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  1. Thanks for your help! I used the link above to book the OMNI BERKSHIRE PLACE, 4.5* Bryant park / Rockefeller Center confirmed price $205 per night Thanks for all of your help!
  2. Hello I was about to book and came upon this: LINK TO EXPRESS DEAL Can you confirm whether this is the even hotel NYC Times Square south? If so how does it compare to the other options? I was about to book the omni but came upon this new one. if it is even it looks good? Excellent reviews?
  3. Hello sorry ive been out of town just got back so I’m ready to book. just wondering if the deals above are still available? Also anything better on Hotwire or Priceline since we last checked? thanks so much
  4. Thanks. I agree the crowne plaza meets my criteria. Based on your experience and knowledge, do you feel like this is a fair price for this resort? Do you feel that prices will drop any further or this is a good Time to book.
  5. Thanks just looking up those options. Is there anything similar available as a Priceline express at the moment? Also is there a bed choice available with these options? Thx
  6. Thanks. for this trip, we decided to book outside of hotwire/priceline due to a better corporate rate available.
  7. Hello, I would like assistance with a booking for NYC, September 27 - 30. 2 adults. prefer 2 beds, but can live with 1. Looking to stay close to 5th ave or even Chelsea / meatpacking district. Would like to stay around $200 - $230 per night. Can stretch to $250 if something is really a good value / deal. For us, priority is over 90% recommended on tripadvisor plus 90% recommended positive hotwire reviews. I am also looking at pricline express / bid deals so should I post a similar thread there? thanks for the help!!
  8. Thanks so much! Unfortunately had to cancel this trip for unforeseen reasons. Thank you so much for your help i am planning a trip to NYC though end of September so I will post in that forum and be sure to use your links to book. thanjs again for your help
  9. One room will be double occupancy other room will be triple occupancy. 2 regular beds required each room. Prefer not to share except for the triple occupancy room. Most important is reviews as I mentioned above. Must have impeccable reviews, at least 4.5 on tripadvisor and at least 4.6-4.7 for Hotwire customer reviews. next criteria would be location. Prefer walking to bell centre but short cab ride ok if it means getting a much better hotel. Budget in $usd would like to stay between $110-$135USD but willing to go as high as $140-150 if it means getting an amazing hotel that is substantially better than we would get with a slightly lower price. Thanks! Will be sure to use the links after
  10. Hello Looking for 2 rooms, 2 beds in each room for downtown montreal - walking distance or short cab ride to Bell Centre At least 3.5 stars but must have excellent reviews - 4.6 or higher reviews on hotwire or at least 4.5 dots on tripadvisor Must have 2 beds in each room Budget - up to $180 - $200CAD per night plus taxes but would like to stay in and around $150-$170 unless a really really good deal comes up open to priceline can someone let me know if they see any really good value deals for my dates that meet my requirements - again must have exceptional reviews, star rating not as important, but still would like something decent. Thanks
  11. ok thanks! any information re: new request? thanks again
  12. Hello I posted a couple months ago but now plans and dates have firmed up. Looking for 2 rooms, 2 adults each room. Looking for ideally 4.5* -5*, but will consider 4* with at least 95% positive reciews. Manhattan 10/6 - 10/9 Budget - up to $400-450/night/room To give an idea of what I've see. I'm seeing a HOTWIRE rate for $274/night in Chelsea 95% positive reviews for 4.5* - that looks good although not sure about location. Open to PRICELINE bidding and PRICELINE EXPRESS deals too Thanks!!
  13. Thanks - sorry got busy and didn't have a chance to come back to the site. But aren't Chelsea and/or Times square a better location? If I were to increase my budget to $250-$260 all in would that make a difference? Or change weekends? want to do a weekend trip sometime in sept.... And open to Hotwire, bidding on priceline, or priceline express - wherever I can get most bang for the buck!
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