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  1. Looking for help in identifying a 4* hotel in central Edinburgh (Princes . Dates are Aug 26-29 and it seems to be during the end of several big festivals, so prices are relatively high for those dates. I bid on Priceline unsuccessfully up to $138 for a 3 star. There's nothing under $180+ on Express Deals in the two central zones (Old Town and Princes Street). I'm guessing this offer on Hotwire is for the Hilton Gosvenor but would love to get another opinion. 4* New Town - Princes Street area $137/night 65% recommended (6 reviews) (2001+ reviews) on TripAdvisor Amenities: Smoke-free rooms, Restaurant(s), Business center, Self-service laundry, Internet access, Golf nearby Yesterday, there was an offer of 3* with 100% recommended reviews for $146 in Old Town, but I didn't bite the bullet and it disappeared today.
  2. Tried a variety of options and finally won the Carmel Mission Inn. Priceline had a special deal for it showing for $118/night, so happy at $96/night. Normally $140-180. There is an additional $10 resort fee on site in either case.
  3. Thanks! It sounds like we should wait a bit longer. After taxes, the condo deal is only $10 cheaper than what's readily available online. 40% hotel taxes and fees it seems in Nassau!
  4. Hi, We are looking for 1 room for 1 night in Nassau, Bahamas on Nov. 21st. The following 3* properties appear on Hotwire, but the amenities don't match anything listed here exactly. Could you help determining what property this may be? Want to understand whether either is a great deal or if we should wait a little longer (still have almost 3 months). $86 3* Area Condo Beachfront Fitness Center Pool Restaurant Self-service laundry 4 of 5 stars TripAdvisor Rating $95 3* Hotel Near Beach Free Parking Free Internet Fitness Center Pool Restaurant Business Center Self-service laundry 3.5 of 5 stars TripAdvisor Rating
  5. After speaking to 3 reps (first 2 online), I was able to get the Best Price Guarantee adjustment due to the $0.32 difference in price compared to two other websites. So they're refunding me $25.32 per their guarantee. This win is much better with this adjustment considering the hotel is a good 15 min walk from the center. However, it looks brand new and modern and has fantastic reviews, and offers free WiFi. :)
  6. Ugh...they refuse to grant the Best Price Guarantee because the Priceline total price is 10 cents lower than the Hotels.com price. :( Found a lower rate on Easyclicktravel.com, so trying with that. It shows as $73 vs. $76.
  7. I actually didn't realize there were any zones that didn't have 4 or 5* hotels. Just found two and tried $62, and won. The hotel is Nh Ribera Del Manzanares. It comes out to $76 after taxes, which is the same as a non-refundable rate on Hotels.com after taxes ($69 + taxes = $76).....Trying for Best Price Guarantee.
  8. Just trying to hit the lowest between $61 and $72. Still have time, so I'm happy to raise the bid a couple dollars each day.
  9. Tried again today for a 4* at $60 and didn't get it. But got the following message, so sounds like I'm close. "If you are willing to raise your price by $12 to $72 per room, per night, you can try the same request again right now."
  10. Hi, I'm trying to book a hotel in Madrid in the Royal Palace - Plaza de Espana - Old Town area for 1 night checking in Sunday, October 20, 2013. We are two people traveling and have a stopover on the way back to the US from Morocco. I tried bidding $55 for a 4*, but was declined. Priceline is offering me the following "Express Deals". I assume I may be able to win them at a better price as well. What hotels do you think they might be? 1. 3*, Guest Rating 8.0, WiFi, Bed choice available - $62 2. 4*, Guest Rating 7.0, Restaurant, Bed choice avialable - $81
  11. Won on our first try. Maybe should have tried bidding a bit lower, but seems like a decent deal regardless and good hotel location.
  12. Driving down the coast and needed a place to stay in Ashland, OR on a Friday night. Holiday Inn Express showed up for $143 on regular sites. Hotwire showed a 3-star for $119. Decided to try bidding on the highest star level available on Priceline for Ashland, which is 2.5 star, and won the Holiday Inn Express for $95. Didn't try any other bids as this was the day before we were arriving. Happy with the discount we got.
  13. Needed to stay 2 nights in Downtown. Looked on HOTWIRE and seemed that Hotel Fifty was available for $133 (listed at 3.5*). Decided to try bidding on PRICELINE first. Didn't get anything when bidding on a 4* at $95. Tried $101 and added 3.5* and got the Hilton Portland and Executive Tower. Happy with our win.
  14. Didn't win at $126-$136 either...so decided to book the Holiday Inn via Booking.com for $128 per night ($560 total after taxes). $136 bid added up to $616 with taxes. Surprised to see the other thread with a $120 win for the Westin that includes my expensive date of 5/26. Tried $120 bid for a Resort and didn't win. We're happy with the Holiday Inn. The location is right on the beach where we wanted to be. Didn't want to risk bidding on the 3-stars and getting some properties listed here as past wins. Thanks for your help.
  15. Question for the moderators: this win includes my expensive date of 5/26 for only $120. Should I be putting in Resort when bidding? So odd that I'm not winning up to $131 when this is the most expensive date of my stay 5/26-5/30...
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