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  1. Hi everyone (hello thereuare - Im back on the forum! - Remember I booked the benjamin via priceline this year - first time bidding and winning! probably dont remember me) Anyway, before anyone says - this is way to early to look - yes, you are probably right. Way too early. But...I did see this jumping out at me on Hotwire - and in the current downturn and recession looming for us Brits, I thought it might not be a bad thing to look out for something, as Im sure the pound will get worse and ....your dollar will get stronger, so what the heck. I have seen this on Hotwire, wondered if anyone could just help me identify and give a small opinion. My dates are May 4 - May 15 (check out) 2009. (yes...quite a way away yet!) I am not interested in changing hotels, but definitely want to be on the strip. I preferably want either south (MGM way) or mid (Caesars/Mirage way). Not really interested in TOO cheap. Trip advisor reviews are most important to me. This is the Hotwire description. And it doesnt give very much away, very general, and most hotels have this. It is advertised as 4 STAR HOTEL CASINO/FITNESS CENTRE/RESTAURANTS/BUSINESS CENTER/HI SPEED INTERNET/GOLF COURSE NEARBY. It is ranked 4.5 out of 5 by Trip Advisor based on 640+ reviews. It is for rate of $66 dollars per night. Total incl taxes of $794.54. So can anyone help. Its not to say I will go for it. But have seen this one a few times and am most curious. Hope it aint Excalibur, as not too keen on that one. Thanks
  2. If you go onto TravelZoo they have some specials that come up for NYC. They have the Franklin Hotel (petite room) for 2 - not sure how big this is though, for $179 + tax - for the nights you want. They also have a deluxe room at 209 + tax. Not a bad suggestion. :)
  3. Thanks Aaron, it was touch and go but we did it - you all have helped me so much. I am still hanging around the board as I quite like surfing around and seeing if there are any solutions to peoples hotel problems. I think its like everything in life, if you persevere with something - with enough patience (lost mine a few times) you get there in the end. I hope people keep looking at travel zoo also, some good ones keep coming up there, The Franklin is coming up from $179 + tax per night in April/early and they also have a deal in june/july for 70 Park Lane (Kimpton). I have booked Hotel Palomar - Kimpton hotel via HOTWIRE earlier this year for $89 + tax per night, it looks fantastic. I emailed them just after my win, to ensure they had the booking. They CALLED me from the USA to UK, about 10mins later. Fab! Anyway, thanks Aaron and thereuare, until next year when I will be bugging you both again no doubt! Its been a pleasure. Hope my hanging around is ok though. :)
  4. OMG!!!!!!!!! Just gone and done it havent I!!!!!!!!! I am skipping around the room. Thereuare, you little gem, I used a bidding strategy similar to mine that you gave for someone else. I have just landed THE BENJAMIN at $225 per night for stay: April 25 - May 1 (inclusive) (= 6 nights) I think it looks a fabulous hotel, I am so pleased. Started off bidding at 120 for UMCPS. Bid up to 140 using rebid zones. All rejected. Added MTW started low, again at 120 up to 140 using rebid zones. Then added MTE - same strategy - same answers came back. Except one where message was you can have room right now if you bid $250. I said no and rejected it, got a bit flustered then. Thought all was lost. Bid then using UPCPS and MTE starting a bit higher $145. Went up to 160. Got a couple of counter offers saying the $250 ("you can have room - book now blah blah) I again said no way. Then tried MTW and UPCPS, went up to $185. Counter offer again for $250. Said no. Then bid using all three, started at $190 and then when i got to $205, an offer came in saying if i bid $25 more I could secure the room right now. I was tempted. But held out (reading what other posters have said about counter offers). I thought maybe I can get them down abit more. So bid $210, rejected - $215 rejected - then just thought ok, this is the last one. Not going no further as I just cant afford it. AND $225 they said yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then got told it was the Benjamin (Affinia HOtel) just the icing on the cake - I read the TA reviews and they are overall fantastic. So pleased. I used the PRICELINE link Thereuare. So..did I do good??? Thanks so much! :)
