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  1. So, no more bidding for me on this trip. I decided to try my luck (it's exciting !) in bidding, but didn't get anything. I bid up to 75 $. I'll stay at the Ramada Inn (yes, the one on Lexington) at the beginning of my trip, and will no doubt have a fabulous trip ! Thank you for all your help ! I'll definitely be back to ask your advice again.
  2. Ok, thanks a lot. I'll think about whether to bid or just go with my reservation at Ramada Inn.
  3. That's what I thought. Just wanted to have your opinion. If I decide to take my chances with Doubletree, what kind of strategy do you suggest ? I do understand that I might be upgraded to 3 * even if I bid only 2.5 *.
  4. Hi thereuare ! It's me again. My trip is getting closer, and decided to give JC bid one more go. Since I only have one bidding chance left (can't wait for another 3 days since I'm leaving in 2 days), I'd like to make it as accurate as possible. I didn't try bidding MTE since 2.5 * Courtyard by Marriott was sold out, and I haven't bid anything since 5/31. I still have my cancellable (24 hrs prior to 4 pm on check in day) back up in the City. The rates are: 3* Hyatt Regency 239 $/night, with 6 different rate plans available on wednesday 6/16 and only one rate on thursday 6/17. 2.5 * Courtyard by Marriott 179 $/night, with 4 different rates. 3 * Doubletree is 219 $/night with 2 different rates. As before, I don't want to end up with Doubletree. How do you think I should bid ?? Can the Hyatt be had on a weekday when they have these kind of rates ? Thank you in advance.
  5. Stickman: I just put in my mobile phone number and didn't have any problems. It had 12 digits including both the country code and area code.
  6. I'm from Finland and didn't have any difficulties in using Priceline. You just have to fix your address to make it look like an American one. I used a Finnish Mastercard to pay for the hotel nights, and it was accepted without any trouble.
  7. Thereuare, thank you again for your great advice. I think I'll go for the Courtyard in MTE bid, but don't want to bid for Doubletree in JC. If the Courtyard in MTE bid isn't successful, I'll try to bid for the Courtyard in JC again (if the availability and rates stay the same) after my 3-day "penalty" period in Priceline has passed. If I don't get any bids accepted, I'll stay at the Ramada. That's fine with me also. I'll let you know how that goes.
  8. My backup is Ramada Inn East side on Lexington Ave. I've never stayed there before, but the reviews on Trip Advisor are pretty positive.
  9. Hi again :) ! I bid for the 2.5 * today for 60 $ as planned, but I had no luck. Courtyard by Marriott is still available on the dates I need, with several rate plans, and the lowest rate is still 179 $/ a night. Should I split my bid or bid higher ? Hyatt is still sold out on 6/17. I don't want to bid too much higher, because my back up in the City is 98 $ + taxes / night, including breakfast. I just want to see this Jersey city bid through though, I'd prefer staying in the Courtyard in JC. My posts have kept you busy lately, but there always seems to be something new to ask. BTW, this board is SO much better than the other board, where people are just horrible. I did my bidding through the Savingsbarn.com link
  10. Thank you for your fast reply ! You give the best advice.
  11. Hi Thereuare, I have a new question for you :) Today I went to check my reservation for my Hyatt Regency in Jersey City stay on Hyatt.com. Everything was as it's supposed to be, but there was one thing that I'm wondering about. In their "Deposit Policy" part on my reservation page, it says that 2 days deposit is required and charged on my credit card. Since I have a pre-paid reservation (because of Priceline) stay, what do you think this means ? Is it something that applies to people who book directly with them on Hyatt's own website or what ? No attempt has been made to charge my credit card other than the Priceline charge, and I sure don't want Hyatt to try to charge my stays since I've already paid them to Priceline. What do you think ?? I tried e-mailing Hyatt, but haven't gotten any response from them. They probably think I'm stupid :) And, I don't think Hyatt even has my credit card number yet, hopefully Priceline isn't spreding it around too much. I know I'm required to give it to them in check in though. Ok, this just bothered me and I thought I'd ask your opinion also, since you have stayed at this hotel.
  12. Thereuare, thank you for all your advice. I will decide which way to go, the Path to Penn Station and shuttle to JFK, or the path/subway route in a near future. I think I have all my questions answered now, so thank your for that. If anything else comes to mind, I'll get back to you nearer my travel date. Greetings from Finland !!
  13. Thereuare, thank you a million times for your valuable information !! I'll bid for 2.5* today, and will let you know how that went. I will try to get my bid accepted at 60 $ + taxes.
  14. Thereuare, I don't really have that much against the subway/airtrain combination to JFK, I was just thinking if that is safe, altough I'm aware I will be going in the rush hour, when there are lots of people around. That would be pretty convenient though. Another concern is my luggage, altough I only have one bag with me (not a suitcase, a medium sized sports bag more likely), I feel I might be on the way with my bag in a full train. I've been thinking about the Path/shuttle combination, but maybe I should just stick to the subway/airtrain. What do you think ? Is it safe enough ? I've never taken a subway anywhere outside the Manhattan before, so that's why all these questions.
  15. Hi ! I need bidding advice on Jersey city on 6/16-6/18. I already have reservations on Courtyard by Marriott on 6/18 and Hyatt Regency in Jersey City on 6/19-6/21 (2 nights). Hyatt is showing a rate of 239 $ on the 16th with 6 different rate plans, but is sold out on 6/17. Courtyard by Marriott is available on both dates, the rate is 179 $, so I will bid for 2.5 *. I have been bidding for it a couple of times, (last one was a week ago), for 55 $, but haven't got it yet. I guess I need to raise the amount, but haven't done it yet, I've been waiting if the Hyatt would miracuously have rooms available on the 17th (due to cancellations) as my travel date nears. I have a backup reservation in Ramada Inn East side in the City, but would prefer a Jersey City hotel, so it would be easier to change hotels, even though I won't be having much luggage. Thank you.
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