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  1. Just for the record - tried all this and they didn't accept any - stopped at 70 I am not in a rush - might try again in a couple of days Or is your experience that prices will not go down?
  2. I would go give it a try bidding for a 3* first - on priceline express the difference between 3 and 2.5 is just 4 $ ... and if I cannot get a real good deal , I can still go for the express deal. Will use your link and let you know my "result"
  3. One more question: I wouldn't mind "gambling": if I win a 3 star hotel at priceline (Name your price) isn't the chance to get a shuttle pretty high?
  4. I do not care for a particular Zone as I will arrive late (11pm) on Feb 3rd and leave in the morning of Feb 4th - that's why a shuttle would be nice! If the room is clean and has a shower that is all I need - a free breakfast would be a nice to have. Maybe 2,5 or 3 stars??? If I could get this for 70 USD that would be nice
  5. Chamberi - Chamartin - Salamanca area hotel 71USD Any idea what that could be?
  6. yes - we double-checked that we had exactly the same settings. my friend got the 68$ I got 72$ . Now I cleared my cookies and also get the 68$ Thanks for the tip (should have thought about that myself)
  7. I am puzzled how hotwire works: I just made an inquiry (Atlanta Perimeter, 0ct 9-Oct 12) through hotwire (used your link). A friend from Atlanta made the same inquiry and got a price 4$ lower. We tried that several times - always with the same result. How comes? Does that mean that you have to ask 5 people to search for a price if you want to get the best one???
  8. Now I found a website where I could book the Hilton Airport for 49 Euro 0 71 USD (including taxes) and I thought that's a good deal!
  9. In fact the icons don't show the shuttle - but the hotel list on betterbidding.com shows the properties and they seem to offer shuttle nevertheless. and with priceline I won't be sure about the shuttle either but thanks for all your support
  10. Just to keep you updated on today's non-success 3 star: 57 3,5 star: 61 Will now shoot for 3* as they seem to include breakfast (and shuttle) - in a few days I use the "backup": hotwire for 66
  11. I need a room from Oct 8th to Oct 9th and placed quite a few bids: 3,5* : up to 56$ (using Coral Springs, Airport North, Miramar and pompano as free rebids) 3*: Airport North as free rebid up to 55$ no success - but still plent of time will try again tomorrow (and post my results)
  12. Bidding help: I need the room for the second weekend in October: Is there a rule for the best time to bid in priceline? Will prices go down once we get closer to the weekend? Sorry: I should have read the general tips BEFORE posting this. This question has been discussed very well in the general section... will try to book now (Priceline FLL Airport 3,5* for 51 and raise that by a $ everyday until I get close to the hotwire deal) ... and then post the outcome
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