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  1. Thanks, I've clicked on each of the links you've listed below. Thanks in advance for looking at the offer.
  2. I'll be travelling to London, and staying overnight from May 19th, 2012 - May 28th, 2012 (9 nights). I see on Hotwire there is a 4* hotel in Chelsea - Battersea Park with the following amenities for $149: * Fitness Center * Restaurant(s) * Business Center * Internet Access There is an 85% customer satisfaction rating. Any ideas on the hotel? Also, for a relatively-limited budget, any suggestions on other areas to stay in London? Thanks
  3. Looking for one night, 2 guests, checking in Friday, 2/26 in the Magnificent Mile - Streeterville area. There is a 4.5 star with the following amenities for $99 ($119 with the choice of bed): * Bed Choice * Fitness * Restaurant * Business Center * Laundry * High Speed Internet * Spa Additionally, it's 90% recommended with 500+ reviews. Any thoughts on what this is? As far as I can recall, I haven't seen that list of amenities before... Thanks for any advice/help!
  4. Went with the $99 in Milwaukee, with the golf nearby option. Although there was no golf nearby (not an issue), the stay was great. The hotel was the Iron Horse. The customer service and overall stay was awesome. I'd highly recommend it.
  5. Hi Everyone, Looking for some help for the dates: October 16th - 20th. 4-star hotel in North Michigan Avenue - Water Tower - Gold Coast $120/night Boutique, Fitness, Restaurant, Business, Restaurant, Golf Anyone have any other good recommendations for this time? Things are very expensive - I imagine there's some sort of conference in town. Thanks for any advice.
  6. I just booked that same 4-star hotel (amenities listing, etc) for one night on Feb 13th and it was in fact the Iron Horse. We had drinks there recently and staying there for anything less than their published rates is a no-brainer. I ended up getting the IH for $96 on 2/13. I would highly recommend the Iron Horse unless you need to stay right downtown. The Hilton and Hyatt though are not bad options for the price.
  7. Thanks - I closed out the last thread with a response to what we did, but not sure how to "bump" this one.
  8. It turned out to be the Hard Rock and we had a great stay. We signed up for the "perks" program on the Hard Rock website and ended up getting an upgrade upon check-in. The Hard Rock had a great location and was very nice too. We took the train in, so not sure about the parking situation.
  9. I'm looking at two different options for 4* on two different days: 4-star hotel in Downtown Milwaukee Area $98/night Saturday night, 1/31/09 - one night stay Amenities: Fitness, restaurant, business, internet 4-star hotel in Downtown Milwaukee Area $99/night Wed night, 4/4/09 check-in, one night stay Amenities: non-smoking, Fitness, restaurant, Business, internet, golf I'm assuming that one is the Ambassador, unsure on the other. I have read on a variety of sites that the Iron Horse Hotel has been showing up on HOTWIRE. Of the two, that is definitely the superior hotel. Any help on identifying these??
  10. Thanks for the welcome. I had been watching HOTWIRE for the last week and the $119 price w/specifics that I mentioned through my initial post. I just checked back - you're right - gone! I have plenty of time b/f I go, so I'll continue to keep checking. If it comes back, can I add to the post and have you make an estimate as to what it is?
  11. I'm looking to stay in Chicago on Saturday night, June 28th for a night. On Hotwire, saw there is an offer for $119/night. Here are the specifics: *Fitness Center *Business Center *Restaurant *High-Speed Internet Access Trip Advisor: 3.5 out of 5 stars; 180+ reviews I'm guessing it may be the Hard Rock, the Westin or the Conrad, but the 3.5 out of 5 on Tripadvisor leads me to be uncertain. Any better ideas on what it could be? I will use the HOTWIRE link when confirming/bidding. Thanks