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  1. I wasn't so lucky this time. I bid up to $140 but it was not accepted. I'm sure it's because of the high occupancy around the US OPEN. Thank you for all of your help. It was worth a try. I now don't feel so bad about paying $188/nt at the Marco--lucky I reserved this weeks ago. I did go through your site each time I bid.
  2. We have been to Manhattan several times so this trip we are seeing NH & ME and ending up at the OPEN.We for sure want a safe area--so maybe not Flushing. The Airport LGA zone might be the best for us. We want to bid on a 3* for up to $130. Is that realistic? What do you suggest?
  3. We'd like to avoid Manhattan. I'm not familiar with NY. Is Queens close to Flushing?
  4. Our current reservation is at the Lexington Marco in Flushing for $188/nt.
  5. Well I did have to wait the 24 hrs., but tonight I got the Wyndam, Portland Airport for $80/nt. I saved a ton of $$$. Hope the hotel is nice. Thanks so much for your help---I followed your suggestions & it worked! Juslucky
  6. We are attending the US OPEN Tennis Tournament in Flushing, NY Aug. 29 - Sept. 1. I've booked a 3* hotel that is very pricey. I'd love to go through Priceline and save some money if possible. Do you know if the nearby hotels are usually booked solid for the OPEN, or is there a chance to do some bidding? Suggestions please. We want a 3* and our price limit is about $150. Thanks so much!
  7. Hi Newbie 11! Have you learned any more about this hotel? My husband and I are also going to the US OPEN and I had the same question about Hotwire hotels in LGA. We'd like to get a nice one that has a shuttle to the OPEN so we don't have to worry about parking. I guess public transit will work if it's handy. We will be there right before you-- 08/29-09/01. Can't wait!! Never been to a tournament. Do you have any suggestions? Good luck! I will share any info I can find. Juslucky
  8. We wanted a 3* hotel in Manchester, NH for August 25-27. After reading the posts on your site for that area, I bid $62/nt and won the Radisson hotel for those two nights. I am very pleased because any other comparable hotel in the area was twice that much for their regular rate. I was sure to enter PRICELINE from your site. Thanks!!
  9. The dates we will be in Maine are August 27 - 29. Maximum bid - $120. After that we are going to the US OPEN in Flushing New York. We have a reservation at the Lexington Marco for August 29th - Sept. 1--$189/nt. This hotel has a shuttle to the OPEN. Do you think there is any point in trying PRICELINE or HOTWIRE for that stay? We like the idea of the shuttle so we don't have to worry about parking. I've already booked the first 2 nights of our trip in Manchester, NH through PRICELINE (I accessed through your site). I got the Radisson for $62/nt. I am very pleased! After I book everything, I wi
  10. We are going to Portland, ME the end of August and want to travel up the coast to see the sights, so our hotel can be in any of the Portland districts in PriceLine. We would like at least a 3*. Can anyone give me suggestions on bidding? Thanks in advance!
  11. I am thrilled! We got the Doubletree Fallsview Resort (4*) for $70/nt. What a deal. Thank you for your help. I'm excited!
  12. I'd like to try PRICELINE. What price would you suggest I start with?
  13. We found out we had to stay at the hotel where the conference was being held, so we booked directly. Thanks.
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