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  1. Hello All! Used the PRICELINE link from BB site. SEA - area 3* Wed., Nov. 7th one night First bid of $45 accepted. With fees and tax a total of $59. Happy Travels! KO
  2. Hi All, I was looking for one night Denver - location wasn't terribly important. Via your PRICELINE link... First bid Downtown Denver 4* - $50 - Declined Added to my bid the following locations and star levels: 3.5* Denver Airport $42 - Declined next, I70 Airport West $42 - Declined next, Stapleton $42 - Declined next, Added 3* to my options - $36 - Accepted. Red Lion Hotel Denver Central - Looks to be a great location, and the hotel itself looks fairly decent. Price total with fees and tax came to $48.11. Complimentary parking is an added bonus! Prepay standard room on their website is priced at $69 plus taxes. Happy with this win! Happy Travels, All! KO :)
  3. Thanks for clarifying, Aaron. I figured such valuable amenities would for sure be noted. I'll post soon regarding the above noted trip to Tampa. KO
  4. Thereuare, I will by all means start a new post. But I wanted to reference this post as I'm a bit baffled by it. Going by the reference board, I really don't have any question about the property I'm trying to pinpoint. My reply was more in regard to the win of this hotel with the named amenities. KO
  5. Hello! It's odd that the amenities didn't show complimentary breakfast, and that there's airport shuttle service. I'm booking for Tampa within the next few days, and via your HOTWIRE link thought I had narrowed the hotel that I'm looking at to be the Embassy Suites. The only amenities listed are the same ones listed on the hotwire reference page. Could I be wrong in my assumption. It's also listed for $59 a night Oct. 1 - 4. Any thoughts? Happy Travels, KO
  6. This hotel was what one would expect for a 2.5* Nothing too thrilling, but nothing too horrific either. I would have to say though it's probably not in the most respectable part of town. They're taking down the buildings across the street from the hotel to make a parking lot for the Ramada, thus the current buildings that house businesses are closed and boarded up. Seems like there are a number of homeless people within this area, so you can expect to be approached by the odd person wanting a cigarette or a couple bucks. "Roger" the gentleman who politely introduced himself to us, got a couple bucks from us, and he was on his way...polite enough guy, and didn't seem like he'd hurt a flee. Anyway, just some food for thought on this particular hotel. KO
  7. Front desk staff friendly, beyond that - this place is far from a 3*. Really run down, bathroom needed a good cleaning, beds weren't anything to write home about either. Glad I only got it for the one night!! KO
  8. This hotel was quite nice. Bed was comfortable, clean room. Airport shuttle was efficient. Front desk staff member not very friendly. Didn't have time in the morning for the comp. breakfast, took a quick look and seemed to be a nice variety of things - grabbed an apple and off I went! Would definitely stay here again! KO
  9. Nevermind, after further review of the hotel's website, I see they do offer complimentary airport shuttle! Problem solved! KO
  10. Hello All, Wrapping up the last night of our travels with a win via your PRICELINE link. Friday, September 10 - Saturday, September 11 (RIP victims of 9/11) First bid on 3* property of $46 - accepted. Coast Gateway Hotel. Has anyone stayed here before? I was hoping for a win of a hotel that offered shuttle service, we now have to find a way to the airport. Although it says closest hotel to SeaTac airport, I am highly doubting there is some sort of walk through to the airport. Is there a tram perhaps, or is a taxi our only option? Thanks for any help offered! Happy Travels, KO
  11. Follow up on this hotel win was started as a new thread - 3* Bellingham, WA - in the appropriate place. Thanks for the help! KO
  12. Hello All, For a one night extension to our stay in Washington, I looked farther north as that's where our journey is taking us. Bid for Bellingham, WA for one night - Thursday, September 2 - Friday, September 3. Highest star choice offered was 3, so that's what I bid on. First bid $55 - rejected Second bid $59 - rejected Third bid $63 - accepted All bids were placed 24 hours after the previous bid. Looks like a pretty nice place, actually. Happy Travels! KO
  13. I think I am going to ditch the Bellevue, downtown Seattle hotel attempts and trying bidding on a hotel in Bellingham, WA., via your PRICELINE link. We have to stay in the U.S. for 48 hours to take advantage of the tax free goods that we'll be able to bring back into Canada by doing so. Anyway, Bellingham will be on the way so I think I'll try there. The Seattle area is a bit overwhelming for me trying to figure out all the different areas. I'll look at all three sites PRICELINE, HOTWIRE and Hotels.com via betterbidding to complete this night's stay. Thank you again! KO
  14. Sorry, I thought it was just a general question, thus the lack of details. The second night that I need is in reference to a stay in Bellevue, WA. I've posted the original win. Via your PRICELINE link, my $50 bid for one night (Sept 1 - 2) was accepted. The hotel is Coast Bellevue Hotel 3*. I would now like to stay there the next night (Sept 2 - 3), I tried extended it with the "would you like to extend at the same price" option, but wasn't extended the same price, they came back with $78, which I declined, now wish I had taken it...I didn't know how that feature worked, but it seems once you decline their counter-offer once, you don't get to put in for an extend at the same hotel again. So, my question is - is there a way to get that offer of extension again? Thanks for any help provided. KO
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