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  1. First bid of $60.00 was accepted, used PRICELINE link Doubletree By Hilton Montreal Centre-Ville 3-star Montreal 505 Sherbrooke Street East Montreal, Quebec H2L 4N3 514-842-8581 View Map and Directions Check-In Date: Tue, Sep 9, 2008 / After 03:00 PM Check-Out Date: Thu, Sep 11, 2008 / 12:00 PM
  2. $80... 09/06/08-09/09/08 Tried various 4* combonations at around $80-$90 and was a no go tried 3* at $70-$78 no go $80 was a win Quebec City is very expensive hotel wise during summer months. Best Western City Centre/Centre-Ville 3-star Quebec 330 De La Couronne Quebec City, Quebec G1K 6E6 418-649-1919
  3. won yesterday first bid $46 nothing $48...09/04/08-09/06/08 Quality Hotel Downtown Ottawa 2-star Ottawa 290 Rideau St Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5Y3 613-789-7511 Hotel location is prime and pretty good hotel for the price and is not on the priceline list according to what is on better bidding or is under different name you may want to check.
  4. tried $40-$42 no go....going to try workin my way up.....not sure but i really don't want to go past 45......principal...lol.....he,he
  5. "thereuare" i did exactly as you said but backtracked at $38 to $42 and was a no go ....... they asked me to increase my bid by $12 ....lol.....ha,ha....... anyways don't look like their is going to be much savings over hotwire's $49 hotel but hopefully i can still some how save a few dollars i really don't want to go above $45 considering the effort but am starting to wonder about the supply of 1* hotels in my area on priceline and considering it has been a while since i seen a successful bid on a 1* in my area has me wondering about availability.
  6. changed dates from May 24 to May 31, 7 nights i backed tracked with the strategies provided here and started at $30 and worked my way up to $38 just to make sure i did not miss out on a deal ,was not accepted and ran out of options so will try again tomorrow.
  7. I bid on zone 1,3,4. and high as $40 and went from 4* to 1*
  8. Hello all am new to PRICELINE bidding even though i have used the site and some of the strategies before to obtain a hotel at a discounted rate but was in a rush to book and was not successful in my bids as i see some patience is required in order to get the price you are willing to pay. I am looking to stay in Ottawa for 5 nights May 22-27 in any of the zones,i would like to stay at any hotel in town except one zone as outlined but would like to pay a max of $44 and am prepaired to stay in lowest star hotel to get that price or cheaper (zone 1 Gloucester,zone 3 Ottawa, zone 4 Ottawa west but not zone 2 Hull). One problem i have come across is after looking at successful bids in that area i see some people were able to achieve those prices in the $35- $40 range for what i am looking for but it has been about 2 years since the last successful bid,i have not seen any winning bids for those star of hotels or prices recently. I have seen and tried using the bidding strategies outlined in the most recent post regarding Ottawa but did not help me much,i wonder if i am not able to achieve this seeing their may not be any winnings bids in that region for such a long time,i am not in rush but don't want to waste my time if it is not possible to obtain these prices. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in Advance. p.s. i see that via HOTWIRE i can get one for $49 a night but would like to see if i can get lower then that.
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