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  1. Opening bid of $55 was accepted. I had received an email coupon to help knock down the price a little bit more. Time to pack! Oh, my bid was made by starting with the Priceline link.
  2. Opening bid of $50 was accepted. Taxes and fees added another $12.85. Happy with the location, as I'll be seeing the show at the Appalachain Brewing Company less than a mile away :D Checked out the property's web site and found out the valet fee is $18 (no self parking option), but that fee's going to be there regardless of how the room was booked. Walking distance to the waterfront and free parking at the ABC, so in the end not too big a deal. Used the PRICELINE link to place the bid
  3. Opened bidding for 3.5* in the downtown area at $50. That bid was rejected but I was offered a "one-time special" to increase my bid to $65. I declined that offer and took a free rebid (added the airport area in my search) and increased my bid to $55, which was accepted by the Renaissance hotel. My bid was for two different rooms, with each at $55. I booked this for friends (they've been impressed with my bidding skills) and I'm anxious to hear how this works for them. The BetterBidding reviews have been pretty good. Used the PRICELINE link for my bidding.
  4. In past trips through Savannah we've ended up at the Hilton Desoto (3.5*) and have been happy with our stays. I wasn't sure if we'd be able to get in this time based on comments with other forum posts. Hotwire was showing a 3* for $70, so I kept that as a fallback plan if my bids didn't work out. Made an initial bid of $65 for a 3.5*+ and that was rejected. Added the 3* properties to the bid, and kept the $65 price, which was accepted. Our last trip we spent most of our time in the waterfront area, so we're looking forward to staying right there. Opened the bids with the PRICELINE link
  5. Can anyone recommend options for getting discounts for Orlando theme parks? I'm asking for some friends, so I can't give all details, but I know they'll be in the region in February for a week. Their preference is to spend several days in Universal Studios, but that might change depending on the deals they can get. There will be 2 adults and a 4-year old child in the group. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions!
  6. Opened my bidding with a $55 bid for a 3.5* hotel in the historic district. This bid was rejected, and I was offered a one-time option to increase my bid to $70 without changing any parameters. I declined this option. Instead, I took a "free bid" by adding the Savannah (Gateway) region, and submitted my bid of $60, which was accepted. This bid was for two rooms. After taxes and fees the total $145.48 Used the PRICELINE link to submit my bids.
  7. My opening bid was $55 for a 3.5* hotel in Alexandria East/Old Town. This bid was rejected, but Priceline offered me a one-time opportunity to increase my bid to $70, without changing any other parameters. I declined the offer, and submitted a new bid including the Dupont Circle region and a $60 room rate. This bid was accepted for the Crowne Plaza Old Town. My bids were for two rooms. After the taxes and fees, my grand total for this visit was $144.46 One thing I noticed was Priceline's "helper" information was all over the place: When I first checked the region and hotel rating, the Not Sure What to bid box indicated that the median rate for a room in this area was $59, so I initially typed in a $40 bid. Before submitting this bid, I was warned that my bid had almost no chance of being accepted, so I increased my bid to $50. This time I received a warning message that there was very little chance of the bid being accepted. I hit the submit button, and ended up on an intermediate screen that said a bid of $50 probably would not be accepted when the median price was $215, and I should reconsider my bid. I went back to the page to submit an initial bid, checked/unchecked a few options to get back to my original bid, and this time the Not Sure What to Bid changed to $88. At this point I fully submitted my $55 bid that was rejected. My updated $60 bid was accepted. My bidding process started by using the PRICELINE link.
  8. My opening bid of $40 for 3* in Roanoke-Tanglewood area was rejected. PRICELINE made a $52 counteroffer, which I rejected. Next, I made a "free" rebid by adding the Troutville area, and increased my bid to $45/room. This 2nd offer was accepted. Room Cost (avg. per room, per night): $45.00 (USD) Number of Rooms: 2 Number of Nights: 1 Room Subtotal: $90.00 (USD) Taxes and Fees: $18.64 (USD) Total Room Cost: $108.64 (USD) Used the PRICELINE link for my bidding.
  9. Opening bid of $60 for 3.5* in historic district was accepted. Room Cost (avg. per room, per night): $60.00 (USD) Number of Rooms: 2 Number of Nights: 1 Room Subtotal: $120.00 (USD) Taxes and Fees: $25.32 (USD) Total Room Cost: $145.32 (USD) Used the PRICELINE link to get things going.
  10. My first bid was $60 for a 3.5* in the Loop area, which was rejected. I was given a 1-time option of increasing my bid by $16 to have it accepted. I rejected that offer, and then submitted a new bid of $60 for a 3* or better, and this bid was accepted. Of course, I used the PRICELINE link to start bidding.
  11. Started with the PRICELINE link, and my opening bid of $60 for two rooms was accepted right from the start. Looks to be about 1/3 of what the hotel's web site is listing.
  12. $60/night 14.42 taxes+fees Started bidding in the Roanoke/Tanglewood for a 3.5* at $45 last night. The bid was rejected, so I added the Salem area, kept the 3.5* hotel search, and raised bid to $50. This bid was also rejected. Shortly after, Priceline sent me an email indicating that a 3.5* in Roanoke/Tanglewood was recently awarded for $65. Came back in tonight selecting Roanoke/Tanglewood alone, 3.5*, with a bid of $60, which was accepted. Used the PRICELINE link to start the bidding.
  13. Winning bid:$77/night Taxes and fees: $30.38 I originally bid $60 for a 3.5* in this area, and it was rejected. On the rejection screen, Priceline offered a 1-time opportunity to increase my bid to $77, without having to change hotel class, regions, or wait 24 hours. I took them up on the offer and ended up at the Hilton, on Connecticut Ave NW. Started the whole process with the PRICELINE link.
  14. Room cost: $45 1 room, 1 night taxes and fees: $13.51 free parking total: $58.51 My initial bid of $45 was accepted for this room. HOTWIRE was showing $59/night for the same general area. Took a chance that I could bid something a bit lower through PRICELINE and got lucky. Basically covered the taxes and fees. :) Planning on booking rooms somewhere around Roanoke/Blue Ridge Parkway for 10/4-10/5, and then something close to American University in DC for 10/8-10/10. Bidding hints for both locations, as well as suggestions of things to see and do around Roanoke are appreciated. Its a little early in the season, but I'm hoping the leaves will be showing some fall colors. Used the PRICELINE link to make my bid.
  15. I started my bidding yesterday with 3.5*, in the UES, MTW, MTE, CPS areas, at $80. After the rejections I added some additional districts (Chelsea, UES) and went to $90, and another rejection. Expanded to include Times Square and raised by bid to $95. I figured the Times Square wouldn't be available at that rate, but it was a nice way to sneak in another bid :-) Today I started with 3.5* UES, MTW, MTE, and CPS for $100. After that rejection, I added Chelsea and UES and went to $120. When that didn't work, I included 3* searches and changed my bid to $125. Priceline said that bid was accepted, and in the process I was upgraded to a 4* hotel! The upgrade was a pleasant surprise. All bidding started through the PRICELINE link.
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