $73 and we decided to take it (even though I know I could have most likely won at a lower bid but didn't want to risk it as there aren't many free re-bids and he is leaving tomorrow morning). I started with your PRICELINE link. Thanks so much for the great site!!! Always helpful!
  4. Used your PRICELINE link and started bid at $60 up to $83 on 4* in Buckhead area of Atlanta with no success. Did the same thing for 3 1/2* in Buckhead with no success. Started bidding at $50 for 3* in Buckhead and won Courtyard Atlanta Buckhead on 1st bid for 2/20/12 - 2/23/12. I'm bidding for my husband. He's stayed here before several times using Priceline (he said they're refurbishing it) and is happy with the result (location is convenient for him) although a 4* would have been nice....not to be this time though. As always, thanks for the board!! Great resource.
  5. Accepted 1st bid...$100 for 3 1/2* Silvercloud Hotel - Eastgage in Bellevue. This is where my husband was hoping to stay...I would have started bidding lower because there are several rebids but he didn't want to so there ya go! He's very happy, a buddy of his is paying $110 via Priceline for same dates/same hotel. I used your PRICELINE link. Thanks!!
  6. Used your PRICELINE link to book a stay in Atlanta Buckhead area checking in 1/3/12 and checking out 1/6/12. Started with 4* and bid $65. They did a counter offer of $75 that I didn't take. I used 1 free re-bid (Six Flags) and bid $68 and won The W Hotel Atlanta Buckhead. I'm booking for my husband who travels to Buckhead often and we always use your PRICELINE link and this will be his first stay at this property. Thanks so much!!
  7. Used your PRICELINE link and bid $65 for 4* in Atlanta Buckhead for check in 8/14 and check out 8/19. Bid rejected but countered by saying if I bid $78, I could get a hotel. I ignored the counter and bid $70 which was accepted for Intercontinental. Very pleased with results!
  8. Used Betterbidding PRICELINE link to start bidding for my husband's business trip. Ultimately ended up with 4* Atlanta Perimeter Hotel & Suites accepting bid at $65 for 7/25 - 7/29. He stayed at the same hotel in mid-May but it was The Westin then and he said was undergoing remodeling. Parking was $12 a night then and according to the details, self-parking is now complimentary. Not sure if you would like all the details but here is the history. Started bidding at $60 for 4* in Atlanta Buckhead & bid up to $85 with no success Started bidding at $60 for 3 1/2* in Atlanta Buckhead & bid up to $85 with no success Started bidding at $60 for 3* in Atlanta Buckhead & bid up to $85 with no success Started bidding at $50 for 4* in Atlanta Perimeter & $65 bid accepted ($55 bid was countered with an offer to accept a hotel at $70 which I declined due to all the rebids available for 4*s in Atlanta) Was willing to split the trip into 2 bids (Buckhead 1st choice) if Perimeter bids didn't work out but only willing to bid up to $85
  9. Used Betterbidding PRICELINE link and started bidding at $40 for 4* Galleria North and bid up to $52 for check-in 9/3/11 and check-out 9/4/11. My $52 bid was accepted by Intercontinental.
  10. Thanks so much! Crazy that the Westin is going for $119 (I think?) so I appreciate you confirming that for me. Relatively speaking, there isn't a huge difference in price between the 2* & 4* since I'm only booking for 2 days so I think I'll go with the 4* but will definitely use the HOTWIRE Link and will post a follow-up with what I decided. Thanks again :)
  11. Hi Yellowdog, Just did that but actually, I had already done that as soon as I won my bid - maybe it was lost in the discussion on that thread? Anyway, I reposted it so it shows what I did. Thanks, Lisa
  12. Just to confirm as I stated below, I won a Priceline bid of $80 for this stay at the Holiday Inn San Antonio Riverwalk (3* hotel)
  13. Searched for 2 adults and 2 children on Hotwire, check in 7/10 & check out 7/12 for San Antonio Six Flags area and there is a 4* and a 2* (only) showing up. I am pretty sure the 4* is the Westin La Cantera (?) (I don't think the 2* is the Howard Johnson Express Inn as there aren't any rooms available on the Howard Johnson website and there aren't enough amenities listed when I compare against the Hotwire list on your site. Here are the details: 2* $79/night Complimentary Breakfast Pool Laundry Facilities 4* $119/night Resort Fitness Center Pool Restaurant Business Center High Speed Internet Golf Nearby Tennis Nearby Spa Services Thanks for any help, Lisa
  14. Just checked it again, here is what I'm seeing for the 4* on Priceline for $119 as of this afternoon which is what I saw earlier today as well. There are 6 amenities listed for this property on Hotwire: Fitness Center, Restaurant, Laundry Facilities, Pool, Business Center, High Speed Internet Access 4 * Riverwalk South and Market Square Area This upscale establishment offers thoughtful features, quality rooms and a high level of service $119 (Best Value, 13% Savings, you save $17) April 27, 2008 - April 28, 2008 - Travel Dates 3.5 out of 5 on Trip Advisor 100+ reviews (most recent March 2008) 8 miles to San Antonio Airport Fitness Center, Restaurant, Laundry Facilities, Pool, Business Center, High Speed Internet Access
  15. BTW, for what it's worth....the 4* I listed above yesterday is showing up again on Hotwire as of this morning...my best guess on that one is the Hilton Palacio Del Rio???
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