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  1. I used the PRICELINE link and booked the Hyatt Downtown for $51 for Saturday 5/14. I expected I'd get the Hyatt as it appears they are the low cost provider in the 4* category. I'm pretty sure they should be bumped to 3.5* when you compare them to the Pfister, The Iron Horse, and the Ambassador. Just sayin! I'm happy with the Hyatt as the location is good. Thanks Nick
  2. I am looking to go to Orlando and stay in the Disney area. Hotwire is showing the following and I'd appreciate some help Identifying it: 12/25 - 12/31 3.5* $69 Studio Childrens activity program Fitness Center Pool/pools Restaurant/restaurants Tennis Nearby Kitchenette Condo Please let me know your thoughts as I'm thinking about booking this. I've used the magic of betterbidding before and your service rocks! Thanks Coleco
  3. I used the PRICELINE link to book one night at the Hyatt. I bid $55 going for the Westin but was duped by Priceline!! Satisfied I paid a fair price, just was hoping for a different property. Thanks BetterBidding for keeping us all informed. I couldn't afford to travel without you!! Nick
  4. I just used the PRICELINE link to book the Hyatt Regency for one night. I've stayed at this property prior to the renovation so I'm anxious to see it redone! Thanks Better-Bidding for continuing to provide a great service. Nick
  5. Amenities: Restaurant, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Business, Laundry Thanks Nick
  6. I used the HOTWIRE link as well as the hotel list thread and booked The Ambassador Hotel in Milwaukee for one night. This is the property I was hoping for. Thanks for the help!! The amenities posted matched exactly those listed on this message board. (I believe these had not been confirmed) Thanks Better Bidding!
  7. I just booked the Hilton Gaslamp for $104. I used the HOTWIRE link and am very happy. Amenities were: Fitness center Business center Pool High Speed Restaurant Tennis nearby Thanks for maintaining the site and helping us all travel so well!! Nick
  8. It appears the 4* is the dreaded Harbor Island property! That thing sure ruined priceline for me!! I planned to book 4* using the PRICELINE link but now must use HOTWIRE to make sure we don't get stuck on the island. Thanks for your help! Nick
  9. I am staying in San Diego 3/27 - 4/1. Using the HOTWIRE link I found 3 stars $103/night Shuttle Fitness Pool Restaurant Business Center Laundry High Speed Internet tripadvisor 3.5/ 5 on over 160 views. Thanks for the help and for maintaining the sight! I used the PRICELINE link last year for Boston and were very pleased!
  10. If you are going to Boston for sightseeing, the Copley was a great location. About as central as you could get for seeing the city. The accommodations and the service were good. It was worth the $110.00 we paid and the location makes it worth much more than that!! I would recommend this property to someone staying in Boston.
  11. I'm sure you're not surprised that I won the Westin Copley for $110.00/night. I hope it's a great stay. It seems like the location is fantastic. Anyone that has stayed should feel free to let me know how it was! Thank for providing a great service and letting us link to PRICELINE. I wish I had more places to book, betterbidding makes this fun! Coleco
  12. I appreciate everyone's help. It is a first trip for my wife and I and we'll be flying in from Wisconsin. Based on your feedback, I would exclude the waterfront from our list. We are looking to use public transportation while we are there. Any strategy help is appreciated and our 2 priorities will be Copley and then the financial district. Thanks again for the help and I'm anxious to post a win!! Coleco
  13. I'm definitely ready to bid now. I'm hoping for 4* and not more than $110.00/night. I'd also pay up to $90 right now for 3*. Copley Financial Waterfront I'll be here as a tourist and will take anyones criticism on these not being the right places to stay. Copley is my choice as I'd like to get to Fenway for a game or two. Thanks Coleco
  14. I was just wondering if it is too soon to bid for 7/10 - 7/13? I'm hoping to spend $110.00 or less 4* and $90 or less 3*. Our preferences are Copley, Financial District, and then Waterfront. I'm a first timer so any help is appreciated. Thanks
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