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  1. Just to confirm, NYOP is no longer an option on Priceline. After scouring PL's website and app, I finally chatted with a PL rep and was told the following: "Priceline has formally ended Name Your Own Price. This is a bittersweet moment for us, but the reasons are very straightforward. The vast majority of our customers no longer use it. They prefer to save money on Priceline in easier ways, such as through Express Deals and our new Pricebreakers feature." When I asked if was posted or communicated anywhere, or if it's new information, the rep said: "This is new information." As Plebian said, NYOP was great while it lasted.
  2. HOTWIRE...searching for Kauai...and looking at the rates for the 4.5* resort that came up in Poipu.
  3. This was for my in-laws. After watching this for a week or so, and watching it go from $196 down to $187 and back up to $196, it dropped back down to $190 this morning and they have it. It's back up to $195 right now. For reference, the rates on Kayak.com, including the advanced purchase rate on Hyatt.com, haven't changed at all during the last week, staying steady at $336 for the same dates. Full Amenities: Free Parking, Resort, Beachfront hotel, Oceanfront hotel, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Center, Self service laundry, Internet access, Golf Nearby, Tennis Nearby, Spa Services, Children's activities, Accessible for the blind, Accessible for the deaf, Accessible path of travel, In-room accessibility, Accessible bathroom, Handicapped parking, Roll-in shower On the Hotwire page for this resort, it states the following: "This hotel charges a resort fee of about $26.04 per room per night." It also shows 4.5/5 for tripadvisor and 95% recommended based on Hotwire reviews. My wife and I stayed here last May and this is an amazing resort. That's why I told my in-laws to make sure they have it when I saw it on Hotwire.
  4. I paid a little more than I thought I would for a 3.5*. Regardless, this is the hotel I wanted since it looks nice, seems to get good reviews, and we've never stayed there before. Priceline showed "Best deal" next to the 3.5* level for Marietta. I started off bidding at $35, then 38, 40, 43, and 45, when I was given the re-bid option if I raised my price by $15 to $60. I declined and then bid 47 and finally 48, which won. Final cost is $48+$14.38 taxes/fees = $62.38 The lowest rate online was $99+taxes/fees.
  5. I followed up to that other thread. Thanks.
  6. Per thereuare's in another recent thread, I'm following up with what happened in this situation. Thank goodness I still have email exchanges between me and those I was traveling with so that I could find the history. I had some time before our stay in Oahu and I just kept checking rates on Orbitz, Expedia, Priceline, Hotwire, Sidekick, etc. and the price continued to stay around $100/night before taxes on Hotwire. Finally, on 3/31/08, I checked on Hotwire and the Aqua Palms came back down to $89/night or $100 after taxes/fees. However, I decided to call the hotel and ask for the Entertainment rate and got $86/night or $96 after taxes for three rooms. It was only $4 difference per night, but it gave us the option to continue looking for something cheaper since the reservation was refundable up to 3 days out. Ultimately, we didn't find anything cheaper and just kept the rooms that I booked.
  7. I clicked through the HOTWIRE link and searched for this Friday, 3/18, for one night and it looks like I may have found another 4* in Marietta that hasn't been identified. Amenities: Fitness, Pool, Restaurant, Business It also shows that it's recommended in 90% of Hotwire customer reviews. If it showed Hi-Speed Internet instead of Business, my guess would be the Doubletree that must've been upgraded from 3.5 to 4*...but it clearly states Business Center. Maybe it's yet another way to show the Sheraton Suites since it was speculated that it was upgraded to 4* in recent hotwire hotel post... but the unidentified hotel in that post had a 95% recommendation. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks for the welcome, and the insight. When I searched the first time, and each subsequent time, I searched for one room and then for three rooms. Each search yielded the same price/room. I also had the other two parties do a search today from their computers and they both got back a price of $102. I'm hoping your second theory is true and that if I lay low for a while, I might get the lower price again in the future. I also wonder if perceived demand could have anything to do with this. I searched on Hotwire a few times, as well as other travel sites, and on Aqua's site. I wonder if all of those hits/searches for the same date drove up the price. Somewhat related to that, I noticed that the prices for the date I want increased on Aqua's web site as well. I hoping that's due to random fluctuation (or perceived demand) versus any threshold that might have passed over the last few days, particularly since I'm more than three months out.
  9. I searched for a hotel in Oahu for 5/22-5/23 last Saturday. I received several options, including what appeared to be the Aqua Palms. 3* in Waikiki North - Best Value Amenities: Boutique Hotel Near Beach Pool Laundry Facilities High Speed Internet Access Golf Nearby Tennis Nearby Trip Advisor Rating 4.0 out of 5 based on 260+ customer reviews, last reviewed Jan. 08 During my first search, the price came up as $79. This appeared to be a great price for the Aqua, but I'm traveling with others and had to make sure they would be okay with this hotel. However, since last Saturday, I've done three other searches throughout the week and the price for that hotel (same info.) increases each time. It went from $79, to $84, to $89, to $99 this morning...all were searched using IE. Then, after reading a few threads on price increases on HW, I switched to Firefox a few minutes ago and the price is now showing $102, which is higher than the price I can get using Aqua's web site. Any thoughts on this? I understand prices can change based on inventory levels, but a >25% increase in less than a week, when I'm over 3 months out, seems like a lot.
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