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  1. I got the Holiday Inn Express Hotel Cass! 3* $65 with Comp Breakfast, Business Center, High Speed Internet January 8-11 3 Adults I am very happy with the results and the help I got here! I used the HOTWIRE link to make the purchase. Thanks for the help.
  2. I agree that one can never be 100% sure about things on Hotwire. I also agree that the 3* with breakfast is almost certainly the HI express. Great idea though to call them just in case about the 18 and over policy. If I went to check in and showed them the Hotwire page that states 18 and over allowed to check in, could they still deny me the room? That would really suck. Also, I want to stay in Chicago more for my own sake rather than that of my friends! Being a Northwestern student, it is difficult sometimes to find the time to get out of Evanston and do things in the city, which so much to offer. With hotel rates being so cheap (the Inn of Chicago property is now down to $59), I decided that staying in a hotel would give us a much better experience than cramming four people into a dorm room barely large enough for two! Thanks for the advice...I am booking this evening using the HOTWIRE link here and I will post results.
  3. Hi, I always forget that even if I do not end up booking anything, I need to follow up on a post! I am sorry for that. We never ended up needing the hotel because we made other plans. Thanks for all the help!
  4. Hi, Two of my friends are coming to Chicago to visit me from January 8-11 and since I am a student at Northwestern University and the rooms are really tiny, we decided to get a hotel in the city. Hotwire is showing two options for Jan. 8-11 that I am willing to go for. 3* Mag Mile- Breakfast, Business, HSI 4/5 Trip adviser $63 when searching 4 adults. My guess is HI Express 3* Mag mile- Business, HSI. $66 My guess is Inn of Chicago Could someone confirm that my guesses are correct and perhaps give an opinion as to which hotel is better. We are doing all the major attractions and being close to public transportation (trains or buses) is a must. Right now, I am leaning towards the Holiday Inn Express property because it is cheaper and has free breakfast and we are guaranteed two beds there because of the 4 adults in the search. Note that all of us are under 21, so both of these properties also have 18 year old check in ages which is difficult to find in its own right. Thanks for the help in advance!
  5. Hi, I am moving into my college dorm at Northwestern University on September 15 and my dad needs a place to stay before he heads out to O'hare for his flight back to Syracuse the next morning. Hotwire is showing a 2.5* in Evanston, Skokie, Niles with Breakfast, business center, and high speed internet. It is not in the list. Any ideas? He will have a rental car and needs to stay near Northwestern, so this is the only hotel I am considering. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, Just updating on what we ended up doing. We ended up staying in Laramie, WY- not in Casper. 2.5* Laramie, WY $68- Breakfast, Pool, Internet Ramada Inn Laramie We had a great stay. Thanks for the prior help.
  7. Thanks for the help. We are driving from Yellowstone to Boulder, Co and the hotel is going to be a place to sleep and (hopefully) get some breakfast before the second half of our drive to Boulder. I am inclined to wait until closer to the trip, but these guesses have been very helpful. I am hoping for the 2.5* to the HI Express...I have had very good luck in those in the past. I will post as soon as I book, of course using the links. mdavis107
  8. Ok, I updated those two that I left blank. I would like to apologize for not keeping those up to date. I know that you do tons to keep this site working and you give awesome advice. Thanks in advance for any insights you might have about Casper. mdavis107
  9. Another thread that I never followed up on. Another apology...this trip was awesome, but I completely forgot that I asked for priceline help with it. When I did book two different times, I used the link. I won, to the best of my memory... 2* Super 8 Moab, Utah for $65 for two nights. This was a great hotel with a lot of foreigners. Clean, great pool, great location, free breakfast, super cheap for Moab. I don't remember the dates, because it was last year. 2* Grand Junction, CO for one night for $65. America's Best Value Inn near the airport. For one night it did not suck, but it was dirty and the power went out. Again, I can't remember the date. I apologize for not posting these before now, but I have been on hiatus from traveling since last summer.
  10. I have been informed that I need to follow up on this post. Looks like I forgot to put where I actually stayed for this trip. In any case, we ended up booking the Hyatt Summerfield Suites conventionally, so no HOTWIRE / PRICELINE here. Sorry that I neglected to do this last August.
  11. I have three Hotwire choices available to me for a one night stay on June 27 in Casper, WY. 2* Breakfast and laundry- $49 2.5* Breakfast, pool, business, laundry, high speed internet- $68 3* Fitness, pool , restaurant, laundry, hsi- $69 Wyoming, unlike many states, has no set age for check in. The 2* has a 21 age minimum, while the other two have 18 minimums. There are not many hotels in Casper and I have narrowed the 2* down to Shilo Inn, but the other two I have no idea on. For the extra $19/night, I would prefer the 2.5* if anyone has any insights on its identity. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi, This will be the first time I have used Priceline. I decided to try it out since we are on a limited budget, (driving 2000+miles) around Colorado and from the 13th-17th we will be staying in hotels. Priceline seemed like the way to go since the areas we are visiting have plentiful hotels and are sort of touristy. Grand Junction, CO: July 13 Cortez, CO: July 14 Montrose, CO: July 15 Colorado Springs: July 16 I would like to spend less than $80/night including taxes+fees/night if possible. There will be three of us and we don't really care where we stay or what class hotel it is as long as it is cheap. What would be your recommendation for starting bids in these places? My inclination would be to lowball in Grand Junction, and Colorado Springs since they have larger metro areas. We could also stay in Moab, UT instead of Grand Junction on the 13th... Would you recommend Priceline for this trip and if so would you start at 1* low bids and move up or what? I have never used priceline before as you can tell. I plan to make these reservations on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week and I will only use priceline if it is less than what I can get on Hotwire. Retail is very high right now. Thank You for your help in advance!!!
  13. It is either the Travelodge or the Rodeway based on area map that Hotwire provides. Based on amenities, I believe the only option is the Rodeway, because on its website it claims to have smoke free rooms (ie no "smoking" rooms are available for booking), free breakfast, "business services" and free internet. It took some looking, but I think I will check to see what the suburbs have to offer in terms of 2/3 star and free breakfast. I'll keep in communication. Thank you for your help. When I book I will always use the correct link for HOTWIRE, I promise:)
  14. Ok, so I ID'd the 3* as the Holiday Inn Stadium based on the tripadvisor ratings and reviews. All the amenities match, so now I have to figure out the 2*, which proves to be more mysterious.
  15. I just checked again using the default settings on Hotwire ( 1 room/ 2 adults) and I got the same two results, but the price was 66 per night, instead of 69. The three star has 7 amenities and the 2 star has 4. I thought these would be tricky to ID, because they were not part of any list, but I will check them against vacation packages and post my results.
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