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  1. Yes, $65 was my immediately previous bid, which was rejected. I bid from $45 up to $60 in $5 increments on my first try, and then $60, $65, and $70 on my second try a few days later. I was hoping for the Hyatt, as it's a convention hotel, but for the savings I'll take the Radisson.
  2. I got the Radisson downtown Minneapolis for $70 per night. I started at $45 and rebid several times. It's higher than the usual 3* downtown bid, I think because of the convention I'm attending there. Anyway, it beats the convention rates of $180 and up.
  3. My first bid was $50. My general strategy is to bid what I think is a little low from my research and then add $5 per rebid. I need to remember to be more specific in my win reports! :)
  4. I got this on my first bid at $50 and probably shoul dhave bid lower. On another site I saw 3*'s downtown going for ~$60 and thought I was low-balling. Anyway I'm pleased with th ehotel, and th elowest rate available was $135 so I still get a good deal.
  5. Got this after starting bidding at $25 and raising in $5 increments.
  6. I got this one on the first try, and the bid was based on other accepted bids at the other Priceline bidding board. :) I feel like I probably could have gotten a little lower but this is a nice hotel right near where I need to be.
  7. I forgot my bid history. I started this one by lowballing at $25, and then bid $30 then $35 with free rebids.
  8. Add me to the list. i got banned day before yesterday for posting links to other Priceline affiliate programs that give money back to me instead of her. :) The silly old thing thinks her little ban actually stops us from looking. :)
  9. I started at $40 and rebid at $42 and $45 to get the Hyatt. It's what I was aiming for, so no surprise!
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