  5. Hi kpet, I have seen the Holiday Inn Midtown (440 W 57th St) for $270 + tax on IChotels website. Is this any use to you. I put the dates of 27 Marc - 31 March (check out). I first put in just the date of the 27th and it was available according to the hotels website and for the same rate. Maybe its something to check out. For slightly more, you can have breakfast also. Hope this helps. Rachel
  6. I didnt have too much of a strategy really thereuare, I just kind of went in and bid on pretty much all zones. Trying different ones first, adding zones then the ones with no 4 stars. I went up to about $210 then stopped. I keep seeing the (what appears to be) Intercontinental Barclay on Hotwire, the 4 star MTE one. I wonder if maybe if i picked the right strategy and time, I could bring that one in for around what i want to bid. I have a back up which is now the comfort inn times square. Its for approx $209 per night + taxes so I dont have a lot to lose but could maybe gain a better rating of hotel. Although having said that, the CI TS has gotten good ratings on TA and it is a newish hotel. But like everyone, as I have saved long and hard for 1 year for this vacation, would like to get the best possible hotel that I can for the money. Zones are not aproblem for me, as - like you know - Manhattan is so accessible through the metro and bus routes. Just dont want to be too far out from a station, in a nice area (near some attractions if possible) and which has some good reviews on TA (must be a 4*). I last went on priceline about 10pm (British time) last night (Sat). Do you need any further info thereuare, if so please say and I will provide it. Thanks for your help. Rachel
  7. Hello there, I had a quick look for you just now for your dates. A few ideas to chew over (for what my 2 bucks are worth!) I found a hotwire property for $215 for a 3* hotel in midtown central (saving of 28% - usual price of $300) So with this perhaps find its identity on betterbidding. Its slightly over your budget but its a 3 star hotel, which is what you are after.. There is also a 2.5* on Hotwire for more around your budget, a 2.5* at Times Square. Possibly something like comfort inn/best western etc. Or on Expedia, there is the Club Quarters for (average) $191 for the nights you are after. Favourable reviews on Trip Advisor and I think all the rooms are suites, if memory serves (from looking at them myself for my own dates). Keep an eye on TravelZoo as they also come up with some good deals. Hope this gives you a few ideas, i am wrestling with priceline myself for my own dates and its murder in NYC to get a good rate for my dates. I am living at my computer at the moment. :)
  8. Hello thereuare, its me again. I am back and ready for a strategy for priceline. Here is the lowdown: I am after a 4* hotel, and as long as it is a nice area within walking distance to some attractions or near a metro then I am not bothered where I stay. I would prefer the midtown area, MTS/MTW/MTE/MTC/CPS are all absoloutely fine. As is DT-Soho (really like millenium hilton). TS region would be the icing on the cake but I am realistic to think that rates could be sky high but if I can land it all the better. My max budget is $215 - 220. But would ideally like to land something under $200 but again, this might not be possible for the star rating and time of year that I am after. Maybe, I am bidding on this a bit early (thereuare do you agree?) My dates are 4/25/08 - 5/1/08 (staying 6 nights). The length of the stay could be the hardest part here, I dont want to split my bids really. I am aware that most bidders are winning priceline for 1/2/3 nights but you never know one could accept a longer stay like mine. (thereuare, would you agree this could be tricky? and that alot of priceline wins are for very short stays?) Anyway, ready when you are and many thanks for your help as always thereuare and i hope you can help me land a great bargain! :) Rachel
  9. I got to about 220 and then i left it. That was my lot. Thanks Aaron.
  10. I should mention my dates are slightly further on than yours yamed. Mine are April 25 - May 1 - so perhaps this is the clincher. Further on into APril, probably the rates have gone up substantially. Expensive time and all.... But..its great you got such a good deal. Well done!
  11. Thank you Aaron, i am sure thereuare was not being hostile but the tone certainly seemed ticked off. As i said above, it is just finding the best option I can for the money that i can afford. The hotels were both very nice but when the total with tax came in, it maybe (after converting it into Pounds) was a little out of my price range. But that does not mean to say that I did not appreciate the help. The priceline thing is frustrating, especially seeing that other bids have been accepted for near to my dates. But thats the luck of the game at the end of the day Aaron, isnt it? I thank everyone for their help with this, I expect i will post again with another identity problem, but i am sure one will fit the bill and we will crack it. Lets just say that i am a bit of a "challenge", yes!! Once again, thank you to you and thereuare for your help. I do not mean to be a pain in the rear!! :)
  12. I have frequently been on Hotwire and I have not ever seen this price .... How did you do it? and when did you see it?? Well done by the way - wish i could have your luck! FYO, I am constantly trying on priceline for 4* hotels and cannot get anything - also cannot understand how you got such a fabulous price...i keep getting rejected and for more than the price you paid. I presum the hilton millenium is a 4*...?? good for you.
  13. I was not saying that there was anything wrong. Like everyone on here, I am looking for good quality at the best price possible. I get the feeling that you are getting hostile. I have given you nothing but thanks and praise and perhaps I was getting a little frustrated and trying to understand the guidelines of bidding on priceline. Some people are not as quick to learn as others and I am sorry if you are ticked off by it. I printed off a strategy for a 4* hotel. One that you gave another poster on this forum and as I am not too worried really of where I stay being a "tourist" I only asked that it was near some attractions, and was not in a run down or shady part of Manhattan. I used your good advice before for my sucessful booking of the Hotel Palomar, I am only exploring all areas, trying to find the right hotel and yes, asking questions as much as possible. The hotels are expensive in Manhattan but with over 300 there is enough choice and variety to choose the right one! The Hotwire one (that you identified) after I had looked at it, although a super hotel and would be happy with it - was when totalled up coming to $1697.07 which for me is
  14. Hi thereuare, I expect you will move this to my thread - even though it is on the hotwire forum but anyways. I wonder if you can help me with priceline strategy and bidding as I just dont get it. I think i am doing it all wrong. I have tried following a strategy that I have printed out from you but 1) i dont understand it, and where all the rejected bids come in without even a message saying duplicate request. This is all I seem to get. 2) by close browser - log off the site. go back to it again after - can you tell me what exactly this does? I do this but yet again, it tells me I have made this bid before and puts it as a duplicate bid. Are the duplicates, then counted in again in the 24 hours. Is it 24hours from your first bid or from the duplicate? 3)4* is what i am after - but i think you have said 4 re-bid zones. by re-bid - do you mean a different increment of your FIRST bid? Or the same bid again, but selecting now 2 areas as opposed to your 1st and original choice? These strategies go on for a sheet of A4 paper and I am trying to understand how all these bids are rejected and not one says duplicate bid? this is all i am getting i am going round in circles. Thereuare, can you get me on the right track: as you know basically I dont mind where in Manhattan i stay - would prefer to be away from Upper West Side/East Side, Financial District/Downtown but the rest are fine. As long as I can get a 4*. I have a budget of about $200 incl tax but can go up at a push $20 more if need be. dates April 25- May 1st and yup, i know it is very expensive at this time. But as Hotwire has a few little deals going, the Hotels must be warming up by now and dropping rates a little. Thanks for any help, and can you keep this thread on the priceline forum as it does not relate to Hotwire on this occasion and the Hotwire one is going on and on... thanks!
  15. Yes the Radio City Apartments. $175 per night but i feel i would like a bit more quality. any ideas on this one below. thanks 4* hotel in midtown east $239 per night Fitness Center Guests have access to exercise equipment; an additional charge may apply.Restaurant(s) Property offers at least one restaurant on the premises; hours and days of operation may vary. Business Center Guests have access to business equipment and services; an additional charge may apply.High-speed Internet Access Guestrooms are equipped with high-speed Internet access; an extra charge may apply. Tennis Nearby Property is located within walking distance or a short drive of at least one tennis court; an extra charge typically applies.